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time for something new....

Happy New Year to everyone!! I hope that this New Year's Eve is the best one so far... full of fun times and good memories. Make sure to drive safe (for those of you who are the DD) and be careful!

We'll be bringing in 2009 playing poker and drinking with our friends... hopefully I'll have good stories to tell!!

So here's a toast to all my readers! Cheers!

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Private club
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Merry Christmas!

I know I've been a terrible blogger as of late... but with the holidays here.. its really just been a mad house. The weather has been crazy and trying to make sure we're ready for Christmas... just keeps me from actually having time to blog. Hopefully things will get back to normal afterwards.

With that said... I wish all of you a very happy holidays. I hope that it is everything you hoped for and more and that you are blessed with time with family and friends.

I know that we will be having a great day tomorrow.... so far.. I think this has been one of the best Christmases I've ever had. I think that the snow had a part in that.. butttt its just been a good one all around filled with lots of good memories.

Oh and I got my first white Christmas... only took me almost thirty years to do it.

life's little moments

We did very Christmasy stuff tonight. We got our tree today and put it up. I tell ya.. I really do love decorating the tree.. its just SO much work. It is worth it when it is all done but trying to get it all straight and then untangling the lights. Ugh... it is enough to drive a woman crazy.

So finally the tree is all up.. the girls had lots of fun putting it up... and our kitten.. well.... I can see we're going to have issues. I just know I'm going to come home to ornaments all over the floor... or a kitten at the top of the tree... either way.. not good.

I must say... I like the way it looks :-)

During putting up the tree Ben and I took turns picking out Christmas music. This is big... simply cause he does not really get into Christmas. I hate that... I wish he loved it... at least just a little bit. He really loves The Transiberian Orchestra so he had picked that. I sat down with him for a bit letting the girls take over.

We cuddled up listening to the music... and it was.. well perfect. Just like it should be. I leaned into him.... and looked up. We kissed sweetly... nothing passionate.. just the lovely dovey kind of kissing. I whispered that I loved him... I didn't want the moment to end.

Of course, just like any other thing... it has to end.... but we still had that brief little time... that was nothing less than storybook.

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baker girl Sierra

I'm not sure why I do this to myself... why I work all day and then come home and work more..... always around the holidays. We bake so much stuff for the holidays... it can be quite consuming. I always enjoy finding new stuff and trying to make it. I love baking... and don't get to do it as often as I'd like... the problem comes after I'm done.

I work for hours and hours. The stuff I've done before... always turns out right... but the new stuff.... somehow.. I always find a way of messing it up or it not being up to my expectations. I am very critical of my own work and want it to be perfect.

Case in point... I made a apple pie from scratch for Thanksgiving... including the crust. On the recipe... the filling and topping were in two different columns. I was in a hurry.. it was the last thing I baked that night... and I looked down and saw how much flour I needed for the filling. After I was done putting it all together... I realized that I had put way too much flour.. that I had put the amount inside that I needed on top... nice.

Tonight was no different. I've decided to do a few things (candy wise) early because the week of Christmas will be crazy hectic for us. I had decided to make Nutter Butter and cake balls. I did the Nutter Butter ones first.. they were tasty. Then I made chocolate cake balls next.. and they turned out ok.. but certainly not what I expected.

I did the recipe just as instructed.. but it seemed like too much cream cheese which made them not as dense as I think they're supposed to be. Then after I spent hours making these things (and dinner) I finally got to sit down. I glanced back over the recipes.. only to find out that I did the Nutter Butter balls wrong (sigh). I was supposed to use cream cheese... not cream cheese icing. The good new is... they still taste good.

So yeah... I am exhausted.. and feeling not so great about this stuff I put so much effort into. Ben, of course, says they look great. I'm sure that its just me being overly critical of myself.

I think I need a long hot shower and cuddling with the hubby.. then things will be all fine and good. :-)

now thats how you wake up

Ben and I slept in this morning... and when we woke up... it was about the same time. We laid in bed... just enjoying being against each other. One of those lazy mornings where you don't have to get up and be anywhere so you take in that moment.

