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what wonders the shadows hold

I was laid out diagonally across the bottom of our bed... totally spent.. eyes closed almost unable to move part of the sheet bunched in my hand. I felt Ben's hand touch my flushed skin... gently running his fingers across my back.

"Come on baby", he said sweetly, wanting to take me into his arms.

He crawled onto our mattress and I slowly followed. He was already on his back when I curled my beaten body into him.... feeling completely loved and safe with his arm wrapped around me. I laid my head on his chest and felt completely at peace.


Ben had texted me earlier in the day... letting me know that his back was hurting and that most likely that meant no sex... hope I wasn't horny, he said. I, of course, was. It had been two weeks since we had done anything remotely painful... and I was feeling restless to say the least. It's weird how I almost need the pain to stay grounded these days.

I prepared myself for the rest of the day not to get what my body and mind needed. I was tired... and feeling my day at work. It seemed very late at night... even though it was only a little after seven (or so).

I went to our bedroom and laid down, cuddling up to one of our cats. Ben followed and we talked and cuddled for a bit. He asked me what I wanted to do... and since sex was out... sleep was the next best thing. He agreed but said we should go take a shower.

In the shower... after he finished I needed to shave still before I would be done. He was just standing there.... so I kissed him (which is usually when he leaves to dry off). He continued to stand there... and I complained saying I needed to shave and I didn't want to run out of hot water.

He kissed me again... deeply.... with my razor in hand (funny the things that stick out in your mind). I kissed him back passionately... locked in his embrace as his hand went to my hair and tugged. I was a instantly weak in the knees.

After a few minutes I complained again about needing to shave (assuming that I wasn't getting laid... and so therefore no reason to get me riled up). He wasn't done with me though.. and kissed me again.

He broke the embrace and pushed me to my knees in the shower.... then rammed his cock down my throat. The roughness seemed more harsh.. given the time that had elapsed since the last time we played that way. Every tug on my hair was more painful than I remembered.

He fucked my face... and then opened the shower curtain and stepped out... leaving me on my knees. He grabbed my hair again and pulled me to my feet. This is where he began his assault on my ass. He smacked it over and over.... and I yelped... feeling each sting deep inside of me.

After he got in many good blows... he pulled my hips into him and buried his cock inside of me. I cooed with happiness... though it would be short lived. He slammed me a few times then abruptly yanked out.. ahh you have to love a good tease.

I shaved quickly knowing that my hot water was almost gone. Sure enough, I shaved most of my legs in cold water.... nicking my legs in the process. When I opened the shower curtain the door to the bathroom was slightly open (nothing out of the usual) but I could see that the lights were off.... excitement flashed through me.

I dried off quickly and did my after shower rituals... I'm a creature of habit. I stepped out of the bathroom and headed to the bedroom. Ben was standing there... still hard... waiting for me in a candlelit room. I glanced at the bed, it was stripped except the bottom sheet and laying on the side was our blue flogger. I thought to myself that was strange knowing that he prefers the red one... but I was NOT going to complain.

From there its some what of a blur between sucking his cock while he flogged me.... being bent over the bed and being flogged. The pain, just like it was in the bathroom was just the same.... intense. It stung bad... but in a good way... and in my head I wanted the pain to stop.... yet... I didn't.

I do remember him pulling me back against the bed with my hands over my head... holding me in place as he flogged my stomach.. my legs... my tits. I spread my legs... he was almost amused... asking if I wanted my pussy spanked.... and like the pain.. I did but I didn't.

After a while he finally fucked me... and it felt fantastic. I laid my head down on the mattress as he pounded away and I noticed an odd thing.... I could see our shadow on the wall.. flickering. It was.... well.. I don't have words for it.

I was intoxicated with the image of our bodies mingled together... I stared at it but still held onto our actions. Several times I would stare off at it... being able to see my wonderful husband behind me.

It seemed like forever... but I could finally start to feel his frenzied bucking against me. I knew at any minute... he would be filling me with his cum... I pushed back against him.. totally lost in lust.

I gasped... screaming... and felt his body convulse against me....

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fall is here!

