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busy times

So I've been a slacker yet again. It is so easy just to slack off on posting blogs... and when I don't really have much to say, it is ever harder. Things have been a bit stressful for me as of late... and I feel really overwhelmed with life right now. Between work, family, and home... yeah... I'm way over tired.

I kind of feel like we're in a sexual slump too because we're always so tired by the time we get home... its put quite the damper on our sex life right now. I think that out of everything really bums me out the most. I miss it very much. What I really need right now is a good ole beating hehe just to help me focus again.

I know this is short.. and that sucks too... but yeah, lack of stuff to say kind of does that to a girl. Hopefully things will get back to normal (I've been saying that a lot) soon, and I can tell more of my tales hehe.


"Do you actually like regular sex?", I questioned him. This was the man who introduced me to BDSM. I remember that question so clearly, like it was just yesterday, although, it wasn't. At the time I did not understand how bondage could completely consume one's thoughts and shape who they are really. I tried to understand, I really did.

His answer was yes. He explained it all to me... and I understood him... not the concept. It's funny how time has a way of skewing someone's perceptions. How it can make you start to ask yourself the same question. How it can make you question yourself about when this change happened from only having urges for kink to it totally consuming who you are.

Driving home from work yesterday... I really did look at this in myself. Wondered when I had become to engulfed with domination... the longing for it. I feel restless right now... for the lack of domination in our sex. It kind of concerns me to be honest. Why does this hold onto me so tightly and affect my emotions?

I do like "regular" sex very much. I still enjoy it and still yearn for it. But deep down inside I want the domination much more. I need it. I need to feel his power over me... but only in our sex. Outside the bedroom... life is still just wonderful... I am still happily in love with him.

I know I'm being irrational for being moody for the lack- well not moody but sadness more or less- of kink as of late. I know that life has been busy.. and we're both tired... but just because I'm tired doesn't mean that I forget about my sexual urges.. they certainly don't go away. Kink does tend to take more energy... its more draining.. but the reward of the exerted energy is amazing.

I've told Ben that I'm missing that part of our relationship... he understands and misses it as well. He told me he will make it up to me.... which I cannot wait for! *grins* Last night was a little sample. I fell asleep a happy girl last night.... freshly fucked, eyes damp from having my body pushed.

Still though, it wasn't way long as we had to get up this morning for work... and so it almost satisfied my craving.... Im hoping by this weekend... I'll feel like my sex life is back in balance. :-)

I danced my ass off... has anyone seen it?

Saturday night some friends and I went out dancing. I haven't been clubbing in years.. literally. Not since 2001. It's something I've wanted to do again for a while but never really had anyone who enjoyed that to go with. Ben does not like to dance... which bums me out. But, you take a person for who they are... and so I just accept that fact.

He was supposed to go with us but in the end he texted me and told me he really didn't want to go. A friend of his was going to go as well to keep him busy while we danced, but he ended up with too much to do so he wasn't able to go. Ben didn't want me to be mad at him... and I wasn't... I was just bummed out that we weren't going to be spending the evening together.

I got all made up trying hard not to be sad. When he got home, we'd only have fifteen minutes together before I had to meet up with my friends. He walked in and the look on his face made me feel amazing. He told me how sexy I looked... and hugged me tight.

We chatted for a bit and then I headed off. We all were supposed to leave at 8:30... but ended up not making it out of town till closer to 10. My friends are always late like this.. which drives me nuts because Im always on time, if not early.

The weather was nothing less than shitty. This was kind of surprising because it was clear in town and then for ten miles up the interstate. All of the sudden the roads got slushy and I saw tons of break lights up ahead. I sighed... someone from the back seat said we should probably go back... knowing what I know now, I wish I had put this particular person (Rose) out on the side of the road and kept going (hehe).

I decided to keep going in hopes that it would clear up and not get worse. Throughout the whole one hour drive we had spats of rain, snow, and then clear skies. It was kind of strange. When it did snow.. I had to drive slow because of the angle it was coming down.... which made it difficult to see.

