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just what I wanted

After getting out of the shower, I draped myself across our bed. I waited for Ben to join me... listening to him shave in the other room. Once he finished he came into our room and grabbed our water glass. He was gone for a few minutes then returned with a full glass and my vitamin.

I could hear him behind me crunching some ice... at some point he set the glass and pill down on my nightstand and came around to his side of the bed. He stopped by my head... standing there naked... it meant for me to move out of his spot. I just laid there and smiled.

He grunted at me and then climbed onto the bed placing his left arm over me. He crouched down and kissed between my shoulders. I let out a little sigh at the feel of his tender lips against my back. He kissed around my shoulders and down my back. Before I knew it... his kisses turned into bites. I was elated... letting out moans... and digging my fingers into the bed when it would get intense.

He repositioned himself between my legs... continuing his work on my back. Out of no where, he stopped... there was silence.. then TWHACK! His hand made contact with my ass cheek. I yelped at the unexpected attack... but inside... I was excited... how had he known that I wanted that? That before he even touched me as I stood by the bed, that was what I had wanted. I purred.

He kept smacking my ass.. over and over.. randomly and then in the same spot several times. I squirmed... wanting him to stop... but not wanting him to in the same sense.

He pulled me back towards him and slipped the tip of his cock into my pussy... teasing me. He wrapped his free hand around the length of his beautiful member to keep me from mounting him fully. I whined in dismay... moving my body back and forth... fucking myself with the head.

Again he slapped my ass... being relentless on his task of spanking me. I could feel it coming.. I rode his head even faster till I came all over him and the bed. I cooed... I felt amazing and didn't want it to stop.

He pulled away, though... and climbed off the bed.. his cock at full attention... awaiting my service. I promptly wrapped my lips around it and began sucking. I took him deep in my mouth hitting the back of my throat.

He began fucking my face hard... making me gag... but I wasn't going to move.. I kept focused on my task. Between some of his movements.. he would lean in and spank me hard... unexpectedly. I would yelp but my mouth was full.

He pulled away from me and went behind me again.... teasing me once more... fucking me with only the tip of his dick. He told me to rub my clit while he did.

"Do you want me to fuck you?", he asked.

I almost yelled a yes... and with that he plunged deep into pussy. He kept spanking me... not letting up... but threw in something new. He pinched my ass... which was met with a scream. He asked if I liked... of course I did! He kept pinching and spanking... it was so hard to keep my composure.

Suddenly I could feel another orgasm coming... he told me to cum.... and I did.. hard. He didn't let up though. He kept fucking me.. spanking me... pinching me. He asked if I was going to cum again. Honestly.. it had been maybe two minutes.. but yes... I was... I was going to cum again.

Once I came, I asked him to fuck me in the ass. He asked if I was sure.. and when I was... he told me to beg him... and I did. I begged to feel his cock in my ass.. to fuck me. He reached for the lube (not that I really needed it... he just really doesn't want to hurt me-not like that atleast), lubed up, and slowly started to slide his dick into my ass.

He went slow.. putting his hand on my back to soothe me... to keep me calm so I wouldn't tense up. I know I wanted it.. but I was seriously tensing. I tried not to... I kept rubbing my clit to keep myself calm. I hate when my brain works against me!

I did manage to calm down for him to get deep inside of me. It hurt... it hurt bad... we really need to work on that! I dont want it to hurt damn it! He began to fuck me slowly... rubbing my body to keep me fuckable (hehe). I wanted to cry it hurt so bad... but I focused... I wanted to feel him cum in my ass more than anything.

He started talking to me... to keep me distracted from the pain... asking me if I wanted him to cum in my ass... if I liked him fucking my ass... I of course did like it.. pain or not. I begged him to cum in my ass.... and finally he did... it was an amazing feeling.

When he pulled out... I rolled over and he pulled me into his arms. After a minute of holding me.. it was my turn to cum again. :-)

getting 2 new toys!!

Sooo a friend of mine, whom also is an ex, makes leather toys. Any type of adult toy you can think of that is made or can be made of leather, he makes. He's told me about them many times before but I guess I never thought about actually getting him to make us something. He finally asked me if I was ever going to buy anything from him lol. And so.. we decided now is just as good of a time as any.

He showed us through cam the things he has and what he thought I would like. He showed me quite a few floggers.. which I've never experienced before. We finally decided on two... one with blue suede and one with red leather. He finished them up last night and showed me today... I'm so excited. He did a great job. I can't wait for Ben to try those babies out on me hehe.