I love fall... and it never ceases to amaze me how much. The crispness of the air... the chill on the wind.... the sunny days and even the gray ones.... and most of all... the color of the leaves. I just LOVE looking at the colors.... it makes me feel very peaceful.

I was driving home from work today... and I felt like I could sit and stare at the trees for hours. It's just so wonderful to me... I can't really explain it. It's certainly my favorite season of the year. I'm lucky enough to live in a part of the United States that has distinct seasons. None of which are super extreme in either temperature range... which is nice.

Today is one of those gray days.. one where I wanted to stay home on the couch, drink hot chocolate, and read my book. OR... even better would have been curled up on the couch with Ben. Alas, neither happened today.... work intervened into that dream. I guess that makes the days we can do that even more special.

I don't see that coming in the near future... we have a full weekend ahead of us... and soon things will be hopping with the holidays. I know that my sister and I always go overboard at Thanksgiving and Christmas. We spend days leading up to the holiday baking and such. The thing that's kinda dumb about it is this....

We have a snack table set up first thing. It contains veggies... crackers.. cheeses... meat rolls... sausage... sweet stuff... all sorts of stuff. We all end up eating all day long and are stuffed by the time that the actual meal rolls around... let alone dessert. So we spent those days preparing for this... to have all this yummy food and desserts... and we don't even end up eating half of it. We almost always end up having to take dessert home.

It is great fun though. I just love spending time with my family. We spend the whole day cooking... and bs'ing. We play games around the table and just chatter. On Thanksgiving we always scope out the Black Friday ad's and plan out our attack on the following day of shopping.

On Christmas we spend around four hours opening presents and there is always one scavenger hunt... it became a tradition about four or five years ago. This year my children and niece and nephew will be the recipients of that honor (giggles).

So yeah.. I didn't mean for this to become what it has... I totally planned on talking about my love for Fall. It turns out that for the first time in several years... I am stoked about the impending holidays... and for that.. I truly am thankful. There is nothing like spending time with the people you love...


As much as I love it...sometimes I wish I had never learned about it.

I think about it all the time.. wanting it... and even in the afterglow of it... I'm onto the next time... like its never enough.

It consumes me.

I'm telling you, it's ruined me. Sometimes regular sex does not quench the thirst I have inside me.

It's an addiction.

And just like any addiction it consumes me.

It's always on my mind... how and when I'll get my next "fix".

I feel so greedy.... I have this wonderful life.. wonderful husband... and somehow I want more... I want to sit on the edge of arousal... waiting... wondering when I'll tip forward into the unknown.

It's all... so wrong... this want... this- need.

guess I'm it

Apparently I was tagged.... much thanks to

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1. I have strange eating habits. For example... when I eat a bagel (like a cheddar cheese bagel) I eat the outside skin of it... then eat the inside. Or... I eat sandwiches and hamburgers in a circle so that my last bite is always a yummy one.

2. I use Crest with Scope toothpaste. Apparently Ben did too even before we met... it was fate I tell ya lol.

3. I've only skinny dipped once. I was 18... it was in a lake in Alabama (where I grew up) with two of my closest friends.

4. When I was in labor with my oldest child... I watched Wes Craven's New Nightmare... when I was in labor with my youngest.... I watched Nip/Tuck.... I'm weird like that.

5. My first cd I ever owned was Mariah Carey's Musicbox (shudders).

6. Im huge on table manners... smacking at the table... just drives me nuts... its rude.

7. When I was 5 I used to watch the Wizard of Oz every single day... and now... I can't even think of watching that movie... it just annoys me.

And now its time for me to tag people... lets hope I can come up with seven people lol.

Mina and Sylvanus


Oh man... I cant! Half the blogs I read I don't comment on... it would be weird.... should I still do it??????

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Im home!!!!

So I'm home... I had a great time!!! Hawaii was amazing... but I'm certainly glad to be back home with Ben and the girls. ANDDD glad to get laid... I mean... seriously... that many days without sex will kill a person!

Here's my trip report... hope you enjoy!

