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first time for everything.. HNT

So... I have decided it is time to join the masses. This is my very first HNT. I, of course, will not be posting pics of my face... and I will have to work on my ideas... this one was off the cuff. I think it's kind of fitting... from my hands come what becomes my blog..

Your Grace

SO... (I start out with so a lot huh?).. I can't sleep.. so here I be... digging into the depths of my mind to pull out a much needed blog post. I have found that as of late I have little to say.. which is funny if you know me... because it is so very rare when I DON'T have something to say.

As of late, Ben and I have been watching The Tudors. I love finding new t.v. series to watch.. and this one has wormed it's way into my heart. If by any chance... you have no idea what the hell The Tudors is... well it's this great show about Henry the Eighth... and his rule... and his many wives.

We are currently in the middle of season two... in which Anne Boleyn has become queen and is on her way out to so speak. The show is not completely historically correct... but its a great one. Full of drama and sex... a good combo for entertainment in my humble opinion.

The whole thing is very sad really.... no one really gets a good deal. Take for instance Queen Cathrine... she was beloved... but was pushed from her rightful place. Anne.... was loved by the King for a short period of time... until she actually became his wife... then he realized how blind he had been... but you have to feel sorry for her... no matter how conniving she was. Had it not been for her father... I imagine she would not have reached so high.. only to fall so quickly.

Living back then must have been a nightmare. Not only did you have to worry about disease killing you.... if you part of the upper class... of royalty.. you had to worry about the politics of staying that way... worry about someone coming in and taking over. Or worse... someone killing you. I'm sure the good times were glorious.. but the worry is enough to drive the sanest person crazy.

And lets not even mention being a woman in that time. You had no choices... you did as you were told (for the most part). You were your father's property to do as he deemed.... to marry you off to the best suitor... even if you hated that person. Then, when that marriage came to pass... you were his property.

I'm all for being property of your husband.. if that is what you've given yourself over to.... I just cannot fathom not having that choice. But such is the time that it was..... long before women had rights to choose.

There are things that appeal to me about the series, though. The way they dressed is just to freaking die for. I'm sure its romanticized.. but yeah.. gorgeous! The rich linens... and jewelry... just ugh.. yes! And all the titles... I'm sure I could never have kept it all straight... in which would rank higher than which. I'm sure it was all very confusing.

But I suppose I have rambled on long enough.... time to go try to get some rest.... till next time.


It's late... it is time for bed.

Freshly showered we climb into bed... I lay back.. he is on his knees to fluff the sheets. My hand extends to touch the dip in his back ever so gently. I look at it with wonder... I just adore his back.. the curve of it.

I run the tips of my fingers up and down his spine... feeling the warmth of his skin... I breath a sigh... totally entranced in my lovers body. How his strong shoulders melt into the valley that is his spine.. down to the dip of at the base.. till it turns into his perfectly round ass.

I could touch him forever... in such silent reverence... I wonder if he knows how I adore him... all that makes him... and how I am completely attracted to him in every way. That I think he is handsome... sexy... cute... beautiful.. all in one.

It's moments like this... where I bathe in it.... in the wonder I have for him.. and how it doesn't matter how much time passes... I can still look at him.. and just feel this overwhelming feeling... of love... of attraction.

All of this passes through my mind... it seems like an eternity... but its merely seconds before he slides into bed with me.. shutting off the light and settling in for the night. I roll into him... feeling his arm drape around me... closing my eyes... and I'm home.

I'm on the outside... and I'm looking in

I went to a Munch today.. solo as Ben had to work late and would not be able to attend. Seems like...I always come home feeling the same way. I get home and feel a bit bummed and kind of on the outside. I must say.. that the people at the Munches are awesome and I really enjoy spending time getting to know them... BUT...

I feel... like I don't belong.. that I'm not nearly as experienced as they are... and half the time have no idea what they are talking about. I have not actually tried most of what they do... and it makes me feel weird... that I have nothing to contribute. Like I'm a pretending to me something I'm not...

Like see... they are trying to organize a play party... which sounds like a ton of fun... but I don't know if I'd feel comfortable going honestly. I would be surrounded by all these people that have tons of different, more lengthy experience... and it would be really... I dunno.. uncomfortable I guess.

