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If the Berlin Wall can fall.... so can mine

I laid in his arms... him on his back.. me curled into his body. The calm after the storm... the uncertainty in the wake of the fight we just ended. Although it was done... I was still holding on.. holding onto the words he said... and the hurt it caused.

His fingers traced the curves of my back... gently caressing my warm skin. Our breathing shallow... but rhythmic. The room was quiet... only the soft hum of the fan above us spoke. I needed air... I needed away just to keep the monster inside calm. I kissed him... told him I loved him.. because no matter what.. that remains true.

After pulling away and laying on my back... my reluctant hand touched his leg... not wanting the gap between us to grow so large that tears would come flowing back. Minutes passed... and again... his advancement came. His hand touched my body... gently... wanton.

He outlined my chest.. down my stomach.. to my thighs.. barely passing by my pussy. In my head... I wanted nothing of it... I didn't want to give in.... to let go. But.. as always.. my body betrays my mind... it reacts to the touch of the man I love.

My mind fights though.. not letting down the barrier that easily. With every stroke of his fingers... the lust wells in my body... yet inside... the battle goes on... there is no way it will allow me to enjoy this seduction. Still he presses on. More and more brave as time passes.. till his fingers dive into my wet cunt. A groan escapes his mouth at the welcome they are met with. The warm, wetness envelopes his digits... urging him on.

The arousal is almost too much to fight anymore... he knows my weakness... he can see right through me. He knows how to touch me to make me melt... how to make me scream. This is intimacy... this raw unhidden truth... this knowledge of me. His fingers advance up.. finding my swollen clit and begins lavishing it with attention... till every wall my mind has built is in a pile of rubble.

He senses this... and in a smooth move... he is on top of me. The tip of his cock nudges against my soaked hole. He stays there... tempting me to slid down on him.... or perhaps to tease me.. to make me helpless with lust. His lips meet mine... they mingle.. tongues brushing each other in a dance of sorts. A tango of passion.

There is no roughness... its pure... its love... its naked need... the need to push past the angry words said... the hurt that was caused- to make it all better... to mend those wounds. Its intensity that you feel deep inside... the offer of yourself... to where you are truly naked...