Day One:

We got up at 3:30 am to head up north to Seattle. Its a 2 hour drive normally but I was afraid we'd hit rush hour so I padded that time. We ended up getting there really early. Ben hung out with me till it was time to head back through security.

When we said bye.. it was really hard... we both were trying very hard not to cry. We haven't spent a night apart in 2 years... so yeah.. it was hard.

We made it quick so we wouldn't break down. As I was standing in line.. I texted him that I already missed him... and my eyes welled up again.

I started reading when I got to the gate. I read Flowers for Algernon (very sad but good book). The flight to Honolulu was 6 hours long. It's the longest flight I've ever been on and boy did I feel it.

About half way through I looked at the time... and was horrified that we weren't close to landing. I managed to finish that book and started reading Twilight (also a good book).

I landed in Honolulu at 12:30 (their time.. we were 3 hours behind home). It was muggy... and very warm. I had a 6 hour layover there. I checked my bag into the interisland flight and went to find something to eat. I read and listened to music till it was time to fly out again.

I made it into Kona at 8:30. Toler and Greg picked me up and we headed to the condo. I showered when I got there then we hung out on the balcony and watched some tv till I fell asleep around midnight (24 hours after I woke up that morning).

Day two:

I woke up at 7 am... and of course.. I was not happy about that. I don't sleep well in weird places.. and especially if that weird place has a hard bed. I made the best of it though... and went quietly out to check out the view in the daylight.

It was beautiful to say the least.. but hazy. The whole trip was pretty much like that. There was sulfuric stuff pouring out into the air from the volcano apparently. There were certainly breaks in this but as a rule... not often. It was warm though!! Which is good enough for me!

There were all sorts of animals and birds outside. There was a family of mongooses (right?) that played every morning... doves... and black and yellow type birds.

They woke up shortly after I did. We all got dressed and decided to go find some waterfalls. We headed north around the perimeter of the island (there is only one main highway around).

Just north of Kona is lava flow area. There was all sorts of formations and such.. it was awesome looking. I guess on the island something that people do is find white rocks and spell out their names or whatever.... it was neat!

From there we stopped in the cowboy country (yes apparently there are cowboys in Hawaii.. I cant remember what they call them though). We stopped in a town called Waimea. We ate breakfast at this hole in the wall place. I had Hawaiian sweet bread french toast.. yummy.

From there we headed onward to the east side. The road on that side was all windy (like Hwy 101 in Oregon). We stopped at a few overlooks... simply gorgeous.

Finally we made it to Akaka falls. It was raining.. so we waited in the car till it cleared a bit. When it let up a bit we headed up to the falls. Words don't describe its beauty... not even the pics embody the depth of how gorgeous it was.

From there we drove down through Hilo.. then back across the island. Going through the mountains was interesting... it was thick and fog like.

When we got through there we stopped in the southern most US town (Naalahu) ... at the southern most US bakery. We sampled their sweet bread (yummy) and I had some choc macadamia nut ice cream.

We made it back to the west side... and ended up stopping at a black sand beach which isnt really sand... more like really small rocks.... still really neat though!

That night we went to a movie and had dinner at a local place. Most of the restaurants there are open air.. which was cool.

Again I fell asleep on the couch around 11:30.

Day three:

Up at 7:15 this morning... UGH. I never got more than 7 hours of sleep any of the nights I was there. Again I was the first one up so I hung out on the balcony.

When every one was up we headed up to Kona coffee land. We took a tour of a coffee place and saw how they processed all the coffee.. it was pretty cool. There was geese there that followed us around in the parking area.

Onward we stopped in at Safeway... cause I just have to do that.. Im a dork like that. Their prices are... crazy to say the least. Lenders bagels for $9.49... can you say ouch?

Down to the boardwalk we walked through a farmer's market. We ended up buying a pineapple.... YUM! It was soo sweet and tasty.

That night we went to a luau.... freaking awesome to say the least. Right on the beach... it was wonderful. We were center table.. I was right next to the stage.

They showed us how to open a coconut and while they did so someone came around drawing "tattoos". I got a turtle... it was cute.

We got to see the "king and queen" enter AND them take the pig out of the ground, which was cool.