I could feel the stir in me.. that desire of wanting. Ben was on his back and so I rolled over on my side... thoughts running through my mind of all the things I wanted him to do to me. He rolled over and wrapped his arm around me and so I wiggled back into this body letting his cock rest in the crease of my ass. My heart beat a little faster.

We laid like that for a bit... and I could hear his breathing fall into a easy pattern. He had obviously fallen back asleep. This did not make my thirst for him go away though... it just presented a new challenge to me.

I pushed my hand gently under his arm and started caressing his hips. I stroked slowly but with a sexual touch to it. Sometimes only with my finger tips.. and other times with my whole hand... as my mind wandered. From time to time my hand would wander down to right next to his cock... trying to get the response I was hoping for.

After a while... with nothing happening... I was frustrated... horny... and not getting anywhere. I finally stopped and rolled away to pout. I always can get him going that way... and for some reason... it wasn't working this morning.

As I did this.. he asked where I was going... I said no where... but was full of disappointment. He wrapped his arm around me again and pulled me back into his body. His hand found my chest... and wandered down to my nipple.. stroking it gently. It was then I realized that he was no longer soft... but at full attention against my ass.

He rested his face against my neck and started kneading my breast harder. My hand reached back and started touching him.. running my hands over his hip...till it finally found his cock. I began stroking him slowly... loving the way it felt in my hand.

His hand reached down and found my hungry pussy. He stroked it making my body shiver... getting it nice and wet for his entry. I spread my knees and he slid deep inside of me with a moan of pleasure escaping my throat. I had ached for this... the feeling of his cock inside of my cunt.. and I was getting exactly what I wanted.

Our bodies began to glide together... in a movement that was almost choreographed. His hand came up around the front of me... finding my throat and grasping it. I could feel the muscles in my pussy tighten around him.

He whispered for me to cum... to cum now for him. It didn't take long for my body to respond to such treatment. I came hard all over him.. with a force that pushed him out of my pussy.

After this... he slid back in and I began to fuck him harder... pushing back into him... feeling full. Soon his hands found my face and blocked me from breathing. I could feel myself getting wetter.... as the words from earlier poured from his mouth... and like earlier.. a violent orgasm ripped through my body.

This time, Ben used my wetness to slide into my ass.... a feeling a welcomed. At first he went in partially.. then pressed hard till he was deep inside my ass. Surprisingly to me... it wasn't as painful as I thought it would be... it felt- amazing.

He fucked my ass roughly... his hands about my throat again. I was loving every minute of his assault trying to hold my breath and gasping when I couldn't. I could feel the build in his body... I could feel his orgasm coming.. and I welcomed it.

Before long... Ben spilled his seed in my ass.... filling me full... making me feel content and proud. He slipped out and I leaned back against him feeling the glow of great sex.

blast from the past

So today I checked an old account of mine... which I do periodically. There was an IM from someone I used to know that was left nine days ago. It said:

"Hey, don't know if you still check this account but if you do I just wanted to say I'm sorry. I hope everything is going good for you. Chris".

I sat there kinda surprised for a moment... I had not heard from this guy in.. oh... six years. Not to mention that I have no idea what he has to be sorry for? AND has he been thinking about this said thing that he should be sorry for over that many years? Honestly, I'm at a loss.

I met Chris through friends in college. I was having troubles with my ex... around then. In the process of our friendship growing... my relationship ended but would later end up reuniting.. (which of course you know by now was a bad idea).

Essentially Chris became a rebound... even if I did like him. We spent time together and of course had sex a handful of times. Nothing really came of it.... perhaps that is what he is sorry for.. who knows.

At some point my weak ass ended up having sex with the ex again.. and hence became knocked up. And before you get any ideas.. yes.. my ex is my daughter's father. I know this with every inch of my being.

From that point Chris and I kind of went our separate ways.... BEFORE I knew I was pregnant. I thought about him off an on for a bit... but soon his memory faded into oblivion till... today. So here I sit. Wondering. I'm not sure what his motivations are after so many years have passed... it seems very odd to me. I know that I would not contact someone out of the blue like that even if I felt I should have done things differently. Chances are.... that would change nothing... or, like me, they would have no idea what was going on. (LOL).

