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just a quick one

So we made it to Anaheim this afternoon... after a very long seventeen hour road trip with four kids. It was not nearly as bad as it sounds.. the kids were SO good... and we did not hear "are we there yet" once. That was very nice. Needless to say.. I only got like maybe two hours of sleep and so we're pretty tired.

I do have a bit of guilt for being here right now.. even though everyone has told me not to. I got a call about my sister when we were two hours away from the house. Apparently she had started hemorrhaging.. they think she got an infection. During her surgery I guess they took more than they needed for the biopsy... which they think caused the infection.

This morning I called to check on her... and turns out they had to do an emergency hysterectomy. She is very drugged up right now and has to stay in the hospital... but she should be just fine. I was told not to tell her kids... they all want to let the kids have a good vacation and not worry about something they can't do anything about. And so... I will keep quiet.. and hope they will not be upset with me for keeping it to myself as promised.

So that's that. We are here at the house we rented... kids are back in the pool.. cause its WARM! We'll be going to Disney tomorrow... so I'm sure this will most likely be the last post until I get back home (maybe).

Have a good week!


I am so glad we are giving you such wonderful weather right now. I hope everything works out ok for your sister.



OMG the weather was perfect today! I am soo not missing the almost snow type weather... I guess it wasn't so pretty back home today. I could not have asked for a better day at Disney.

And my sister is doing pretty good today... they're going to have her get up tomorrow and start getting around. Her recovery will be slow... she will need lots of help in the next few weeks... but I'm confident she will be just fine