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here I be...

There is a skip in my step... a smile where there was not one before... a laughter that fills my soul.... and a smile that graces my face. I tell you... vacation did wonders for me. I was really getting to a point where going to work was much more of a drag than usual. I just really needed some time away. Yes, I had taken a vacation six months ago.. but the holidays are particularly busy for me at work.... and so that six months felt more like a year.

I find that I'm much happier at work right now (for however that may actually last). It really is a nice feeling... to be somewhat happy about being where you work. I know there has been many times over the last year where I have just loathed being there for one reason or another. It seems that it may be turning around... and for that I am happy.... happy that I waited it out.

It really amazes me what a little extended time off can do for one's demeanor. Now if I could only get time off each month.... how happy would I be then? *laughs* So for now... all is right with the world but with that comes a lack of stuff to write about.... I'm in that rut of writer's block again. I really hate that too... because I really WANT to write.. I want the words to come rolling off my finger tips and into the computer... like a well sung song. And yet... here I sit.. blabbering about nothing...

Perhaps.. I can attribute this to so much going on in my head... I'm running head first into another busy time of year... filled with birthdays.. anniversaries.... and graduation *shudders* (what an evil thing that graduation time). I sit and I weigh what goes through my mind and wonder if it is really that blog worthy... I mean.. who really wants to hear about the new guy at work... that I can't figure out if he's gay.. or if he's submissive (not that they go hand in hand by any means!). Or who wants to hear about Ben's stupid car alarm going off in the middle of each night.. several times. I mean.. seriously.

So instead you get to read my rambling... about nothing.. just something to fill the page.. to get me to the next hopeful post... I'm sorry!


I am sure the little bit of weather cahnge has helped. I knwo it has helped me




maybe it has :-)


ah yes, vacations do work wonders. Glad to have you back.



Thanks!! I'm glad to be back!