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sleeping with my lover

I had gotten up earlier than I would have liked.... and decided... that it would be a good idea to climb back into my warm bed next to my sleeping husband. I slinked into bed feeling the warmth from his body and scooted all the way up to his back... molding mine around his. I sighed softly... taking in the glow of cuddling up to Ben... how I love it.. to be close to him... even in such an innocent way.

I lay there for a few minutes... listening to the even rhythm of his breathing... my head resting on the corner of his pillow. I can smell him.. his scent... I smile again. I love the way he has this affect on me... that even the way he smells captivates me... and I am his prisoner. The lustful thought is planted.... and the challenge is on.

My already draped hand snakes downward.... fingers outline his hip bone. They go to work... the business of waking and arousing my lover. I am subtle at first.. hoping that my tender touches will stir him... and awaken the need in him to take me.... but as a few minutes pass.. I realize that I need to take it to a more aggressive level.

I move my hand to his cock... it lays there... resting in its sleepy state. My hands caress the soft flesh.... all the while... I am beyond ready to attack him. I am fully awake to the idea of feeling his hands on me... feeling the initial penetration of his hard cock... filling me full and making me cry out in pleasure.

This, however, has not come to light.... as my mind has wandered off to more pleasant, erotic things.. Ben has rolled over some... more onto his stomach. Not willing to accept defeat, I devise a new plan. I move my hand back behind him... down to his inner thighs. Back to work my hands go... still trying to get that reaction I so desperately want. I am drunk with lust now... wishing.

Alas, my efforts prove futile.... he will not rouse. I stop my advances and admit defeat.... apparently there will be no morning sex for me.


Hot story!! I wanted you to succeed and write of mindblowing sex! Next time, you could let your mouth wander where your hand went -- impossible to not awaken the sleeping monster that way! Or move HIS hand gently to UR sex and D-I-Y with a flesh digital dildo! That always worked on me -- I LOVED waking up with my lover sucking my dick into hardness before my mind knew whether it was a dream or not!


Richard, Shh...

I wanted to succeed as well! But it didn't pan out.. under different circumstances.. I would have slipped my head under the sheets and woke him... but time was not on my hands... next time. ;-)