I trudged on and by the time we made it to the city we going to... it was clear skies... just really cold. We drank some in the car... I had like half a drink and decided I really didn't want to drink after all. The rest of them chugged down their drinks and we climbed out to walk the two blocks to get to the club. We left our coats cause it would be warm inside... but paid for it all the way there. I clung to my friend Jared to keep warm.. he's such a sweetheart.

We walked up and started paying to get in when some random guy recognized my friend Angela. She and I stood there talking to him... he was obviously drunk already. (Perhaps this is where I should say this is a gay club... which are way more fun than regular clubs because its about having fun and dancing.. not the hook up. The only gay person in our group was Jared). This guy (funny enough his name was Ben lol) was hitting on Angela and I.. which was kinda weird but whatever. He kept like touching us... it made me feel kind of uncomfortable.

He told Angela she was cute.. then looked at me and said I was too. I said thanks but that I was married... showed him my ring. He seemed to think that was a bad thing for me... but assured him I was happy. He said I had this bad girl look that was trying to be good.... whatever that is supposed to mean. They exchanged phone numbers and we made our way to the dance floor.

All five of us danced pretty hard... I could feel the burn in my legs. I was for sure that Id pay for it the next day but surprisingly didn't. Rose and Dionna broke off first and went to get drinks. They returned shortly... we were still dancing. At some point someone bumped into Rose and spilled some of her drink on her hand... she got all pissy about it. I'm not sure what she was expecting... I mean, hello honey, its a crowded DANCE floor. She was a stick in the mud most of the night.

Jared and Angela ran into this "hot" guy that they would stalk for the rest of the night between being on and off the dance floor. They had met the last time they went clubbing. Supposedly he was gay and had a boyfriend. Over the course of the night we began to question this as he was making his rounds around the room kissing random girls, not guys. Towards the very end, he was making out with this VERY unattractive chick. It was gross to be honest.. not because of the whole thing.. but because of how many girls he had kissed that night.

Angela overheard this guy and his friend talking as closing time came saying something about him not being able to close the deal. Our only thoughts is that he's not gay and that he was just trying to pick unsuspecting drunk girls up. Loser.

We made our way out.. surprised it was already closing time.... time sure does pass when you're having fun. Dionna and Rose wanted hot dogs from the stand right outside so we stood around talking. Some random guy started talking to us... he had a hand held breathalysers.. obviously you drink too much if you need one of those. We had a whole interaction about this hehe.

So after they got their hot dogs we headed to the car and made our trek back home. We had a blast but I totally missed Ben and wished he had come. He might have been right- he might have been bored.. but then again.. maybe he wouldn't have. I guess we'll never know.

I called him when I got to the car cause he had texted me. He had told me he'd wait up for me... and even though it was two am.. he was indeed still awake. I told him I was about to head home and said I was going to rape him when I got there *evil grin*.

I can't wait to do this again... hopefully next time Ben will come.... I was horny with all that dancing then... I can only imagine if I were dancing with him watching.... yep.. :-)

yep, thats me... the impatient one

So I was thinking last night... and it occurred to me the lack of actual "kink" in our sex as of late. Not that we HAVEN'T been having sex... its just been a lot less subdued in the kink arena. I really really miss it. I honestly think my husband enjoys it.. but does not obsess over it like I do. I think about it almost all day... I think I'm one of the horniest women I know.

It's been at least a month since he's tied me up... and probably closer to two weeks since we've had a really intense domination session. Now I know that probably doesn't sound like a whole lot of time but in the world of me... that is. I get antsy when I go without sex for two days... I'm just like that. I love sex and I really love having sex with Ben. I have few vices in life.. and sex is one of them.

This isn't really because he doesn't want to... we have been pretty busy as of late which complicates life. I guess deep down I just wish he'd go out of his way to dominate me more- to be more aggressive in it. Once we're smack dab in the middle of it... he's plenty aggressive... I just feel like sometimes I initiate this kind of sex more than he does. It just bums me out sometimes. (Don't get me wrong in this either... I love our sex life... I'm just not diluted enough to think that anyone's sex life is perfect.)