I dunno... I'm feeling kinda... weird about it all... kinda down.. which I don't understand. I guess when it comes down to it.. I would like to further our experience as a couple... I'm sure thats the root of this all.

I just have to remember to take baby steps as I have been doing this all longer than Ben... we go at the pace he is comfortable.. and I'm okay with that. I just want to be able to join in with all of them.. and have something to add to the conversation.. not be a bump on a log that is just there taking up space.

gifted... revisited

Last month... I wrote about not feeling very exceptional at anything.... which brings me to my latest project so to speak.

My niece is graduating this year... which is just weird to me. I still see her as a little girl.. and the idea of her being a grown up out in the world... is just strange. But anyways, I am determined to make her graduation special. I've been helping my sister with party plans... taking care of invites.. and stuff. I even offered up to make a slide show... which became a task in itself. But I'm fairly certain that at least her Mom and Grandparents will be teary eyed.. and that is what I'm going for.

Anyways... my sister and brother-in-law decided that they were not going to be getting senior pictures done. When I heard how much they were charging.. I understood. The company that is in town was charging $75 just to rent the proofs.. in order to to purchase the ones you want... so uh.. yeah.

I've loved photography.. but really didn't think I was that special at it... but I offered to go out and take some shots... see what came up. So over the weekend.. my sister, niece, and I went out and about at the lake.. and around town. We took three days after I was done with work.. and went out and shot pictures... I ended up taking 250 just on my own.. then photo shopped them.

I was honestly surprised at what I came up with... and where as I want to share them all... I don't want to put her face out there for the world to see... sooooooo I will share the ones that doe not show her face. I'm pretty proud of the job I did.

may I have some pain with a side of blood, please

Yesterday was a particularly horny day for me... not that I'm not horny everyday but some days are worse than other. That was yesterday without any doubt... I could barely stand it. I knew I didn't have a shot in hell, though, because Ben had called on his lunch and said his back was really sore. I let that dream of sex go and gave into self fulfillment.

By the time we went to bed, I still wanted sex, of course.... but like I said, gave up on that idea. We laid next to each other talking as we always do... when the comfort of each other engulfed the room. We cuddled in silence... just enjoying being together. Out of no where Ben reached over and started gently stroking my face.

His fingers brushed my lips sending a jolt of electricity through my body. I was not sure if he was being tender or if he was initiating something. I tried to hold back.. not let the lust get the better of me.. but when he continued... I could no longer reign it in.

Soon his fingers worked their way down to my nipples... giving them hard, short tugs..... pain rushed through them. I let out a whimper and then a sigh. He got up off the bed to his knees... one hand cupped my mouth and nose.. the other.... still tweaked my nipples. He was rough... and it was hard not to scream.

At some point I got on all fours and took his cock deep into my mouth. He grabbed my ass and pulled me closer to him... getting better access to my pussy. He took handfuls of my ass and pussy and induced agony on my sex. It was almost too much to take... I went between gasping for air, whining, and working his cock over.

Finally he pulls away... satisfied with his abuse and climbed off the bed. He called me to him... so I followed and got to my knees. His cock fit perfectly back into my mouth.... he went back and forth between gentle and forceful... ordering me to not breathe until I came over and over. After I would cum, I would pull back and gasp for breath.

Satisfied with my many orgasms he asked if I was ready for him to fuck me... I let out a desperate yes. He had me get on the bed on my back and spread my legs.... then pulled me closer to where he wanted me. The tip of his cock touched my awaiting cunt.... and I let out a sigh. He glided in with ease all the way to the bottom. I reached my hands above my head.. letting him take my body however he wanted.... enjoying feeling him filling me up.

After a few strokes.. I reached down... and started making tiny circles on my clit.

"I want to feel you cum on my cock.. cum for me", he ordered.

"Hurt me", I begged... in which he happily obliged.

