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another year

Today is our anniversary.. of when we first started dating. Yes, I like to recognize both our anniversaries hehe. Ok.. so today is the official day he asked me to be his girlfriend... to be specific. It seems like its been years and years... I feel like we've always been a part of each other's lives. And even though that is not true, from here on out, we will be.

I remember the day he asked me. Leading up till he asked me I wasn't sure if I really wanted a relationship. I had been single for almost a year... and had decided that I wasn't going to settle anymore. That if I was going to be with someone... it would be because it felt right.

He had been on vacation that week and decided to spend it with me. I wasn't on vacation though.. and so his days were pretty boring while I was at work. I had come home... happy to see him there. I asked him how his day was... and vice versa. I changed clothes and settled down on the couch with him to relax.

We talked a bit before he said that there was something he had to ask me.... and then he asked me. I grinned from ear to ear, said yes, and threw my arms around his neck. It was a happy moment to say the least.. one I have not ever regretted.

Looking back we've come so far... its been a journey that is filled with many fond memories. I can't wait to be old and gray with him... still holding hands and happy as ever just to be together. He's the love of my life... hands down, and everyday I find a new reason to love him more.