We should have them by next weekend... so here's to hoping that I have a great weekend ahead of me then! It will be a new experience for the both of us for sure. One I'm sure we will both enjoy.

Though, come to think of it... the story of my friend is an interesting on.... so I think I will share.

Ryan and I met when I was 18. We dated for a very short time... like maybe two months. I liked him, but knew that I wasn't into him the way I should be. He's a good down home type guy... a self proclaimed redneck. Just not my type really. I did like spending time with him though... I knew we made better friends pretty much from the get go. But, we tried.

Little did I know that he was very much in love with me... and planning to propose to me. He was busy saving up money to buy the "the ring I deserved" and getting a place so we could live together. This was all done without my knowing. I broke up with him before he could tell me or ask me anything and then shortly after starting dating someone else whom I would spend almost five miserable years with.

We remained friends.... and I still was pretty in the dark about how heartbroken I left him. He did tell me several months after we broke up all the stuff that he had planned. I felt bad and relieved at the same time... I would have never wanted to tell him no... even though I would have.

So several years passed.. we still talked off and on. He decided to drop a bomb on me... something I had never heard of... and it would take me years to really wrap my brain around and truly understand. He told me that he was part of the lifestyle.. that he was a Dom. I thought I understood somewhat but asked a lot of stuff... trying to really grasp it... I never did... not until here recently.

Not too long after that (I think I was 21 or very close to it) we were talking online. I asked him if he noticed that we weren't as close as we used to be. He freaked out on me... telling me that I wasn't the center of the world... that I was but that I wasn't anymore. He ripped me a new asshole so to speak and then went silent.

For three years I didn't hear a word from him. At first I was really hurt, but figured I deserved it after ripping his heart out. I came to peace with it and moved on. If he didn't want to be part of my life.. then so be it. That is his choice.

Out of the blue in 2006 he messages me online. I was floored. After all that time, he decided he could talk to me again. It took him all that time to get over me he told me... but that he was now and that we could once more be friends. It was really nice to be able to talk with him again. From then.. we have stayed in contact... talking every several weeks or so.

He is married now. His wife is his slave... and he has a girlfriend. They are poly... or should I say HE is poly? I'm not sure how that works. All I know is... I could never share. He keeps asking me to come play with him.. and of course I laugh and tell him that he knows I can't. Besides, I think even if I were single.. I wouldn't because he is WAY more hardcore than me. I think he would beat my ass into the ground lol.

So that's the story of Ryan. I think perhaps it is a bit odd that my ex is making toys for us... but hey, I guess there are odder things in this world, right?

just a quick one today

I know I've been bad the last several days and not been posting... but honestly, I didn't have anything to say. Work has been a nightmare, no big surprise there. Things have been busy on the home front, but not a lot of play time (which makes me very sad). Perhaps this weekend.

We went and saw Hancock and went to dinner last Saturday. It was nice to be just the two of us... going on a date. We try to do this once a month... just to focus on us... and fun time together. I think it's important to do that. I think that sometimes people tend to disconnect from each other when they don't do things alone. To take the time and be a couple. It was nice for sure.

Other than that... nothing too special. Hopefully I'll find something to talk about... cause damn it.. I was on a roll!

poll time

I don't have much to say today so I figured I would do something different. I read something a while ago that many people rate their sex life above average... I like to think I'm in the category. So I want to know how YOU rate yourself. I would really be interested in seeing. Thanks in advance!

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sex meme

This is my first meme. I stole it from

I really need to learn how to use a word as a link instead of using the link.... I will look into it.

The first time I heard about sex, I thought it was...
curious. I'm sure I heard about sex before the first time I actually remember hearing about it... of course... I was young.. and wanted to know all about it.

My first experience with self stimulation was...
young. After I figured it out.. I took every chance I could to do it.

The furthest I have ever gone in a parked car was...all the way. I remember one time... I had sex with this guy.. and he was horrible.. and very... shall we say.. not endowed. I ended up getting a rug burn on my knee from the carpet on the door. Horrible.

The first method of contraception I ever used was... condoms.

When a man tells me a dirty joke, it usually makes me...laugh. I love a good dirty joke. BUT I guess I would blush as well if I thought the guy was attractive.

The first time I had an orgasm, I thought I heaven. I was probably a year into my sex life before a partner gave me one.

The grossest person I have ever shared a bed with was... well... I cant actually remember his name... but yeah... he was a friend of a friend...

