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out of the haze

It was late... we had been out... and it was time for sleep.

Ben and I kissed and said good night... then I rolled over... scooting back into his body. His arm draped around me pulling me closer. His hand migrated quickly.. finding a resting spot on my shoulder. He slowly whisked his fingers back and forth. Electricity flew through my body.... I had been horny for some time... teasing the caged animal is never nice.

In my head... all I could think was "don't start something you can't finish".... and part of me wanted to say it.. butttttt I didn't want him to stop. In which he did- but replaced it with his leg sliding up and down on mine. This.. my friends.. is a very good sign. This.. is not some random affection.

In my state (I had been drinking), some of the details are fuzzy.

His fingers snaked around... up my thigh and between my legs. They parted slightly.... giving him ample room to do his work. He touched me... and I sighed... finger the pressure on my clit. Minutes passed.. him working me over... me wiggling as I could feel the orgasm growing.

Ben leaned into my ear, "I want you to suck my cock".... and of course... I eagerly turned to do so. My lips parted... taking just the head of his cock into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around... taking my time. Inch by inch I would go deeper with each bob of my head till I was at the base.... hitting the back of my throat.

From there things get a little hazy. At some point... he grabbed a handful of hair... pulling me to the edge of the bed where he slammed his cock back into my mouth... slowly fucking it. His hands wandered... roughly finding things to keep his fingers occupied with. Though... I certainly didn't mind.

Soon he bent forward... pushing himself deeper.. face next to my sex. He opened his mouth and sunk his teeth into my tender flesh. I groaned with a full mouth.. not expecting the harsh treatment. He bit over and over... different places... different amounts of pressure till he finally rewarded my pain with pleasure.

His tongue danced over my clit... flicking it with vigor... making my body squirm. My fingers sank into his thighs... my breathing quickened. Until. He stopped.

He turned me over.. and plunged hard and deep into my wet pussy... the time for teasing.. was done. I pushed back into him... our motions became one together. My fingers dug into the sheets... moaning and screaming. His hands.... on my hips.. pulling me into him. And time passed.... the world stood still... all that mattered then... was that.

When he came... we collapsed into each other.... all tired and content. It was time to sleep though.. the red numbers stared back at us.... 2:57 am. Time for bed indeed.