I sent him a text the other day suggesting something I'd like. I told him I'd really like for him to just randomly text me and tell me what to do when he gets home or what to be wearing.... I just want to be told what to do sometimes. I want it to be his idea... what turns him on. He said it was a good idea. This was almost a week ago.

I'm so impatient and I hate to wait for things I really want. Its a flaw of mine. I just want him to do it. I also am sure he is planning on doing it... I just want it now. *laughs* I think I sound a wee bit whiny right now... sorry.

I guess what it comes down to I think that sometimes a couple tends to be lax and you have to make your sex life stay exciting and fresh. I just don't want to fall into that lull and I feel that it may be headed that way. Between working and being busy with family it runs a person down... relationships take effort... and I fully intend on always putting forth that effort. I don't want life to get in the way of the love that we have. :-)

Tonight we're going clubbing with some friends so no time for a long hot and heavy romp.. bummer... but hey.. there's always tomorrow! hehe

and it came up from behind

Laying in bed all snuggled up next to Ben... we laid there in silence.. just enjoying being next to each other. I let my hand wander over his skin... feeling his warm body. Even though it was dark, I shut my eyes and curled up a little closer to him inhaling his scent.

Ben's hand was always exploring... rubbing up and down my back. With every stroke I could feel the arousal between my legs grow. I leaned a little closer and kissed his freshly shaved neck every so softly. I felt drunk with endorphins.

I kissed down his neck running my hands down his body as I went lower. I brushed my fingers over his nipple and felt a twinge from him brought on by my touch. I continued down... leaving a train of gentle kisses till I got to his hip.

His hands where still all over my body but finally slide over my bare ass and to the soft folds of my pussy. I felt a finger slide easily into me then up my slit to my clit. I let out a little moan as I arched my back to give him better access.

Back up his stomach and to his chest I went with my lips leaving my hands down to tease his hips... getting close to this cock but never actually touching it. I could feel him moving under me to try to entice my hand to touch him but I was not going to give in just yet. I wanted every inch of his body to ache for me and my touch.

My lips found his nipple again... I blew warm air on it then blew quickly to produce cold air. I then took it in my lips to warm it swirling my tongue around in circles. I stopped abruptly then flicked over it a few times.. feeling its hardness against my tongue. I repeated this process.

Meanwhile he was still working his magic on my pussy. I had to focus to keep from being lost in pleasure. I made my way back down towards his cock.... still teasing.. and not touching. I guess he had enough of that because he grabbed my hair and shoved my face down on him. His hips bucked wildly and he held me in place.... I loved every minute of it.

After a few minutes I pulled away gasping for air. A few good breaths and I decided to climb on top of him. I straddled him facing away and slide down on his every ready cock. I took him in as deep as I could... loving how well he fills my pussy. I began lifting myself up and down.. fucking him ever so slow.

I placed one of my hands on his leg and one on his stomach giving me leverage to pick up the pace. Before I knew it my hands where behind my back and he was holding them high as they would go between my shoulder blades. I was soaking wet.

I started to ride him harder... I wanted to feel him cum in my pussy. My head went back moaning loudly.. I was relentless in my efforts. I could tell he was holding out, making me really work for it so I decided to mix it up a bit and grind my hips against him between moving up and down.

It wasnt long from then.. his hips pumped in and out faster and I could feel his body tense up underneath me. Finally I felt him cum and it felt almost as good as having my own orgasm. I kept moving my hips... more slowly.... but wanting to draw it out for him as long as I could.

When his orgasm subsided I slide off him and laid down. He got up and sat between my legs. His finger slide up my wet sit that sent tremors through my body. A few more of those and I would for sure be done for.