He took the tender folds of my pussy in his fingers... yanking on them... pinching them... making me writhe in pain. Minutes passed and I came again.... but he did not let up. Before I knew it... this sting of pain ripped through me.... and I panicked. It hurt in a different way and I tried to get away. My breathing labored.... and I wiggled... but he grabbed my arm and pushed it into my chest, calming me.

He went back to the business of fucking me... and leaving my pussy alone. It was not long after that he came... and I laid there.... feeling weak. When I gathered myself we crawled up and laid next to each other... warm from all the exercise.

We cuddled some more before he decided I had not came enough. He moved into between my legs and drove his fingers deep inside of my much used sex. I moaned happily.... knowing that it would not be long before his expert fingers worked me into a frenzy. When I got close... my fingers rushed down... to aid him in his work.

I circled the little nub quickly.. my body rigid with the impending orgasm. It was intense... I knew that it was going to be a strong one. Ben was telling me to cum over and over... and finally.... I hit my breaking point. My body shook... hard.... my breathe was ragged... intense does not describe this one. Tears came to my eyes and my chest heaved with fierce breathes.

Ben climbed up beside me.. pulling me into his chest.. comforting me... holding me close to help me compose myself. It was minutes before my labored breathing went back to normal and my trembling stopped.

Soon... and this is where we enter the TMI part... so be forewarned.... we got up to get cleaned up. He had glanced at his hand... which was coated in blood... I am not on my period. While I was doing so... the sharp pain returned. I tried hard not to cry. When we got back to the bathroom I asked Ben to look at it. I laid back, spreading my legs... fearful of what he was going to find.

He pulled the fold back.. looking deep inside.... he found a sizable cut that was bleeding. He felt terrible... and I reassured him that it was okay.. even if I was a bit freaked out. I was not made... I was more upset that the healing would take a couple days which meant... no sex.

I also had him take a picture so that I could see the laceration . It doesn't look terrible.. but it I am going to have to stay on top of keeping it clean so it doesn't get infected. Needless to say.. it is slightly painful. Having rough sex can be hazardous!

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it's my party-I can cry if I want to

So I would like to start off by saying... I am officially annoyed with Blogger. Apparently you can not post (or even create a new post for that matter) with a mobile device.... UNLESS you text them and they set it up... I am not sure if that's how it works for all blogs... but I must say... that is just stupid.

There I sat... I had the whole post going in my head on lunch... so I broke out my trusty iPhone... only to find that no, I will not be posting a new thing until I get home. Just stupid. So without further ado (and bitching).... my post....


I was making dinner.... I really can't remember what I was making now... but Ben came into the kitchen. He started making himself a drink and carrying on small talk when he decided to broach a sensitive subject.

"What do you want to do for your birthday? Do you want to have a poker party... or do you want to do something just the two of us?", he asked... I'm sure hoping to get a good response... what he got.. was not what he expected.

"I dunno.... you know how I feel about my birthday... it's really important to me... and it seems I build it up in my head... and well.. I get disappointed. I honest don't know what I want to do... you should just plan something.... get someone to help you if you need. I just don't have a clue", I replied... feeling this wave of emotion wash over me. I felt completely and utterly bummed.

You see.. like I told him, I always build it up... and its generally a big bust. I have cried on my last two birthdays... because as I have said before, Ben is by no means a planner. I adore him with all my being... but he is not. It does not even cross his mind that he SHOULD plan something for my birthday... I mean after all... I plan everything else.

The fact that he brought it up.. should make me happy.... and it does.. that he's putting thought into it... but the question is.. will it go further? Maybe I'm being a spoiled brat... who knows. I just want one day of the year to be about me.. and only me. I want to feel special and loved... and I really don't think that is too much to ask for honestly. Just one time I would like him to go out of his way... to try really hard to do something special for me... no matter what it is. I would love it because I know how much he put into it.

BUT in the same thought.. I will not hold my breath.. (not because I don't have faith in him... but because I know him and though he tries... it's just not his suit)... and I certainly will no build it up in my head. I refuse to feel like that on my birthday again this year. I just will not do it to myself. At the end of the day... it boils down to.. had I not made it into something huge, I would not feel so bummed. For everyone else... it is just another day... and I'm okay with that.... I just... yeah.. want to feel special.. if only for for day.

