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a picture tells a thousand words

We showed our family pictures from our trip yesterday while we were over for Easter. While showing off these pictures I noticed something.. something you don't notice when you actually take them. I saw all the other people that were not my family in them.... the ones that just happen to be in the shot, simply because there were near when I decided to snap a memory.

After realizing this.. I went through delibritely looking at those other people... at the expressions that I captured. It made me wonder what moment I had in front of me... what part of their day they were in... and how their trip was going. Were they happy times?

Then of course, it made me wonder... how many photographs one of us appear in... just by chance. Will they notice as I did.. and remark at our family? Or will we just be a back drop in their happy memory? AND how many times in my life... on any of the number of vacations I have been on... how many pictures that are not mine have I been in?

And so I will never know who these people are that co-star in the moments of our trip... will never know who they are.. where they are from... none of that. They will merely be a face I took... that will forever be a part of the physical things I have to show from our brief time at Disneyland.