He leaned forward and kissed my thigh gently. His free hand ventured over my warm skin and I was totally at his mercy. He slid two fingers into my pussy and moved them in and out slowly. I reached down to meet his touch and started rubbing my clit in unison with him. I knew that I could have easily cum right there but I wanted to have a overwhelming orgasm and so I paced myself.

Somehow I ended up on my knees facing away from him with his fingers still inside of my pussy. He was kissing my shoulders and down my back. I begged for him to do it harder... I wanted to feel his teeth in my skin. He didnt miss a beat. I felt it... intense... and painful... but wonderful. I practically squirted all over his hand.

He wrapped his arm around my neck to keep me from pulling away and kept biting. I was so torn between the pain and pleasure I was trying to learn forward. He wasn't letting me go anywhere though. He slipped his fingers out and reached around to focus his attention on my clit.

One final bite and I pulled away... landing on my hands. His fingers came at me from behind this time.. sliding back in. I met him with the swaying of my body. I fucked his fingers slowly... I was so close to having an orgasm it was torture.

I laid my head down on the bed and reached back and aided his attack. I starting rubbing my clit again... I could feel the wave of pleasure coming... it was right there. He fucked me faster.... and I met his pace once again.

Finally I felt the wave of my orgasm come over me. It was deafening and powerful. It engulfed me with such force all that existed in that moment was the two of us.

Once it subsided and I could move I sat back up on my knees. Ben's arms wrapped again me and I leaned back against him. I breathed in silently and let out a content sigh.

thats what fantasies are for!

It was the last night of our trip, our anniversary. We had a full day of running around... it was lovely. We had retired to our room early, at least early by Vega standards. It was a little bit before midnight.

After getting comfortable and just lounging... I was honestly exhausted. Its amazing how vacation can take so much out of a person. We laid in bed with the curtains open looking out at the strip from our 30th floor room.. such beauty. Not the natural beauty that is held in mountains or in a painting.. but a different kind of beauty that I've always loved.

Ben began rubbing my arms and legs gently. I rolled into him taking in his embrace. I love feeling him next to me... it still takes my breath away. We kissed gently, intoxicated with each other. Before we knew it.. we were full on heavy making out- hands roaming everywhere.

I pulled from our lock and sought out his nipple and took it in my mouth. I flicked my tongue across it wanting to make him just ravage me. My hands kept roaming down over his stomach then grazed his cock. It was fully erect and flinched at my touch. I felt a surge of arousal at that.

I decided to go down more.. I ached to feel his hardness in my mouth. My lips trailed down his body and then took his waiting cock tip deep. I swirled my tongue around and gently caressed his balls. I felt his hands on the back of my head and his hips moving towards me urging me to go deeper and so with that I went to the hilt. He let out a groan of pleasure and if I could have smiled I would have with contentment.

I sucked him slowly at first.. but very quickly quickened my pace. (I'm a greedy bitch like that :-) ). He held my head in place and began fucking my face... not so hard that Id choke but enough that I knew I wasn't to move.

Soon he pulled away and climbed off the bed pulling me with him. I stayed on my hands and knees offering him my pussy eagerly. He grabbed my hips and pulled me into him going as he could. I purred out a little moan as he pushed in.. feeling how full he made me. I rocked back and forth fucking his cock at a steady pace.

Im not sure how long passed as I was entranced in the feeling of his cock in my pussy... but I was pulled back to reality as he slipped out of me and tugged on me to suck his now wet dick. I got off the bed and onto my knees touching each side of his hips and pulled him into my mouth. He slide in and out about a dozen times then grabbed my arm, pulling me to my feet.

He took my hand and led me to the balcony. See what he knew is that I had wanted to fuck on the balcony before we left.. and I was starting to think it was not going to happen. However, being the wonderful man he is... he remembered and was making it happen for me!

I walked out naked on the balcony ahead of me. I'm deathly afraid of heights but for some reason in the moment I was not scared at all. I am pretty sure it was all the adrenaline running through my veins. And with that I walked to the rail, grabbed on, and bent over. The view was amazing... I made sure to take it all in.