The rottenest thing I ever did to escape having sex was...moved away from him and then got up... telling him I wasn't ready. I just didn't really want to do it.

The excuse I most often hear for not making love is... that his back hurts. He has a extra vertebrate in his back... and it always hurts him. He doesn't bust that stuff out often though.. he has to be in a lot of pain to say that.

My favorite method of flirting is......words and body language.. eyes and smile and such.

The most I have ever "come on" with a girlfriend's man was... well never. I dont flirt with another girl's man.

I believe I am dressed the sexiest when I am wearing... a great pair of jeans and a cute top... orrrr just a pair of panties.

If I ever surprised my man in the act of self-stimulation, I would probably...
watch! I love that stuff!

If I were to describe male sexual equipment in one word, it would have to :-)

The thought of making love to two men at the same time really makes me... wonder what it would be like.

If I were to estimate how often I fantasize about making love to a strange man, it would be...not very much. It doesn't appeal to me much to be taken by a stranger... I like a connection to be present.

If my friends all decided to skinny dip, I would hesitant to join.. but give me a few drinks.. I'm good to go.

If my mate and I were sharing a hotel room with another couple who started to make love, I would ... get verrryyy turned on.

If on a first date the subject of birth control came up, I about it.... if you can't talk about that kind of stuff, you have no business having sex at all.

While making love to my mate, I sometimes fantasize about... past experiences we've had... but I do tend to like being in the moment more.

If a stripper gave me the opportunity to remove his/her last piece of clothing I a little intimidated.

If I were to wear a costume to make love, I would dress as...a naughty schoolgirl.

If my lover agreed to wear a costume of my choice before making love, I would choose...probably nothing... I'm not a big fan of costumes.

The wildest sexual aid I have ever used was... nothing that least to me. Wild is in perception...

The most pleasure I have ever had with a foreign object vibrator... its yellow... and I named her Sunshine, because she makes me smile (hehe)

The last sexual request I refused was...-honestly, I cant remember. I rarely refuse to do something.

The last sexual request someone refused me was...being able to suck Ben's cock... but he just wanted me to want it more. I ended up getting what I wanted.

The thought of making love during pregnancy makes me... glad those days are over!

The thought of making love during "that time of the month" leaves me... also glad.. that I rarely have that time of the month anymore (thank goodness for IUDs)

My favorite fantasy involving a hot tub is... non existent now. Been there, done that... not that exciting.

My favorite fantasy involving a romantic location is...being on a tropical beach some where in a beach house... on like the balcony under the moon light... making love... and laying under the stars

My favorite fantasy involving a famous man is... also non existent. I don't fantasize about famous people.

My favorite fantasy involving a man I know (who isn't my mate) is... actually sometimes involved with Ben.. he is an old F buddy of mine... that I imagine him watching Ben and I or vice versa.

My favorite fantasy involving a woman I know is...replaying experiences with a past lover or two.

The last time a man tried to pick me up was...hmmm I don't know....does online count? Oh.. a couple months ago at work...

My favorite fantasy involving sex in a public place is...again replying experiences I have had in public places.

The most public place I ever made love was...on the beach.. which sounds fun... but not as great as I though.

When I finally lost my virginity, I was....15.. almost 16... seems like ages ago now.

I think the maximum number of men I am physically capable of making love to in a single day is... quite a few... I guess I'd have to see... though that doesn't really seem like something I'd want to do.

I really like having a tongue stuck in my...mouth

I really hate having a tongue stuck in (between) my...toes but I also am not a fan of tongue in my ear. It makes my skin crawl!

and now for something totally unrelated

So at work today... I was talking to one of my co-workers, Jared. I love Jared to death... he is one of my favorite people. He is very easy going and sympathetic... a good friend to have. Anyway, we were talking and he brings up this "everyone quit their job day" idea. At first I wasn't really sure where he was going with it... my first impression would prove to be wrong. I was seeing it as more superficial... when in fact it was very deep.

So what you ask is this idea? His theory is that if everyone banded together and all quit their jobs on the same day for a certain length of time... that it would cause change in the way our society is run. Ok.. well of course it would.... madness would ensue. Everyone would go ape shit for lack of a better term.

His argument is that we as a group of people are living our lives for all the wrong reasons. That we are actually not living our lives at all. Well I tend to sort of agree there... but there is all sorts of ways of looking at that. He believes that there should be no reason for money... or jobs for that matter. That we all should be able to live our life and not spend it getting up and going to work... doing the same things.. day in and day out. That we should spend our time trying to figure out just what life is meant for instead of doing what our culture has bread us to become.

