this girl's life

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It's late... it is time for bed.

Freshly showered we climb into bed... I lay back.. he is on his knees to fluff the sheets. My hand extends to touch the dip in his back ever so gently. I look at it with wonder... I just adore his back.. the curve of it.

I run the tips of my fingers up and down his spine... feeling the warmth of his skin... I breath a sigh... totally entranced in my lovers body. How his strong shoulders melt into the valley that is his spine.. down to the dip of at the base.. till it turns into his perfectly round ass.

I could touch him forever... in such silent reverence... I wonder if he knows how I adore him... all that makes him... and how I am completely attracted to him in every way. That I think he is handsome... sexy... cute... beautiful.. all in one.

It's moments like this... where I bathe in it.... in the wonder I have for him.. and how it doesn't matter how much time passes... I can still look at him.. and just feel this overwhelming feeling... of love... of attraction.

All of this passes through my mind... it seems like an eternity... but its merely seconds before he slides into bed with me.. shutting off the light and settling in for the night. I roll into him... feeling his arm drape around me... closing my eyes... and I'm home.