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one more in what will be a long line

Today is our anniversary. :-) We won't be having too much time together today as Ben has to work late... and I have to work tomorrow.. but we will be making the most of what little we do get. It's one of those things that seems like... wow.. we've been together that long... but in the same instance it really does seem longer.. in a good way of course. It seems like we've been with one another for years upon years.. that we are so much apart of each other.. that being apart is not something that even makes sense anymore.

I just have to say... I love that man... so much.. words do not describe how I feel. When I kiss him... my breath is still stolen.... and my heart flutters. I still miss him insanely when we are not together. We still text each other each morning and call on lunches. I don't think that I could have found a more well suited partner if I had been looking.

I wanted to share with you all... the words I spoke to my husband on the day we were joined in marriage. We wrote our own vows.. and I spent weeks writing and revising.. just to get them perfect. In the end... I was proud of the words that fell from my lips... and filled with such joy and love... seeing his reaction. Even now it makes me misty to think back on that day... that wonderful day.

My darling Ben- to say that my heart is yours from this day forward would be wrong, because it's always been yours since the day I met you. How do I sum up how I feel in a few words? It would never do our love justice. I don't promise to one or two things... I promise my everything. I promise to be your most loyal friend despite what may come our way. I will be honest and faithful to you. I vow to respect you for your uniqueness and be by your side, encouraging you to strive to always be your best and comfort you when you stumble. I will be there to wipe away the your tears and spend endless hours laughing with you. I will give you my best to build a life with you, to grow old with you along life's journey. But most importantly, I promise to love and cherish you every day of my life because without you I would never be complete.



I love you more than I did yesterday.... you are so special to me. We've come so far... and have so much further to go... thank your for being you. Happy Anniversary my darling.