They did dances from different Polynesian islands. It was super cool. They even had a flame thrower... so yeah... awesome.

The food was... interesting. LOL But I'm kinda picky.

It ended up raining a bit.. but nothing too bad.

After that we walked around the boardwalk at all the shops.

Day four:

Up at 8 this morning... since I stayed up till 1... lol. We all were up at the same time.. got dressed. We decided to head north and go swimming since the sun finally came out.

It was fun to just relax and swim. I snorkeled a bit here... which was fun. It was super windy that day though... and so we only stayed about two hours.

While we were there.. some guy hit on me.. it was pretty weird lol.

The rest of the day we just hung out and relaxed.

We went to another movie that night... then out to dinner at a place called Bubba Gump's Shrimp Co. themed after Forrest Gump. There were signs on the table to get the waiters attention (Stop Forrest, Stop and Run Forrest, Run). There drink menu was on a ping pong paddle and they asked you trivia from the movie.

The atmosphere was awesome.. right there on the ocean... it couldn't have been any cooler.

Day five:

Up at 8:15 today :o Wedding day. We got dressed and headed to this snorkel beach just down from the condo. This was super fun... I saw all sorts of fish.. and even got to swim with two sea turtles... words don't describe how cool THAT was.

I got a blister on my toe.... a cut on my leg... and some sun on my backside. I got out... ended up getting hit on AGAIN.

I sat in the sun for about 45 mins.. enough for my scalp to turn red lol. The sun felt great.

From there we caught another hula show by kids.. which was fun.. then we headed back to get ready for the wedding.

I was helping carry out all the stuff to the car... and ended up forgetting my camera. I was not too thrilled with myself to say the least.

The wedding was at 5:30 at sunset. We were sure if there was going to be one since the clouds rolled in around 1. But much to our surprise... it came out just in time.

It was a beautiful ceremony- I'm so glad I was there.

We had their reception at the Kona Island Hotel (I think that's what it was called).

We all had a choice between seafood and steak.. I had steak. It was so yummy. HOWEVER.. they did not have a cake.. weird huh?

The wedding as a whole was great though.. and they looked very happy :)

Day six:

Up at 5:45 to head home. I had another almost 5 hour layover in Honolulu.. which wasn't as bad this time as coming was.

I didn't get to Seattle till 10:15 last night... and was SO happy to see Ben... I practically ran to him when I saw him. He brought me flowers! I missed him and the girls so terribly.

We got home around 1 am... was a long day.

one more before I hit the road

Saturday night.

We had went to bed... I think it was eleven or even midnight... I'm not sure anymore. I was pretty sure I wasn't going to get laid... as it seems I never do on Saturdays because Ben works twelve hours that day.

He was quiet.. but would let out these sighs.. the type of sigh that says something is bugging you. I inquired... twice. Finally he said what was on his mind. I had done something that upset him... I listened as he talked... telling me his thoughts on the matter.

I laid against his chest hearing his words.. feeling my eyes fill with tears. I felt terribly that I had hurt him... it was all very stupid of me. Not that I felt bad.. but that I had done it.

After talking about it... he wasn't mad anymore... he wasn't hurt anymore... but that really didn't MAKE me feel any better. We laid there together... just being next to each other. As we did Ben stroked my back- gently at first then with a bit of passion behind it.

Before long.. petting turned into full blown making out and touching.. his knee between my legs grinding against my pussy. Words poured from his lips... asking things about what had happened and such.

I answered... only to feel his hands slip around my neck. He squeezed hard.. and I could feel the wetness grow between my legs.

For the next little bit.. it was kinda a blur... all I remember is being taken to the living room to log onto the net.. to tell someone what I done. I was supposed to ride Ben as I typed... not so fun.

From there he asked if we were ok.. if I was ok with it. I really didn't want to tell anyone what happened... I wanted to keep it between us. He said he understood... and we started to watch porn instead.

We watched for a bit.. then I turned to him and asked him to punish me... because deep down I knew I needed to be. He obliged me.

