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taking tired to a whole new level

So we're over halfway through our trip.. tomorrow is our last day at Disney. If I had to pick a word to describe it... whirlwind. Its been go, go, go. We drop like flies when we get back to the rental house... I haven't been this exhausted in a really long time. BUT.... we've had so much fun... and I can honestly say that this has been a trip of a lifetime.

I am truly happy that we got to do this... its been a great time. There has been a few bumps (some grumpiness on everyone's part... a few rides breaking down... a bust on our beach day) but really... in the grand scheme of things.. its really no big deal.

I'm also very thankful that my niece and nephew came along.. because its been so nice having them around... not only because they are cool kids.. but because they've been good to help buffer some of our kids' excitement and such. I just know that this trip wouldn't have been as fun had they not been here.. and for that... I'm happy.

Tired.. but happy lol.

So yeah, there was no point to this post.. other than to check in... say hi... and blab. So yeah.... till another time...