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home.. and back to work

Sigh... vacation always go too quickly. We got home on Sunday morning... and spent that day and Monday busy getting things back in order.. getting groceries... and what not.. so not a whole lot of down time.

I went back to work today... which is a bummer. I really could have used another 2 or so days off to rest up from the trip.. but such is life. Time to get back to the grind stone. But I can bask in the glow of another great vacation. We had such a great time... I took like 700 pics... I'm kinda picture crazy. I know I was driving the kids nuts I'm sure... "hey.. go stand over there... and there!".

So yeah... I don't have a lot to talk about.. I do have a post in the back of my head... but I'm feeling kinda anxious.. and typing isn't really something I want to do right now... sooooooooooo that is for another time.

Just wanted to say a little something.. things should get back to normal around here now that I'm home.. which is a good and bad thing lol.