I glanced over to the other tower to see if anyone was out on their balconies.. and there wasn't. I could see people walking on Harmon that looked like ants and wondered if they could see that I had no clothes on. Even if they had.. it did not matter to me. This was what I had wanted.. what I had fantasized about.

Again he grabbed my hips and guided me onto his cock. It was amazing! I was actually being fucked out there for the whole world to see... at any minute someone in the rooms next to us could come out and hear us.... talk about a rush!

We started fucking each other slowly... just taking the moment in.. making it linger. I focused on him and focused at what I saw... committing it to memory.. so that in days to come I could remember it and it would push me over the edge.

Before I knew it the pace had picked up and we were now aggressively going at it... ooohhs and aaahhs esaping my lips with such passion.

"I want you to cum out here baby", I said almost breathlessly. Just with that little sentance he fucked me harder.... so hard it was difficult not to scream out.

I bounced off his cock several more times and let it go with a low grunt.... the grunt you give when you finally achieve something you worked so hard towards. I smiled through my panting... full of pride that I had made my husband cum so hard.

Once it subsided he pulled out slowly and I turned and kissed him every so gently... so full of love.

"Happy Anniversary", he whispered and I just smiled. We hugged for a moment and then he took me back inside to take care of his wife.

What a day. :-)

ah its good to be home

So as you can tell, we're home! We had a wonderful time in Vegas. It was so great to be back and revisit The Flamingo where we got married. Just walking around made me all misty eyed... remembering how that day felt- all the emotions that I felt. We made sure to make it to the very spot where exactly one year before we had said I do. Ah yes, it was powerful.

The trip itself had a really rough start. Our original 7:30 am. flight was canceled and so we were re booked on a 10:30 am flight. And just how did they compensate us? Two $6 food vouchers. All I can say is... thank god for wifi.

The flight, when we finally got in the air, was just has horrible as our 3 hour wait. It was the worst one I've ever been on! I've never felt like I was going to be sick on one before... but this one.. yeah, I about lost it. There is usually always a little turbulence coming in.. but this was just horrendous.

Anyways onto the good stuff. We stayed at the Signature at MGM Grand... like when we got married. That hotel is fabulous and has us spoiled for any hotel from now on. The tubs are amazing to say the least. They are huge and jetted... a wonderful combo. They left us truffles and a congratulations card on the table... very nice :-)

On our anniversary we did tons of stuff... going from one end of the strip to the other. That night we had dinner at The Range Steakhouse at Harrah's. There is an amazing view of the strip from there not to mention way yummy steaks. They gave us a chocolate mousse dessert that was to die for!

And you know, there is something very romantic about watching the fountains at the Bellagio on your anniversary. Staring off at them and Paris... yes.... it was grand.

So for now... thats it.... I do have a whole story to tell from the trip.. but I will type that up in another post.

what a lucky girl I am

For the first time in my memory I feel like I have someone worthy of me. Not to say that people I dated before were worthless.... they just didn't live up to me in my head. I always felt superior to them and very much ran the show. There is such joy in knowing you have found your equal, your other half. I love knowing that I can walk next to Ben and know that he is my partner.... not my child.

I think I fell in love with Ben pretty much after we met. Being with him was like a drug.. and I was addicted. Spending time with him was a priority in my life and I took every opportunity to do so. I had dated so many (and fucked so many) people before him, but they always fell short. There was always something that wasn't quite right. They were nice guys.... but not what I needed completely. I made a promise to myself after my last long term relationship that I would never fall into the same patterns... that I would not settle for less than I wanted and deserved. I held to that.

I like several of the guys but I'd find something that I didn't like and that was that. I did enjoy it while it lasted and doing so I hurt some people. I never intended for that to happen, but I think that not everything is in my own control.

So anyways, along waltzed Ben... and he was it.. he was everything I had wanted... and I learned.... he was more than that. I never honestly believed that a person I had dreamed up in my head would actually exist and yet, there he was.