This whole conversation was a lengthy one. He was sure I wasn't seeing his point, that I couldn't wrap my brain around it. I understood in theory... but that there would be many issue and things that wouldn't work. I told him I liked my life.. yes I would prefer not to HAVE to work... but all in all.. it gives me something to do everyday.

He says that we are all working towards possessions and status... not for the things that we NEED. I disagree because my life is not a state of being just to impress others... my existence is to make me happy with what I have... with what I can enjoy. Not to appease anyone else.

I also brought the whole job thing. In order to have food... somewhere... someone has to be working. Someone is working and raising cattle... someone is working and growing produce. Should they be expected to just DO it... and not get paid for it? He brought up the idea of trading and bartering as well as hunting- that everyone should know how to hunt. I objected to that idea. There are lots of people in this world that do NOT need to have a gun in their hands. This was the only point of mine that he agreed about.

It went on and on... basically us dancing around how we felt. Neither one of us really got the other to see our side of it.... and that's fine. That is what a good debate is all about. I think there are a lot of good valid points to his argument... but honestly, I don't want to revert back to the dark ages. I like my life as I've said. I like the technology that is part of my life. Honestly, if I were to die tomorrow... I would die with no regrets. I lived my life to the fullest I can at this juncture of my life. So not too bad of a way to live I think.

sharing isn't always a good thing

I am so thankful that Ben does not want to have a threesome with me. I have had a few experiences that revolve around threesomes.. and some where good.. some were bad. I could not imagine seeing him with another woman... I would be insanely jealous... and even more so hurt. I know that some people can do this and not blink an eye at it... but not me.

When I was with my ex... very early on in our relationship.. like three or four months we had talked about it and eventually done it. It was with my best friend at the time. She and I had been friends for years... since we were in first grade. We grew up just down the road from each other... we had been through many good and bad times. Hell, she and I even had dated for several months when I was 18. This event proved to be the most taxing thing for our friendship and my relationship.

It was Memorial Day 2001. She had come over for swimming and bbq. I can't remember if this was what we had preplanned or not... but nevertheless, it happened. Come to think about it, I'm sure it wasn't planned because I was on my period.

Anyways... since I was with my monthly visitor... I didn't actually have sex, but there was a lot of touching and such going on. I don't remember a whole lot about it.. but what really stands out in my head was seeing her on top of him... seeing him fuck her. It was all too much to take... it upset me greatly. I know I had agreed to it... but it did not change the fact that it hurt me very much.

That one event really set the bar for the whole relationship. It lasted for almost five years.. and this one thing really caused 60% of our problems. He would later go on to cheat on me with her and in pregnant her only to miscarry. He kept this from me for years... and when I found out I was furious. I told him in order to make our relationship work.. he needed to quit talking to her. I, of course, cut her out of my life.

From there.. he just continued to lie to me and hide his friendship with her from me. Even to this day they are still friends.

One event in your life can teach you a valuable lesson. I learned that I cannot share... nor do I want to... nor should I have to. From that relationship I vowed never do this again... that if it was something they wanted... they would have to accept I wasn't willing or they would have to move on.

Lucky for me... Ben has no interest in it at all... thankfully. He feels the same way as I do... he would never want to share me with another... and this makes me very, very happy. Sometimes lessons are hard to learn.. but sooner or later.. you learn...

another year

Today is our anniversary.. of when we first started dating. Yes, I like to recognize both our anniversaries hehe. Ok.. so today is the official day he asked me to be his girlfriend... to be specific. It seems like its been years and years... I feel like we've always been a part of each other's lives. And even though that is not true, from here on out, we will be.

I remember the day he asked me. Leading up till he asked me I wasn't sure if I really wanted a relationship. I had been single for almost a year... and had decided that I wasn't going to settle anymore. That if I was going to be with someone... it would be because it felt right.

He had been on vacation that week and decided to spend it with me. I wasn't on vacation though.. and so his days were pretty boring while I was at work. I had come home... happy to see him there. I asked him how his day was... and vice versa. I changed clothes and settled down on the couch with him to relax.

We talked a bit before he said that there was something he had to ask me.... and then he asked me. I grinned from ear to ear, said yes, and threw my arms around his neck. It was a happy moment to say the least.. one I have not ever regretted.

