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Happy Birthday Baby!

I am simply drained today. Work was a nightmare... long story.. not worth telling. Needless to say.. at the moment all I want to do is go soak in a warm tub of water.

Tuesday is Ben's birthday. We are celebrating tonight because we both have tomorrow off. I'm not exactly sure what we are going to do per say... but hopefully it will be fun. I made his cake earlier (did I ever mention that I am a cake decorator?). It's a grave yard scene.. not because he's old.. but because he just likes it. I can't wait to have a slice.

I swung by the adult store on my way home to get some Karma Sutra massage oil.. a nice full body massage is for sure in store for my husband tonight. I think I may light some candles and greet him on my knees with nothing but my collar on.I would think that would be a nice welcome home... don't you think?

Other than that... I don't know if we will go out to dinner or if I'm making him something... I need to call him and find out.

Let's just hope something really fun happens that is blog worthy.. hehe.