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Your Grace

SO... (I start out with so a lot huh?).. I can't sleep.. so here I be... digging into the depths of my mind to pull out a much needed blog post. I have found that as of late I have little to say.. which is funny if you know me... because it is so very rare when I DON'T have something to say.

As of late, Ben and I have been watching The Tudors. I love finding new t.v. series to watch.. and this one has wormed it's way into my heart. If by any chance... you have no idea what the hell The Tudors is... well it's this great show about Henry the Eighth... and his rule... and his many wives.

We are currently in the middle of season two... in which Anne Boleyn has become queen and is on her way out to so speak. The show is not completely historically correct... but its a great one. Full of drama and sex... a good combo for entertainment in my humble opinion.

The whole thing is very sad really.... no one really gets a good deal. Take for instance Queen Cathrine... she was beloved... but was pushed from her rightful place. Anne.... was loved by the King for a short period of time... until she actually became his wife... then he realized how blind he had been... but you have to feel sorry for her... no matter how conniving she was. Had it not been for her father... I imagine she would not have reached so high.. only to fall so quickly.

Living back then must have been a nightmare. Not only did you have to worry about disease killing you.... if you part of the upper class... of royalty.. you had to worry about the politics of staying that way... worry about someone coming in and taking over. Or worse... someone killing you. I'm sure the good times were glorious.. but the worry is enough to drive the sanest person crazy.

And lets not even mention being a woman in that time. You had no choices... you did as you were told (for the most part). You were your father's property to do as he deemed.... to marry you off to the best suitor... even if you hated that person. Then, when that marriage came to pass... you were his property.

I'm all for being property of your husband.. if that is what you've given yourself over to.... I just cannot fathom not having that choice. But such is the time that it was..... long before women had rights to choose.

There are things that appeal to me about the series, though. The way they dressed is just to freaking die for. I'm sure its romanticized.. but yeah.. gorgeous! The rich linens... and jewelry... just ugh.. yes! And all the titles... I'm sure I could never have kept it all straight... in which would rank higher than which. I'm sure it was all very confusing.

But I suppose I have rambled on long enough.... time to go try to get some rest.... till next time.