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Mother's Day Delight

It has been a week since we last had sex... because the dreaded aunt had come to visit. We were both frustrated.. missing our coupling. I received a phone call from my nephew saying he was on his way over to mow our lawn. We pay him to mow our lawn each week so that he can earn some cash and well... because we don't really like mowing the lawn.

We laid there in a groggy state after I got off the phone... but there is no way I was going pass up a chance to feel him inside of me. I slide my hands under the sheets to his hip moving it over to awaken his cock. I rubbed gently getting a sigh of pleasure from him. I worked a few minutes on him before he was fully awake.

Before I knew it Ben's hands were on my clit... rubbing rough circles. My body reacted immediately... back arched... enjoying the much missed attention. All the while I kept my hand on his cock.. stroking up and down .

After a bit of this.. I could not take it... I needed to feel full.... and so I shoved his hands lower... urging him to plunge his fingers into my wet hole. And he did... deep... sliding them in and out quickly... making my muscles tighten around his appendages. I was almost over powered by the sensations... but not quite.

Soon I was being turned onto my side... slightly lifting my leg to allow him access to my most tender of places. He slid in with ease... me gasping as he did so. A satisfied moan escaped my lips... almost as to say finally!

He started pumping his hips. His fingers inched up my torso till they found their home on my nipple. His initial touches were gentle... kneading them between two fingers. The gentlness soon melted into something more primal... more aggressive. He started tugging on my bud... pull and pinching making me cry out.

Then his assault changed.... he released me... then slapped his palm down on my breast.... I winced in pain. I loved every minute of it. Next came his fingers... raking over my chest. They went from one side to the other... leaving red lines in their wake.

He would spend the next bit alternating till they were screaming for relief. I pulled away a little... needing the break... needing a change. A change was what I got... his hand found a new place to attack... my ass.... there in front of him... begging to be spanked.

This, however, was no nice warm up spanking... this was harsh... take your breath away spankings. One after another... in a nice little row... sharp and to the point. My hands left my chest to cover my ass.... only for him to find my breasts again... slapping them again.

I squirmed... wanting the attack to end in one way... but not wanting it to end in other ways. I recovered my chest.... and as before... he found another target. He lifted my leg into the air... and made contact with my inner thigh. I yelped.

I decided it was time to give my body a break and wiggled out of his clutches onto my back. I moved my fingers to his nipple... taking it between my fingers and rolling it... all the while he kept fucking me.

"Make yourself cum", he ordered... and so my free hand found itself rubbing my clit... bringing myself quickly to orgasm at his command- my cunt tightening around him.

"Pinch your clit now... until I cum", he once more directed. I made no point of protesting... I knew that I had no fight in me. So I took the tiny bud in between my fingers and pinched. I could feel my muscles tighten around his cock again... all the while he moved in and out. His finish was not far off... and I was right... moments later his body shuddered... his seed spilling into me.

I hooked my leg aroud his back... pulling him deep inside as he pulsed into me... then let go of my clit... enjoying the product of our desire. Soon he slid out of me... and I curled into him... smiling.