Ben did apologize for bringing it up... he said he didn't mean to bum me out... and I know it made him feel bad. I didn't think I would have reacted that way.. I couldn't help myself. I love him... and how he cares... that makes me feel special.... because I know to him I am. So really, I'm not sure why this whole birthday thing bugs me so much... I need to work on that for sure.

just when you least expect it

It was late... shower time.. right before bed.. our nightly ritual. We were messing around after getting washed up.. playing around with each other.... or should I say.. I was antagonizing him. I tapped him on the forehead... he retaliated by grabbing my arm and swatting my butt; not hard.. just a playful little tap. I felt a twinge.. and knew I wasn't going to stop... it would lead to more.

I did it a few more times.. and with each time.. he was more forceful... pulling my arm up higher and higher behind my back... smacking my ass a bit firmer. Before I knew it.... he had a good hold on me... pushed me up against the wall of the shower.... and started spanking me pretty hard.

I welcomed his assault... feeling the slight burn of the spanking and pulling of my arm. It was all kind of sudden.... but I was loving it... the unexpected. Within seconds I felt his fingers slide into my cunt from behind... filling me up... aggressively sliding in and out with such vigor it took my breath away.

He fingered my pussy hard and fast... not letting me catch my breath... then pulled out smacked me a few more times...before shoving me to the bottom of the tub. His cock penetrated my mouth.. and slammed into the back of my throat. He was brutal... not being easy on me.... as I gagged and fought to gain my composure. He wasn't letting up though.. not till he was ready.

Minutes passed before he left me a heaving mess. I pulled myself together... stood in the warm water for a bit longer.. then left the shower. He had already left the bathroom.. I saw him in the hall area. He glanced at me.. in a kind of cold distant glance... it was kinda strange... and kinda thrilling all at once.

I brushed my teeth and did my before bed stuff then walked into our room.

Ben stood there.. completely naked... the warm glow of a candle filling the room. He reached out for me... cupping my neck and pushing me to the ground. Once again, I found my mouth filled with his cock.... penetrating my lips and back to my throat. He was not gentle... and I adored him for that.

Before long I was bent back over the end of the bed.... him straddling my face... riding me with no abandon. There was something beyond erotic to me about it... the way it felt to be there underneath him almost as he took what he needed from me. I was a puddle without a doubt.

While he did so.. he told me to rub my pussy... make it cum he instructed... and so while he was brutally fucking my face... I was vigorously attacking my clit.... moments away from explosion.

What lay ahead for me... left my face wet with tears.... and my cunt aching for more.

a picture tells a thousand words

We showed our family pictures from our trip yesterday while we were over for Easter. While showing off these pictures I noticed something.. something you don't notice when you actually take them. I saw all the other people that were not my family in them.... the ones that just happen to be in the shot, simply because there were near when I decided to snap a memory.

After realizing this.. I went through delibritely looking at those other people... at the expressions that I captured. It made me wonder what moment I had in front of me... what part of their day they were in... and how their trip was going. Were they happy times?

Then of course, it made me wonder... how many photographs one of us appear in... just by chance. Will they notice as I did.. and remark at our family? Or will we just be a back drop in their happy memory? AND how many times in my life... on any of the number of vacations I have been on... how many pictures that are not mine have I been in?

And so I will never know who these people are that co-star in the moments of our trip... will never know who they are.. where they are from... none of that. They will merely be a face I took... that will forever be a part of the physical things I have to show from our brief time at Disneyland.

one more in what will be a long line

Today is our anniversary. :-) We won't be having too much time together today as Ben has to work late... and I have to work tomorrow.. but we will be making the most of what little we do get. It's one of those things that seems like... wow.. we've been together that long... but in the same instance it really does seem longer.. in a good way of course. It seems like we've been with one another for years upon years.. that we are so much apart of each other.. that being apart is not something that even makes sense anymore.

I just have to say... I love that man... so much.. words do not describe how I feel. When I kiss him... my breath is still stolen.... and my heart flutters. I still miss him insanely when we are not together. We still text each other each morning and call on lunches. I don't think that I could have found a more well suited partner if I had been looking.