So who knows if I'll ever find out.... I mean... I'd like to know... but I'm not going to lose sleep over it by any means. I guess life is kind of random sometimes.

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Please, please don’t
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“I want you on top of me.”

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Radical Vixen

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Sometimes You Find You Get What You Need

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100 posts and still sucking

This is my 100th post! It amazes me.. to say the least... here's to 100 more.


Yesterday afternoon... Ben and I had laid down in bed... we dozed off a bit laying in each others arms. We were laying in the bed weird so we adjusted ourselves and curled up under the covers. I love the way his naked body feels pressed against mine.. but I'm sure that's just a given.

I laid there floating in and out of consciousness. My mind wandered as I did so.. thinking of all the things I wanted done to me. I envisioned being laid out over Ben's legs and him spanking me with my brush... for whatever reason. I could feel the stir inside of me... and moved a bit to feel his cock against the crack of my ass.

I laid there still daydreaming... occasionally moving my ass against him hoping to cause a reaction. When this didn't work out for me...I moved my hand back onto his hip and started rubbing ever so gently.

This did the trick.. I felt his cock come alive against me as he reached up and started fingering my nipple. Before I knew it... he was deep inside of me... massaging my pussy with his hardness. It felt amazing... heh.

I reached behind me and put his hand on my head.. hoping he'd get the clue and pull my hair... and what do you know.. he did. He knows me well. He pulled back.. not too hard.. and I bucked my hips against him... squeezing my pussy muscles around him.

We moved with each other.. fucking at a steady pace... enjoying each other. Before long.. I could tell the tensing in his body.. the telltale sign he was going to cum. I moved my hips against him... and started to milk his cock into my cunt.

After he was done... I curled up next to him.. back against his side.. his arm wrapped around my chest. We laid there for a bit enjoying the glow of our sex. Minutes passed and I could still feel the arousal in my body... crying out for more.

I reached over and started slowly and gently brushing my hand over his semi-hard dick. After a minute or two I could feel it coming back to life.. and he told me to make myself cum. I wrapped my hand around his cock and started to stroking as I rubbed my clit.

Ben went to work in my nipples again.. torturing them. I could feel the orgasm growing in my groin already... it wouldn't take long to push me over the edge. I worked feverishly on my pussy as I kept my stroked at a even speed on his cock (at least, I think I did).

When I felt myself teetering... I asked him to tell me.. (which means for him to tell me to cum). And he did.. several times. It was all I needed.. like a breathe to the feather sending it in the air... I was off.. floating into space.

When I came back down I got onto my knees and took his dick into my mouth... being gentle at first. Slow... warm... movements up and down. Before long the pace quickened... and I was taking him deep into the back of my mouth, hitting my throat. I massaged his balls... and used my tongue against his shaft.

The pace became very quick.... my head bobbing up and down.. his feet curled in tenseness. AND then it happened.... somehow part of the skin went between my front two teeth (and there is no gap there at all.. so I'm still not sure how it happened). The realization of what just happened slapped me in the face and I sat up quickly.. telling him how sorry I was and asking if he was ok.

He was all right... said it didn't that bad. I looked back down and saw a bulge on his cock. Tears started to whell up in my eyes... I did not like the fact I had just hurt him at all. Ben told me to come to him and wrapped his arms around me... comforting ME. Like I had been the one hurt. He kept telling me it was okay.. and I was saying that I didn't like hurting him.

Later this bulge turned purple, I think I busted a blood vessel. :-( I feel terribly about it... I have never done anything like that... I try to be so careful. I guess it goes to show.... sex can be dangerous.

We were talking after it happened...

"I could never be a Dom.. I don't like hurting people. I feel so bad about it.", I said

"Well you couldn't be one acting like you did ealier", he joked (meaning me crying).

I am happy to report, though, he is fine and says it only feels like a little scratch... thank goodness!


Let's hope in the next 100 posts this will never happen again :-)