I never want to hurt him or ever stray from him. I would never take that kind of risk. And why would I? Why would I risk the most wonderful man for a quick thrill... for someone less than him? I wouldn't... because he gives me everything I need... he knows my heart and soul... he reads me like a book. Love is a precious thing and I feel that many people take it for granted and ruin it.

Being faithful can be work.... but doesn't that person deserve it.. aren't they worth it? I will admit I have cheated before. There are no excuses.. I did it. I had reasons and I felt justified in those reasons. It does not by any means make it right. It did, however, teach me valuable lessons about myself. It was red flags waving in my face trying to show me what was right there and yet I just looked the other way.

I'm not really sure where I was going with this blog..... maybe no where in particular... I just felt like writing something. So- forgive my rambling :-)


"What would you do if I were wearing my collar and on my knees waiting for you at the back door when you came home?"

This is the text I sent to Ben around 2:00 pm on Saturday. I didn't expect a immediate response knowing he was most likely busy at work. I had hoped it did peak his interest. By the time I got home and was relaxing... I still had not received a response. I was certainly dismayed about this... but remained patient.

"Do you know anyone that wants to buy a 52" tv? All it needs is a new bulb.", was the response I got.

"No, I don't. But this isn't exactly the response I was expecting.", I replied.

"If you were doing that, Id treat you like the fuck slut you want to be". His response was so confident.. and so unlike him that it surprisingly shocked me. He is a confident man but doesn't really talk like that. I was instantly turned on.

I spent the next couple hours... dreaming of when he'd get home... what it was going to be like.... I was so horny. I really wanted to make myself cum but decided against it.... that would take away from later.

Finally a little after six he called to tell me he was on his way home. We talked about our days briefly and then I told him I would see him when he got home. Once off the phone... I raced into the shower. I cleaned up quickly... making sure to save the time for shaving so that I'd be perfectly smooth for him.

When I was done I brushed my teeth and went into our bedroom picking out a pair of see through black thongs and dug out my collar. My hair was down and curly looking... still wet from the shower. I know how much he likes my hair down... so that is what I went with.

Now all there was left was to wait. I sat on the couch passing the time on the internet... waiting for the tell tale sign that he was home. Suddenly I heard the beep from the car alarm. I put the laptop down and raced to the dining room knowing that if I wasn't on my knees when he came in... it would ruin the effect.

I made it in time... and placed myself on the rug with my hands behind my back. He turned the corner... we made eye contact and I blushed. I wasn't completely sure what to expect... and so... I blushed. He walked towards me... emptied his pockets onto the table. I didn't move... not sure what to do. He stepped closer to me... his groin in my face. I felt exposed.... almost naked in front of him completely dressed. I loved it.

I felt his fingers lace through my hair and gently pulled my head back kissing me deeply. I kept my hands behind my back but took in every ounce of his attention. Our kiss ended more quickly than I had hoped.... but that meant more good stuff was to come.

He walked slowly beside me... loosening his grip on my hair but did so in a fashion that meant I should turn around and follow him. I did so... then was slowly led by Ben out of the dining room into the living room. He was so careful not to yank my hair or walk too quickly as I am not accustomed to crawling.

Once we got to the little area that lead into our room he stopped and let go of my hair. I sat back on my legs leaving my hands dangling beside me. He ventured into our room and began undressing. I marveled at him... he seemed so sexy to me... course he always does. But more so than usual. It amazes me that he compliments me so well in every way.

After stripping he came out and wrapped his hands around my hair again and led me into the bedroom. At the foot of the bed he pulled me to my feet then pushed me gently to the bed. I bent at my hips... pushing my ass out. He used his foot to spread my legs farther apart. His hand caressed my ass... then lifted in the air and came back down on my bare skin with a sting. I yelped.

Then another... and another.. over and over alternating sides. I knew my ass had to be bright red from the growing pain. I breathed deep through my screams and tried to keep myself as composed as I could. I knew it wouldn't be long and there would be tears welling up in my eyes.

