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At what point did I stop being a kid.... and make the transition into adulthood?

Big changes are going on in my family... namely, my niece graduates on Saturday. It makes me wonder if she is scared... having to survive on your own can tend to be very scary. Or at least, one would think.

He move to adulthood got me to thinking.... when exactly did I make that leap? I honestly cannot remember it. I mean, I can remember being a kid... and then it's like all of a sudden, I'm grown up. Is that how it happens?

You're going along... wishing to grow up... and like a flash of lightening.. you're wishes are reality. The last true memories I have... that was me feeling like a kid was the summer I was sixteen. My first real job... one that I wasn't helping my mother... the sense of freedom you can only feel as a teenager in the summer.

I would be gone from home for days. My best friend and I would spend out hours in her car... windows down... just driving. The only care in the world we had was where to go to next... and if we had enough time to go down to the beach on the hot summer afternoons.

I think that is the last time I truly felt like the weight of the world was not on my shoulders. My life changed that summer... looking back I can see it now. At the time, however, I did not feel it. I guess being a grown up is just something you do.. even if you don't feel it right away.

Even so.. I miss the carefree days sometimes. I miss not having to think about bills or get up for work. Just to be able to live a day... where the biggest worry you have... is if the ice cream truck is going to come by the house or not.

I wonder if she knows what's ahead of her?