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just when you least expect it

It was late... shower time.. right before bed.. our nightly ritual. We were messing around after getting washed up.. playing around with each other.... or should I say.. I was antagonizing him. I tapped him on the forehead... he retaliated by grabbing my arm and swatting my butt; not hard.. just a playful little tap. I felt a twinge.. and knew I wasn't going to stop... it would lead to more.

I did it a few more times.. and with each time.. he was more forceful... pulling my arm up higher and higher behind my back... smacking my ass a bit firmer. Before I knew it.... he had a good hold on me... pushed me up against the wall of the shower.... and started spanking me pretty hard.

I welcomed his assault... feeling the slight burn of the spanking and pulling of my arm. It was all kind of sudden.... but I was loving it... the unexpected. Within seconds I felt his fingers slide into my cunt from behind... filling me up... aggressively sliding in and out with such vigor it took my breath away.

He fingered my pussy hard and fast... not letting me catch my breath... then pulled out smacked me a few more times...before shoving me to the bottom of the tub. His cock penetrated my mouth.. and slammed into the back of my throat. He was brutal... not being easy on me.... as I gagged and fought to gain my composure. He wasn't letting up though.. not till he was ready.

Minutes passed before he left me a heaving mess. I pulled myself together... stood in the warm water for a bit longer.. then left the shower. He had already left the bathroom.. I saw him in the hall area. He glanced at me.. in a kind of cold distant glance... it was kinda strange... and kinda thrilling all at once.

I brushed my teeth and did my before bed stuff then walked into our room.

Ben stood there.. completely naked... the warm glow of a candle filling the room. He reached out for me... cupping my neck and pushing me to the ground. Once again, I found my mouth filled with his cock.... penetrating my lips and back to my throat. He was not gentle... and I adored him for that.

Before long I was bent back over the end of the bed.... him straddling my face... riding me with no abandon. There was something beyond erotic to me about it... the way it felt to be there underneath him almost as he took what he needed from me. I was a puddle without a doubt.

While he did so.. he told me to rub my pussy... make it cum he instructed... and so while he was brutally fucking my face... I was vigorously attacking my clit.... moments away from explosion.

What lay ahead for me... left my face wet with tears.... and my cunt aching for more.


gawd I just love being used by my man for his pleasure!



I will have to second that thought :-)