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My Birthday: part three: the road trip

After finally rolling out of bed... we showered in our post sex glow. By then, we were starving.. so we go dressed when we were done... and headed out for our day. We went and grabbed some breakfast and decided which was we'd head to the coast... up the Oregon side or the Washington side of the Columbia river... we decided the Oregon side.

After eating we got on our way. We listened to music and chit chatted. The weather was perfect... the sky was blue with very little clouds... a great day to go for a drive to say the least. Before long I needed to stop for a bathroom break. We happened upon a gas station. I jumped out, leaving Ben in the car.

Inside.... there was this machine in the bathroom that cracked me up. It was really in the middle of no where... and so this seemed a strange thing to have. But I guess even people who live there need to get laid right?

I just HAD to take a pic.. there was no way I could accurately explain the machine to Ben.. and well.. it makes for good blog material too hehe.

So back on the road... we kept driving... when we passed a bridge. The sign on the bridge said "Sierra's (well my REAL name) Creek".

Ben: "Look babe, its your creek!"
Me: "Yep.. its nice to have your own creek"
Ben: "Looks like Sierra's creek is all dried up though"
Me.: "Well then there is no way that is my creek... I'm never dried up"

I grinned and he chuckled.

When we pulled into Seaside... the weather went from sunny and warm.. to foggy and a little chilly. It was a bit disappointing honestly. We were going to make the best of it though. We stopped at the outlet mall there and shopped around a bit.

We went into a kitchen store. We browsed around.. I got some new cake pans. We went down the utensil isle... in which I looked at all those things.. in a spanking light... more than using them in the kitchen. I guess that's what happens when you like being spanked.

From there Ben picked up a book from a book store there then we headed to a wine shop. Someone from the last munch we went to suggested a wine that can only be bought at two places... this was one of them. I am not a wine fan honestly... but have always wanted to be. It looks so dignified.

We strolled in... and it was the first thing we saw. Miscotti de Ascoti. There were two brands... and we had no idea which one would be better. I tried to get Ben to go ask... but he wouldnt.. and nor would I.. I'm a baby at that stuff. So we just grabbed one and headed to the beer section.

There was so many to choose from.. we headed to the counter. Ben asked for a suggestion and ended up getting two kinds. He loves his dark ales... (yuck). Then.. my darling husband asked about the wine... he is so wonderful. The guy let us sample the wine.. and OMG is it tasty. I love it. I can't wait to crack it open.

From there we headed to the downtown area to walk around and check out the shops. We wandered around hand in hand taking in the day... just enjoying being together. We idley went into shops that looked interesting and skipped the ones didn't want to see.

We came accross this huge candy/ chocolate store. We got some truffles and fudge from there. The owners were this cute couple that had met on the internet. I guess that the husband makes all the fudges and chocolate... he does a very good job IMO. We told them we had met on the internet too. It was really nice to see that an older couple had met the same way we did.. and had such a positive view of it.

From there we went on and ended up at the beach front. There were tons of people out on the beach.. playing in the sand.. or tossing around a ball. We sat on a bench and watched for a bit.

After sitting around for a bit we decided to head back up the other side of the street. Before too long we were back at the car and decided to head to Cannon Beach. Pretty much the moment we left Seaside, the fog cleared up... and the weird thing is... they are only seven miles apart.

When we got to Cannon Beach we drove around for like thirty minutes trying to find a spot to park. We finally found a spot and got some ice cream. We were kind of bothered about the lack of parking.. even though we had found a place. So we revised our plan... looked up directions on my iPhone.. and got in the car.

Our new plan called for driving to Portland... having dinner and going to a comedy show. We got into Portland around 4:30.... and proceeded to find a place to eat. This proved to be more troublesome than we thought. After a bit we just decided to stop at the Outback Steakhouse we had seen up the road.

Dinner was super tasty. We had a bloomin' onion, which I hadn't had since I was a teenager. So that was nice. By the time dinner was done.. we still had almost two hours before the show. Nothing really was calling to us to do to burn the time so we revamped the plan again. We would drive back to town and catch a movie.

So we ended up getting back home and going to Star Trek. It was really good.. but that is my humble opinion. I was never a fan of the old school Star Trek... so it says something that I liked it.

So over all... my birthday was a success. Ben did a wonderful job at making my day special.. and I am so grateful for that. He is a wonderful man... and he proves that over and over to me. I could not imagine not spending my birthday with him.. he just made it that much more special.

So I'm a year older now... and thirty is looming off in the distance. I don't feel a year older... but that is certainly okay. Hopefully this year will be just as good as last year was.

Oh... butttt... I got no birthday spankings *pout*. Maybe he'll make up for it hehe.