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going up?

Few people know that when I get onto an elevator... I size it up. I figure out if it's doable. If there is enough time to make it worth it... if it would even be that fun in that one. It's been a long running fantasy of mine... man... for what... almost ten years now.

When I was 18 or 19, I went to the hospital that my best friend's aunt worked at. The employee elevator was the one we went up in... and to say the least, it was PERFECT. It wasn't fancy by any means but it was slow moving and in the back of the hospital. The only times it was in use frequently shift changes. Needless to say at the time, I was single... and therefore, no one to assist me in my mission.

So many years later and thousands of miles away, I still have not accomplished it. Honestly, I don't think I ever will. There is that hope in the back of my head though.... obviously, or I would not still get onto them and get a twinge of excitement rush through my body.

I can't complain too much.... in the grand scheme of things I have probably done about 90% of the fantasies I've had. I've had a few threesomes (not a three girl one... which is a bummer), had sex on the beach (not as great as you'd think), in the pool, and so on. Hell, I've even had sex in a club before (oh the memories!) and on a balcony of a hotel. I'm the kind of girl that will go after something if it pops in my mind... that is if it is doable and won't stand a good chance of getting me arrested *smiles*.

I feel very sorry for people that never get the chance to live out the stuff that makes them hot. I could not imagine that existence. Like the men that live their whole lives wanting to tie up their wife or share her with a friend but never say anything because they fear that they will be rejected. It's very sad.

I could not just keep those things from Ben. It's part of what makes us, us. I remember how scared I was to tell him about my kinky thoughts... but I did... and I'm so glad I did. I can't imagine what our sex life would be without it. I'd be so unhappy knowing it was something I longed for so bad but couldn't have it just because I was simply too afraid.

So anyway, here's to hoping that one day we will find that perfect elevator.... and I get a saucy story to tell.