I wanted to share with you all... the words I spoke to my husband on the day we were joined in marriage. We wrote our own vows.. and I spent weeks writing and revising.. just to get them perfect. In the end... I was proud of the words that fell from my lips... and filled with such joy and love... seeing his reaction. Even now it makes me misty to think back on that day... that wonderful day.

My darling Ben- to say that my heart is yours from this day forward would be wrong, because it's always been yours since the day I met you. How do I sum up how I feel in a few words? It would never do our love justice. I don't promise to one or two things... I promise my everything. I promise to be your most loyal friend despite what may come our way. I will be honest and faithful to you. I vow to respect you for your uniqueness and be by your side, encouraging you to strive to always be your best and comfort you when you stumble. I will be there to wipe away the your tears and spend endless hours laughing with you. I will give you my best to build a life with you, to grow old with you along life's journey. But most importantly, I promise to love and cherish you every day of my life because without you I would never be complete.



I love you more than I did yesterday.... you are so special to me. We've come so far... and have so much further to go... thank your for being you. Happy Anniversary my darling.

Pinch me baby one more time

In the darkness of our room... laying in bed.. our bodies touching.... I felt his hand snake up my side and to my nipple. He toyed with it gently... taking the protrusion between his fingers and teasing it. I let out a little sigh at the unexpected contact.

It wasn't long before the soft handling became rough... when the rolling of my nipple became a pinch and a tug. My back bowed under the onslaught... but there was not mistaking my growing lust. As the pain shot through my body, it only made me want more... no... need more.

He took my hand and placed it on his cock... a little nudge that I should be doing something... not just laying there enjoying my treatment. I happily started to stroke as his other hand made its way to my pussy.

He dipped his fingers in slowly finding it already wet and waiting. His thumb rested on my clit.. making little circles as the other ones moved in and out taunting my hole. The other hand magically appeared down south as well... taking a grip on the tender flesh. He pinched hard and I gasped at the sudden change in pain. I have a love hate relationship with any sort of suffering surrounding my pussy.

Soon both hands were working me over... pinching and pulling... extracting any and every ounce of affliction they could. I tried hard to stay focused on my task at hand.. stroking his cock was the only thing that was keeping me where I was... and not ten feet away in agony. The funny thing about that is... if I were to flee... I would only be longing to be back... enduring what he was giving me.

He seemed quite pleased with himself.... enjoying causing such pain on his sweet little wife.

"I love hurting your pussy", he said... cocky as he could be. I felt a surge through my body that went straight to my groin.

Again, one of his hands migrated.. this time covering my nose and mouth.... I drew in a deep breath knowing what his movement meant. This time he tugged on my cunt lips really hard and a muffled scream escaped. His hand pressed down harder as I tried to compose myself under the conditions. He repeated this several times.

Soon he was pulling away from me and getting off the bed... dragging my body with him. My mouth took his waiting cock all the way in as he began to fuck my face at a steady rhythm. His hands slide down my back... lifted slightly... then slapped down on my ass. I yelped mid suck but didn't miss a beat on keeping him in my mouth.

Another slap... then another... alternating between each side... then down the middle... which I hate... I loath... and not in a good way. I cannot begin to describe how much that hurts, and I'm not sure why.

I wiggled... hoping that he would move onto other places... luckily he did.... for then. He then drug his fingertips up my back... from the base to my shoulders... scratching me with what little nails he has.... I was in heaven.... it was exactly what I needed... to take away from the discomfort of the spanking.

It was not to last long as his hand swung down on my ass again... as I cried out... him still fucking my face. Again, moving side to side... giving equal attention to each. When he tired of that he flipped me over on my back, my head hanging off the side of the bed.

He slid easily into my mouth... returning to the business of fucking my face... causing me to gag and sputter as he hit the back of my throat. Ben's fingers twisted my nipples briefly before inching down to my sopping cunt.

"Lets see if you can cum while I hurt your pussy", he said. My hand went obediently down to my clit... making circles while he tugged on my pussy lips again. I made fast little circles... knowing I was already pretty worked up. It wasn't long before my body was convulsing from the mixture of pleasure and pain... and oh what a wonderful mix it was.

