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my love affair with spanking

I've come to realize that recently.... spanking is a big thing to me. It's probably THE thing for me... the thing I fantasize about more... long for most. Our experience in spanking is pretty limited, which makes me kind of sad. Hopefully we can work on that soon.

I'm terribly fascinated with implements... and the marks those leave. Take for instance the thing I've been wanting to try/get for some time now.... a cane. I've talked about it before. My feelings about this has not changed despite the time that has passed since I wrote that post. I'm sure that it would hurt much more than I can even imagine... but I would love every minute of it. I would love the delicious welts they would leave... and the soreness that would follow.

Another... something that I've never tried.. which seems silly with how common it is... a wooden hair brush. There is something kind of intriguing and naughty about being spanked over the knee with a hair brush. I'm not really sure what it is... such a ordinary object.... yet... I would like to know what that felt like.

Up next... another household item... the plastic spoon. Oh my does that thing pack a punch... but leaves the best bruises! Oh the sting they give... makes you want to dance around to get away from the bite of that item. I do have fond memories of moments with the spoon.... I have no complaints!

ANDDD a leather belt... Ben has a belt that looks almost exactly like this one.. but it's black. Too many hard swings from that puppy certainly leaves some blue.. black.. and purple marks. I cannot imagine if the buckle ever made contact.... Ouch is all I have to say. BUT still a wonderful spanking tool.

Another implement I have not had the pleasure of trying on for size is.. the every popular ping pong paddle. I imagine it has quite the thuddy kind of feel to it... I have yet to see... hopefully one day I will get the chance... (I need to show Ben this post hehe).

Finding a picture for this next item... brought about an unexpected recation from me... I practically drooled (not really haha). The leather strap. Does that not look fantastic? Oh man.. words escape me right now... my mind is off in another little world... moving on...

Paddles are next up... when I think of paddles.. I think of the days when they still paddled children in school. I still remember sitting in my desk in class knowing some boy that got escorted out of the room was getting two swats. The idea always terrified me... and so I was always a good girl. Thinking about it now... not really the same reaction.

Then... the crop. Another thing I want to try.. and have wanted to try for some time. I can imagine this is a versitile item.. one that can be used for more than spanking someone's ass. But I dont know that from person experience... yet.

And well.. the tried and true... hand. One cannot rule out the intimacy that is brought by spanking someone with a bare hand. There is just something about skin on skin contact that makes me all warm and tingly.

I'm sure I could go on and on about the different items someone could use to spank another person.... lots of which are unconventional. That is one of the cool things about spanking... you can go anywhere the imagination can take you... and that my friends, is never a bad thing.


You do have to have the right wooden hair brush though. It can't be cheap. And bamboo ones are likely to break/crack.

Anyways, I can tell you that wooden hairbrushes are likely to thud like the paddle AND sting like a wooden spoon.

(Keep a plastic spoon away from me :p)

And hi, have I commented before? I'm not sure. I know I come around here and read now and again.


oh. (sorry for the double comment...)

Crops are INDEED versatile. Very!


Miss Leya-

Nope.. you haven't :-) First time for everything! Always glad to hear from my readers.

Thanks for the tip on the hair brush.. I would have never thought of that.