In the process... he sent me into our room a few times. I retrieved a vibrator... nipple clamps.... our flogger.. lube... my collar... and a towel. He had me suck his cock over and over... in between fucking him with a vibrator in my pussy or against my clit. I squirted three different times doing this.

The nipple clamps went on... and he'd pull them... hurting me like I cannot describe. Sometimes they'd pop off and he'd reattach them... threatening to attach them to my clit. He even had me hold the chain my teeth.

He had me get on my knees with my vibrator in my pussy while I sucked him off. Every time I'd squeeze it out... he'd make me go clean it... then come back... fucking my face even harder for making him wait.

He then had me lube up my ass and finger it while I sucked him.. it was all very intense... and very surreal.

Finally he was ready to fuck me in the ass.. a thing he had been threatening all along. He wanted to flog me first though. The stings were harsh... no warm ups for Sierra. I came close to crying several times... but I was tough and didn't. He whipped me over and over... intense, harsh blows that almost knocked the wind out of me.

He stopped.. and I felt the head of his cock press against my ass. I was leaned over the couch and tried hard to relax knowing that if I didn't... he would end up hurting me (something neither of us wanted).

He slow inched in till he was deep inside me. It hurt... but I stayed calm. I reached down and started rubbing my clit trying to take away from some of the feelings of pain as he started to pound my ass.

While he fucked my ass he'd occaisioanlly flog my back making me tense a little. I kept at my clit though... trying to stay focused... hoping he'd cum soon. I didn't have to wait long.. before I knew it he let his load go, filling my ass with his reward.

I was spent to say the least... but I felt better... as did he.

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I wanna get leied

I'll be leaving on the 14th of this month to go to Hawaii for six days for a friend's wedding. (YAY!). That's the good news. The bad news is that its without Ben (sniffle) and my laptop still has not been fixed... SO... that means no posts till I get back.

HOWEVER.. hopefully I'll have some good stories to tell when I get home. :-)

and now we intrupt your regularly scheduled show

Last night Ben and I did something a little different. He got home from work around eight and we went and showered. After, I started dinner and he was playing random music for us to listen to. We chatted about our day and such.

When dinner was done, we ate and watched Prison Break. As soon as it was over, we started listening to music again. For a while he tortured me with the music he listens to... so I was chatting on IM on my phone.

As I was texting.. he put on Savage Garden (which we both like actually). We sang together and I leaned into him... having one of those moments you just can't make happen. After it was over... I asked him to choose "I Knew I Loved You Before I Met You" (cheesy- I know). We sang it together as well...

He looked into my eyes.. and I stared back singing. I felt so overwhelmed in that moment... but in a good way. My love for him filled me... and my eyes teared up. He sat there glossy eyed... with this sweet little smile... as a tear rolled down my cheek. He touched his hand to my face, using his thumb to wipe away the tear.

It was a sweet moment... to say the least. It was really nice to do something different, that's for sure. For the rest of the night we listened to music, taking turns on songs (since music is really the only thing we don't see eye to eye on lol). It had fun for sure.

In true Penn&Teller fashion

Insurance... is BULLSHIT!

When someone purchases something of great value, typically they insure it. They want to protect themselves just in case something, heaven forbid, terrible happens and damages said product.

When we purchased my cell phone from Radio Shack (a place that I just happen to loathe with my whole being.. and now... even more.. if that was possible) we also got the insurance through them. We asked what it covered and it seemed like a good plan and forwent the insurance with AT&T.

Fast forward to this afternoon. I get home from work... and I like a fresh smelling house and am somewhat obsessive over Fabreeze. I walked around with my cell in one hand (don't remember why now) and the air freshener in the other.

I made it into the bathroom and turned to come out... and can you guess what happened?? HMMMM???? For some stupid reason my cell phone went soaring out of my hand into the TOILET! I panicked... and snatched it out as quickly as possible. I pulled the back off and took out the battery.

I dried my phone and battery and slipped the battery back in only to find that it was frozen on the last screen I had up. I took out the battery again... shook it trying to get the water to come out and then did something stupid. I took the hair dryer to it... NEVER EVER DO THIS!