Looking back we've come so far... its been a journey that is filled with many fond memories. I can't wait to be old and gray with him... still holding hands and happy as ever just to be together. He's the love of my life... hands down, and everyday I find a new reason to love him more.

Ben's night

I texted Ben last night while he was till at work.

"What kind of mood are you in?"

"I'm tired and sore. Why do you ask?"

"Im just gauging."

"What's for dinner?"

"What do you want?"

"Hamburgers with chili cheese tater tots and you by my side."

Isn't he the best?

And so, I got into the shower and began cleaning and shaving myself until I was perfectly smooth for my husband. After getting out I put on a pair of black lace panties and began my wait. He called when he stopped at the store for hamburger buns and asked if we needed anything else..... after I went into the kitchen and boiled some water.

He showed up shortly after. I peaked around the corner at him and said hello with a sweet smile. He smiled back and walked over to wrap his arms around. I pressed my lips against his, softly kissing him.

He walked over to the counter and laid his stuff down then gave me another big hug. He asked if I wanted to take a shower, which had been my plan anyways. I took the water off the stove and set the bottle of massage oil in it to warm it while we showered.

And so we headed to the bedroom to take his clothes off. I lovingly striped each piece of clothing off and went into the shower. He stood in the water... getting himself all wet... our eyes would meet and we'd smile. It was a very nice moment.

After getting wet I grabbed his shampoo and lathered it up... and began washing his head. He closed his eyes as I worked my fingers on his scalp. When I was done he almost looked drunk... he loves having his hair washed. hehe.

From there I grabbed the soap and washed him from chest to feet. Making sure to take extra care of each body part. I love bathing him... there is something very sensual about it. When I got to his legs I got on my knees... looking up at him smiling as I washed.

When I was done he rinsed himself and I slipped out of the shower. I dried off and grabbed a towel for him. When he opened the shower I touched his face with it... again he closed his eyes and soaked in all the pampering he was receiving.

I dried his face and head, followed by the rest of his body. As I finished I hung his towel and told him to go lay on the bed. I went and grabbed the oil from the kitchen and when I returned he was laid out on the bed.

I sat beside him and had him test the oil to make sure it wasn't too hot.. it was just fine. I started dropping it in different spots on his back then began rubbing it in. I worked his whole back.... rubbing circles deep and then soft. He would let out little sighs and tell me how good it felt. I felt very good about it. *smiles*

I made sure to ask where his back hurt as well and worked on those spots.. hoping to ease his pain and make him feel good all over. The massage lasted almost a hour before my hands could no longer take it. He laid there for a good bit before we got up.

I made dinner and served him his. We sat and watched tv and then cuddled after eating. It was nice... just the two of us.. doing what we want. We actually ate so much that we never even ate any cake.. and we were up till almost midnight. We will today though.

AND there was no sex.. much to my dismay. I was exhausted though... so in the grand scheme it is ok... cause this night was about him.. and not me.

Happy Birthday Baby!

I am simply drained today. Work was a nightmare... long story.. not worth telling. Needless to say.. at the moment all I want to do is go soak in a warm tub of water.

Tuesday is Ben's birthday. We are celebrating tonight because we both have tomorrow off. I'm not exactly sure what we are going to do per say... but hopefully it will be fun. I made his cake earlier (did I ever mention that I am a cake decorator?). It's a grave yard scene.. not because he's old.. but because he just likes it. I can't wait to have a slice.

I swung by the adult store on my way home to get some Karma Sutra massage oil.. a nice full body massage is for sure in store for my husband tonight. I think I may light some candles and greet him on my knees with nothing but my collar on.I would think that would be a nice welcome home... don't you think?

Other than that... I don't know if we will go out to dinner or if I'm making him something... I need to call him and find out.

Let's just hope something really fun happens that is blog worthy.. hehe.

Happy 4th of July!

Ah it seems this year is passing so quickly and we find ourselves at the 4th of July once more. I've always loved this holiday.. for that it stands for... and for the times spent with family and friends.

Every year we gather together and eat and drink.... laugh and play... and it's nice. It's not because we never do it any other time, because we do, it is just nice to know that our country... one that we love very much brings us together as a family... in every sense of that word.

Today I have to work (buttttt I am making double time and a half so I can't complain too much) but after I'm heading over to my sisters for a bbq and swimming (if the weather permits). It should be fun for sure. I'm hoping to get a few tasty beverages down as well. Then tonight of course it will be at the lake for fireworks.

