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Ben's night

I texted Ben last night while he was till at work.

"What kind of mood are you in?"

"I'm tired and sore. Why do you ask?"

"Im just gauging."

"What's for dinner?"

"What do you want?"

"Hamburgers with chili cheese tater tots and you by my side."

Isn't he the best?

And so, I got into the shower and began cleaning and shaving myself until I was perfectly smooth for my husband. After getting out I put on a pair of black lace panties and began my wait. He called when he stopped at the store for hamburger buns and asked if we needed anything else..... after I went into the kitchen and boiled some water.

He showed up shortly after. I peaked around the corner at him and said hello with a sweet smile. He smiled back and walked over to wrap his arms around. I pressed my lips against his, softly kissing him.

He walked over to the counter and laid his stuff down then gave me another big hug. He asked if I wanted to take a shower, which had been my plan anyways. I took the water off the stove and set the bottle of massage oil in it to warm it while we showered.

And so we headed to the bedroom to take his clothes off. I lovingly striped each piece of clothing off and went into the shower. He stood in the water... getting himself all wet... our eyes would meet and we'd smile. It was a very nice moment.

After getting wet I grabbed his shampoo and lathered it up... and began washing his head. He closed his eyes as I worked my fingers on his scalp. When I was done he almost looked drunk... he loves having his hair washed. hehe.

From there I grabbed the soap and washed him from chest to feet. Making sure to take extra care of each body part. I love bathing him... there is something very sensual about it. When I got to his legs I got on my knees... looking up at him smiling as I washed.

When I was done he rinsed himself and I slipped out of the shower. I dried off and grabbed a towel for him. When he opened the shower I touched his face with it... again he closed his eyes and soaked in all the pampering he was receiving.

I dried his face and head, followed by the rest of his body. As I finished I hung his towel and told him to go lay on the bed. I went and grabbed the oil from the kitchen and when I returned he was laid out on the bed.

I sat beside him and had him test the oil to make sure it wasn't too hot.. it was just fine. I started dropping it in different spots on his back then began rubbing it in. I worked his whole back.... rubbing circles deep and then soft. He would let out little sighs and tell me how good it felt. I felt very good about it. *smiles*

I made sure to ask where his back hurt as well and worked on those spots.. hoping to ease his pain and make him feel good all over. The massage lasted almost a hour before my hands could no longer take it. He laid there for a good bit before we got up.

I made dinner and served him his. We sat and watched tv and then cuddled after eating. It was nice... just the two of us.. doing what we want. We actually ate so much that we never even ate any cake.. and we were up till almost midnight. We will today though.

AND there was no sex.. much to my dismay. I was exhausted though... so in the grand scheme it is ok... cause this night was about him.. and not me.