From there I kept trying at intervals to get it to work right.. and then decided to take it in.

At Radio Shack I was told a few things.

1. It should work because it is turning on. Give it 24 hours to dry.

2. The insurance I bought... which was told covered water damage does not indeed cover water damage. So basically I was scammed.

3. I can apparently add another line and get a new phone or call AT&T and scam THEM... saying Ben's phone (whom has insurance through AT&T) was stolen and get a new one.

So all in all... taking the phone in was useless. I'm no better off than I was before.. and I'm so pissed about this insurance thing. What's the point.. when you actually try to cash in on it... they make it so hard to get what you paid for.. what is owed to you. It's just insane!

I HATE HATE HATE... insurance and the companies that provide them... its just a waste... I've never once benefited from insurance. It's just another way to get me to bend over and rape me... bastards.

Porn does a body good

We were sitting on the couch watching stuff from the internet on the tv which we regularly do. I had stripped down to nothing hour or so before... and so I was just sitting there in all my glory. The internet was messing up for some reason (or maybe it was just the site) and so Ben was fiddling with it. I laid back on the couch behind him. He turned his head and said he thought we should just watch some porn instead.

Of course.. my answer was yes... always being up for a good time. He told me to find something for us to watch. I found a site we use and started browsing. I came across one of a dominatrix and a sub. She cuffed her to a cross and was whipping her... it was very motivational.

I leaned back against Ben whose hand wandered south brushing my clit with his fingers. All this did was show him how wet I already was... why? Who knows... probably the thought of being naked while he was clothed.

He rubbed my clit then wrapped his other arm around and pinched my nipple. As he did so.. I reached back and stroked his cock. Before I knew it.. all the stimulation took me away and the eighteen minute clip was done.

Ben ordered me to find another. As I looked he pinched my nipples keeping me distracted. I found another and this time he had me suck his cock. I had this strange rush knowing that he was almost using me to pleasure himself. I sucked dilegently as he watched the guy on the screen spank a chick on her stomach and tied up.

I could hear the smacks from the clip.. and it turned me on so much.. words cannot describe. Ben decided he wanted to spank me too at this point... and did so opposite to the smacks on tv... it was interesting to say the least.

It wasn't long before my ass began to feel the warmth of the spankings... but it just made me want more. This wasn't Ben's plan just yet. He told me to go get two of my toys and to tie my hair up. As I got up.. he tugged on my hip. I came back a little and positioned myself on his lap... burying his dick into my pussy. I bounced up and down a handful of times then he pushed me off to do as I was commanded.

I got up and pulled my hair into a ponytail and then went into our room and retrived two vibrators... one large one and one small one. When I came back into the living room he told me to lay down on my stomach and suck him again.. I did as I was told.

I heard the big vibrator come on... and then felt it against my pussy lips. I arched my back sticking my ass out for him... with that he easily slid the toy into my hungry cunt. Next I felt the other toy slide in beside it. I continued to suck his cock as he did.

After fucking me with the toys.. he pulled the small one out and wedged it into my ass. I felt as though I'd cum the moment he slid it in.. and it took all of myself not to lose it. By now the last clip had stopped yet I did not seem to notice. I really don't think Ben did either by then. He was too busy fucking me with my toys and spanking me to notice.

After a while of that he decided he was ready to fuck me. He had me get up... and ride him... I slid down on his cock again... bouncing up and down. He told me to rub my clit.. with I did... and instantly came all over him.

Once the shudders of my orgasm stopped we got up... I went to my knees and sucked my cum off his dick. He told me to not be too aggressive.. he didn't want to cum just yet. So I went easy on him.. even if I wanted to suck him like there was no tomorrow.

After a few minutes he pulled me to my feet and I bent over the arm of the couch. He grabbed my ass and slammed into my pussy. I pushed back against him.. fucking him slowly. I think he was tired of waiting though... he told me he was going to fuck me hard... which I knew meant only one thing.. he was ready to cum.

He pounded away at me... as I screamed from pleasure... then let out his load into my eager cunt... sigh.. I love when he cums in me. I never get tired of it.