Luckily for me he stopped but slammed his cock into my ever so wet pussy. This was a much better replacement. I almost purred with pleasure enjoying him pounding away at me. However, this was short lived as he pulled out, grabbed my hair again, and pulled me to my knees. He guided my head onto his cock.

I sucked away wanting to please him to my fullest extent. I took him deep into my mouth then he pulled away and pushed my head forward towards his balls. I did not miss a beat and took them into my mouth.. gently sucking as he stroked his cock. I love when he does that. I cannot explain the pleasure it brings me to know he's stroking for me.

He pulled me off and put his knee up on the bed and told me to suck his cock again. I did so.. but this time my hair was in the way. I grabbed for his hand and pulled it to my head asking for him to hold my hair.

"Did you just tell ME what to do?", his voice rumbled, and I felt like I had made a big mistake. He got behind me pulled me up and bent me over. I felt his hand slap my ass hard... then again.

"You don't tell me what to do. I'm the one who tells YOU what to do", he said while he spanked me hard.

"I'm sorry!", I cried out.

"Sorry?", he slapped again hard, "You're sorry, huh?".

I pleaded that I was sorry and he told me to go get my 'own damn hair tie'. I stumbled out of the room hurrying to get a hair tie. When I reached the bathroom I pulled my hair up quickly and went back to the room.

He pushed me forward and slammed his cock back into me. He fucked me hard as I cried out in pleasure. Mid stroke he grabbed my collar and used it to fuck me deeper. I felt a little dizzy as the air was harder to take in. I reached back, touched his hand, and he let up. With this he pulled out and stepped back, letting me know that I was to get on my knees.

I fell quickly to my knees trying to make up for my lack of judgment. I sucked his hard wet cock into my mouth again... moving it in and out. My hand found its way up to his balls and squeezed them softly. Ben's hips were quickening... I could tell that he wanted to cum so I made sure not to stop what I was doing.

"I could so cum right now.", he said with his hand on the back of my head. I personally was not ready for him to yet, but if that is what he wanted, then it was going to happen. Fortunately for me he stopped again and took my pussy from behind. I bucked my hips feverishly against him feeling him hit the bottom.

"Do you want to taste my cum?", he said still fucking me.

"Yes", I cried out.

"Beg me. Beg to taste my cum".

And with that I started to beg... I pleaded for him to let me taste him... to swallow every last bit. It seemed like an eternity before he agreed to let me do so.. but when he did, I fell to the floor and sucked like there was no tomorrow waiting for my reward of a job well done.

Before I knew it, he was filling my mouth with his cum. I swallowed every drop... feeling his hands on the back of my head... his body shudder as he emptied into my willing hole. It wasn't over though.... not like I thought it would be.

I pushed myself up and sat on the edge of the bed. He towered over me and pushed me up towards the middle of the bed which meant only one thing.... I was going to get to cum! I laid back back and spread my legs. He moved in between them and rubbed his thumb over my clit. My body shivered and I damn near came just by that.

I pushed his hand down encouraging him to slide his fingers inside of me and with that.. he slipped them in. I felt so full I let out out a sigh of ecstasy. He went to work on my pussy... moving his fingers around inside.. hitting my G spot. My hands wandered down and I rubbed my clit slowly. It wasn't going to take much to push me over the edge.

My hips started to move with each stroke of my pussy.... my breathing became labored and I could tell that I was close.

"Cum for me", he commanded. I almost exploded at that... I love when he tells me to orgasm for him. I rubbed my clit harder wanting to just for him and all of a sudden a huge wave rushed over me. I squeezed my legs together holding onto the feeling... not wanting to let it go.

Generally Ben will make me orgasm more than once but that night I don't think I could have handled it. He knows my body that well, too. He knows when I can take more... and when I've hit my limit. So with that... he crawled up by me and I curled into his arms so we could bask in the wonderfulness that is our sex.