We have an awesome festitival in town every year at the center of town... the lake. Its called Go 4th. They have booths that you can grab some food... buy stuff.. and things to keep the kids entertained. Each day they have events that I never seem to see because I am always busy working. It's a really awesome thing though.

The whole town comes and puts out blankets so that everyone is litering the lawn. The fireworks show usually lasts twenty minutes accompanied with music that always seems to make me tear up. I feel very proud to be part of this country.. and of all those who have given their lives to protect our rights.

So with that... I better get going.. I hope all of you have a wonderful and safe 4th of July!

thats music to my ears

You know, it seems to me that since I stumbled across D/s that I see it in everything. Undertones of dominance and submission. I see it in movies and tv shows... I hear it in music... I see it in the way people interact.

I was driving to work this morning and was trying to find something to listen to... I rustled through my CDs and came across a burned CD that a good friend of made for me at Christmas. Admittedly I only like one song on the CD... but its a good one. I popped it in and fast forwarded to the song.

I started singing... and thinking about the words... and they just screamed submissive to me. Maybe I'm just reading into it... (which is very likely, just hearing what I want to hear)... but it just seems that way to me.

Of course it would be a male submissive... but still... submissive just the same. Its a sweet song in a strange context.... I'm not sure how I would feel if someone called me a pistol. BUT, it can totally be a good thing..... being feisty and all. I know that I can be a fireball in everyday life. *grins*

So.. hopefully you listened to it... am I crazy? I'm I hearing it right? I guess it doesn't really matter. That is one of the wonderful things about music is that it can be what you want it to be even if the artist intended it to be. I know that I personally attach myself to songs. If I hear certain songs it can transport me back to a certain time in my life.. or even one single moment.

I'm not sure if I am alone in that as well.... hopefully not... I like to think that I identify with people in my strange little ways. It's always nice to be understood.... for someone to just "get" me. Just to have those moments where they are like, "I totally know what you're talking about". Being told no, and that I'm crazy just doesn't rank high on my list (hehe).

So yeah, whatcha think? AM I crazy? (maybe just a little huh?)

going up?

Few people know that when I get onto an elevator... I size it up. I figure out if it's doable. If there is enough time to make it worth it... if it would even be that fun in that one. It's been a long running fantasy of mine... man... for what... almost ten years now.

When I was 18 or 19, I went to the hospital that my best friend's aunt worked at. The employee elevator was the one we went up in... and to say the least, it was PERFECT. It wasn't fancy by any means but it was slow moving and in the back of the hospital. The only times it was in use frequently shift changes. Needless to say at the time, I was single... and therefore, no one to assist me in my mission.

So many years later and thousands of miles away, I still have not accomplished it. Honestly, I don't think I ever will. There is that hope in the back of my head though.... obviously, or I would not still get onto them and get a twinge of excitement rush through my body.

I can't complain too much.... in the grand scheme of things I have probably done about 90% of the fantasies I've had. I've had a few threesomes (not a three girl one... which is a bummer), had sex on the beach (not as great as you'd think), in the pool, and so on. Hell, I've even had sex in a club before (oh the memories!) and on a balcony of a hotel. I'm the kind of girl that will go after something if it pops in my mind... that is if it is doable and won't stand a good chance of getting me arrested *smiles*.

I feel very sorry for people that never get the chance to live out the stuff that makes them hot. I could not imagine that existence. Like the men that live their whole lives wanting to tie up their wife or share her with a friend but never say anything because they fear that they will be rejected. It's very sad.

I could not just keep those things from Ben. It's part of what makes us, us. I remember how scared I was to tell him about my kinky thoughts... but I did... and I'm so glad I did. I can't imagine what our sex life would be without it. I'd be so unhappy knowing it was something I longed for so bad but couldn't have it just because I was simply too afraid.

So anyway, here's to hoping that one day we will find that perfect elevator.... and I get a saucy story to tell.

vacation again soon!

So our summer trip is in the works. We are going to go to the Oregon Coast in August for a few days. We're taking my parents and niece and nephew. I've lived here for seven years and have yet to make it to that coast so we figured this would be a great idea.

We've rented a beach house.. and we're super excited. We are ready to go now! I surely need a break from life in general right now.. well more like work.. than anything. So now I have to figure out all the stuff we'll do while we are there.

This is a super short post.. couldn't think of anything.. but I wanted to write something... kinda lame.. I know. I'll try to think of something good for tomorrow.