He didn't let up though... he kept on. He pinched and pulled and tugged until there my face was wet with tears and begging him to stop- only for him to ask me if I really wanted him to stop. Which of course, I didn't. I wanted him to hurt me.. just as much as he wanted to.

This went on for a bit longer before he turned my body so that he could enter me... my legs draped over his shoulders. He fucked me hard as I dug my fingers into the bed... screaming out. All the while he was still torturing my flesh..... making my body bow under his touch.

It wasn't long before he was shooting his cum deep insde of me.... not long before I wrapped my legs around him to keep him from leaving.... not long before I felt so weak I could bearly crawl up to our pillows.... not long before I was wrapped in my lovers arms....

here I be...

There is a skip in my step... a smile where there was not one before... a laughter that fills my soul.... and a smile that graces my face. I tell you... vacation did wonders for me. I was really getting to a point where going to work was much more of a drag than usual. I just really needed some time away. Yes, I had taken a vacation six months ago.. but the holidays are particularly busy for me at work.... and so that six months felt more like a year.

I find that I'm much happier at work right now (for however that may actually last). It really is a nice feeling... to be somewhat happy about being where you work. I know there has been many times over the last year where I have just loathed being there for one reason or another. It seems that it may be turning around... and for that I am happy.... happy that I waited it out.

It really amazes me what a little extended time off can do for one's demeanor. Now if I could only get time off each month.... how happy would I be then? *laughs* So for now... all is right with the world but with that comes a lack of stuff to write about.... I'm in that rut of writer's block again. I really hate that too... because I really WANT to write.. I want the words to come rolling off my finger tips and into the computer... like a well sung song. And yet... here I sit.. blabbering about nothing...

Perhaps.. I can attribute this to so much going on in my head... I'm running head first into another busy time of year... filled with birthdays.. anniversaries.... and graduation *shudders* (what an evil thing that graduation time). I sit and I weigh what goes through my mind and wonder if it is really that blog worthy... I mean.. who really wants to hear about the new guy at work... that I can't figure out if he's gay.. or if he's submissive (not that they go hand in hand by any means!). Or who wants to hear about Ben's stupid car alarm going off in the middle of each night.. several times. I mean.. seriously.

So instead you get to read my rambling... about nothing.. just something to fill the page.. to get me to the next hopeful post... I'm sorry!

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home.. and back to work

Sigh... vacation always go too quickly. We got home on Sunday morning... and spent that day and Monday busy getting things back in order.. getting groceries... and what not.. so not a whole lot of down time.

I went back to work today... which is a bummer. I really could have used another 2 or so days off to rest up from the trip.. but such is life. Time to get back to the grind stone. But I can bask in the glow of another great vacation. We had such a great time... I took like 700 pics... I'm kinda picture crazy. I know I was driving the kids nuts I'm sure... "hey.. go stand over there... and there!".

So yeah... I don't have a lot to talk about.. I do have a post in the back of my head... but I'm feeling kinda anxious.. and typing isn't really something I want to do right now... sooooooooooo that is for another time.

Just wanted to say a little something.. things should get back to normal around here now that I'm home.. which is a good and bad thing lol.

taking tired to a whole new level

So we're over halfway through our trip.. tomorrow is our last day at Disney. If I had to pick a word to describe it... whirlwind. Its been go, go, go. We drop like flies when we get back to the rental house... I haven't been this exhausted in a really long time. BUT.... we've had so much fun... and I can honestly say that this has been a trip of a lifetime.

I am truly happy that we got to do this... its been a great time. There has been a few bumps (some grumpiness on everyone's part... a few rides breaking down... a bust on our beach day) but really... in the grand scheme of things.. its really no big deal.

I'm also very thankful that my niece and nephew came along.. because its been so nice having them around... not only because they are cool kids.. but because they've been good to help buffer some of our kids' excitement and such. I just know that this trip wouldn't have been as fun had they not been here.. and for that... I'm happy.

Tired.. but happy lol.

So yeah, there was no point to this post.. other than to check in... say hi... and blab. So yeah.... till another time...