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nothing like a red ass

Ben and I rarely get a Saturday afternoon together... he always works late. So.. when he gets to come home earlier than usual.... I like to spend as much time with him as I can. Im a greedy girl like that :-).

We had grabbed a shower not long after he got home... we didn't really have any plans but knew we were going to grab something to eat- I had a really long, hard day at work. He always gets out before me... and so when I finally dried off and did all my after shower rituals... he was on the couch with the laptop.

I looked at him kinda funny... kinda taken back that he wanted to be on the computer instead of being with him. We said something to each other, I can't remember what... and then I think I said "hmph" (playfully of course) and walked into our room.

I laid down on the bed... there was no sheets or blankets... as we had stripped them to wash. I curled up next to one of our cats and began petting him as I could hear Ben calling out to me. I didn't answer... but was grinning ear to ear knowing he would come to me.

And he did... within minutes he was in the bedroom asking me what I was doing... in which I answered, "petting the cat". He sat on the bed and laid he his head against me... I love it when he does that. I readjusted... so that I was on my back and his head was on my stomach. He laid there and talked for a bit.

Soon I felt his hand wandering up my thigh to my sleeping pussy. His fingers slid up the lips.. bringing it alive and alert. I closed my eyes and enjoyed his touch. Minutes passed and I warned him that if he didn't stop... I might rape him. He laughed and said okay.. that we needed to get some dinner.

"We can watch a lil' somthin' somethin'... and then maybe later.. we can watch a lil somethin' somethin'", he said... I was all smiles.

I rolled over onto my stomach and asked where he wanted to get something to eat. He didn't know. Then.. out of no where... his palm made contact with my ass. It wasn't the hard, get your attention type... just a playful... slap on the ass.

From there... there was a barrage of spankings... in which I loved. They were soft at first... working up to the ones that sends every inch of your body into alert. From side to side... and sometimes in the same spot a couple times before moving on... he worked my ass over. I was loving it.

Soon his fingers found their way to my very wet hole... he commented on how wet I was ( he loves the way my body responds to him). He kept spanking me.. making me yelp as he slid his fingers inside. I was in overload... I knew at any moment I was going to cum. I could feel that tell tale build... but was riding the wave slowly to the shore.

I felt his hand pop into my cunt... I tried staying relaxed but every nerve ending in my body was awake. He assault didn't stop.. he kept working my ass and pussy over... knowing he had me just where he wanted me. Seconds passed.... and the words fell from my mouth.. asking to cum... then answered with a hissing yes.

The orgasm ripped through me... although Ben was not letting up... and so it felt like it lasted forever. All my muscles grasped his hand.... till it was over.... atleast from my end. He was in no way done with me.

Soon he broke out the wire hanger (which seems to be his toy of choice lately.. and I am notttttt complaining). I saw it out the corner of my eye, and where as I love it... my body tensed. The swats began.... I wasn't ready... I felt panicy... and my breathing became erratic. I rose up... in which I was ordered to breath and get back down.

I lowered my body and tried to regain my breathing... his hands never left my cunt. This happened several times... and we transversed a lot of the bed. It amazes me how much you can move when you're having sex. I could feel the heat radiating off my back and ass.

A while passed of this dance... and finally Ben wanted some attention for himself. He had been very giving... it was all about me up until then... something that doesn't usually happen... for that.. I am thankful. He told me to suck his cock. I climbed off the bed eagerly.. as I had been wanting to feel it in my mouth... it was weird to go so long without his flesh hitting the back of my throat.

When I got to the floor, I took his cock into my mouth eagerly.... sucking with vigor. I slid my tongue against it with every bob of my head. Then I stopped... took his wet fingers into my hands... then began sucking my juices off them. When they were clean.. I went back to the job at hand.

Ben took up swating me with the hanger again while I sucked him. It's far easier to be composed this way.. I have something to focus on.. to keep me from feeling scared of the sensations. Some time passed again... and I was told to get on the bed and lean my head over the side. I obeyed... and he straddled my face. I took his balls into my mouth... recieving moans from him.

"You want me to spank your pussy don't you?", he asked... and of course the answer was a resounding no. "Yes you do... you want me to spank it.. I know. Open your legs.... open them... ", and I did as I was told.. reluctantly.

I felt the cold metal make contact.. I cried out a little but still kept sucking his balls gently. Over and over it hit my skin... getting harder with each blow till I couldn't take it anymore. I snapped my legs shut.... and again, Ben's cool words fell from him mouth telling me to open my legs.

I reopened them... and he went back to work... till the same thing happened. This time.. he had another idea.... he was going to spank my pussy while he fucked me. That idea, I was down with. I turned on the bed... letting my ass hang off the bed a little and spread my legs for him.

He entered me.... and oh my did it feel good. He stroked himself in and out a few times then went about the business of spanking my pussy again. He fucked me hard.. and swatted me hard too.... but I was loving every second of it. I couldnt' take it much longer and begged for him to just fuck me. Ask and ye shall recieve.

He dropped the hanger... and grabbed my legs. He began pouding me with force I don't see that often. It lasted for a while too... much to much delited surprise. When he finally came..... I pulled him to me.... wrapping my legs and arms around him... and kissed him with all the passion I could muster. Our lips seperated.... and I whispered to him.. our faces so very close.... that I loved him.


We cuddled for a bit.. then I felt like I could actually stand. So we got up... I went and hugged him.. and did as I always do after we play. I spun around and checked out my ass in the mirror. It was all red and welty. On th side of my ass... there was a pattern... I giggled and told Ben it looked like fish scales. How I do love my marks. I will marvel at them for days to come :-)