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gifted... revisited

Last month... I wrote about not feeling very exceptional at anything.... which brings me to my latest project so to speak.

My niece is graduating this year... which is just weird to me. I still see her as a little girl.. and the idea of her being a grown up out in the world... is just strange. But anyways, I am determined to make her graduation special. I've been helping my sister with party plans... taking care of invites.. and stuff. I even offered up to make a slide show... which became a task in itself. But I'm fairly certain that at least her Mom and Grandparents will be teary eyed.. and that is what I'm going for.

Anyways... my sister and brother-in-law decided that they were not going to be getting senior pictures done. When I heard how much they were charging.. I understood. The company that is in town was charging $75 just to rent the proofs.. in order to to purchase the ones you want... so uh.. yeah.

I've loved photography.. but really didn't think I was that special at it... but I offered to go out and take some shots... see what came up. So over the weekend.. my sister, niece, and I went out and about at the lake.. and around town. We took three days after I was done with work.. and went out and shot pictures... I ended up taking 250 just on my own.. then photo shopped them.

I was honestly surprised at what I came up with... and where as I want to share them all... I don't want to put her face out there for the world to see... sooooooo I will share the ones that doe not show her face. I'm pretty proud of the job I did.