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be careful what you say...

Ben and I were washing dishes. We regularly share the chores around the house... dishes are no different.. one washes and the other rinses. Tonight... Ben was rinsing.

"How much soap did you put in there?", he asked rinsing the plates.

We had had bbq ribs for dinner... and so the water was going to be a little more greasy than normal.. and in fact I had put quite a bit of soap in the dish water. I mocked him in a playful way.. making him sound whiny.

It lasted shortly.. and I continued washing... after rewashing the plates. Then he said something else... I can't remember... but I mocked him again.. giggling after I was done.

Ben responded in an unexpected way. He pulled away from the counter.. me still scrubbing a pan... snatched down my pants and smacked my ass hard with his still wet hand. I was slightly shocked... and instantly turned on.

I looked over my shoulder... my mouth agape a little... I said nothing. I went back to washing.. in my quiet surprise. Again, I glanced over at him.. trying to appear a little hurt...I'm sure he knew better.

"Got anything else to say?", he said in this almost amused voice. I shook my head no... finishing up my task. When I was done I wiped down the counter... tossing the towel over the sink to let it dry. I smirked.... mocked him once more... then made a run for it.

I took around corner and stole into our room... giggling all the way... slamming the door... leaning against it.. and locking it. I stood there giggling.. knowing he was coming.. knowing what was in store for me.

Sure enough.. he came to the door... I laughed uneasily... quite proud of myself. He jiggled the handle.. I went to the door and knocked.

"Hello?", I called out. No answer. A minute or so would pass of him trying to get in when I finally unlocked it... Ben pushed into the room. I laughed more... backing against the wall... not wanting to give him access to my ass.

He stood there.. with this cool confidence... knowing that I would give in... all he had to do is wait. I slid against the door trying to squirm my way out the door... with no luck. It was shut and locked... and I was not getting out of this one.

I kept trying though... which only got me turned around... arm twisted up between my shoulder blades and face shoved into the bed. I felt my pants being yanked down again.... and then a quick, sharp smack. Followed by pinches and scratches..... all the while I moaned into the bed and begged him to stop.. telling him sorry over and over.

He stopped... I stood... and pulled my pants in their original position. I smiled shyly at him... only for him to lace his fingers through my hair and shove me to the ground. He pulled out his all ready hard cock and impaled my mouth.

He stayed like this for what seemed like forever... fucking my face... giving me only seconds to catch a breath.

Finally, he spoke... "Do you want me to cum in your mouth or in your pussy?".

I tried to say pussy... I wanted him to fuck me so badly... I said it a couple times... and all I got was a what? He pulled away... and I answered him. I was pulled to my feet and pushed forward. For the last time, the pants went back down... and he entered me.


After we were all done.. we went back to our business. He sat on the couch to check his email.. I went to do some other things in the kitchen. I picked up my phone....

Me: Naughty man
Him: That's the way you like it

He's right too... just the way I like it.