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It's over! It's over!

Another graduation has come and gone... and I must say.. I am VERY thankful. You see, graduation is the busiest time of my year work wise. Added to it this year was my niece graduating... and well you can see how this weekend was exhausting?

Work was insane... we had SO many orders.. it's safe to say.. I worked my ass off (even though its still there thank goodness!). I went into to work at four am on Saturday. I got off.. grabbed the flowers and balloon I ordered for my niece. When I got home.. I boiled all the noodles I needed for the three pasta salads I was commissioned to make. It was a funny sight I'm sure.... in the kitchen in just my bra... Im strange.. I know.

After I jumped in the shower with little time to spare. Ben got home.. and did the same.... and we were off. We went and got the kids from their Dad's and headed to the stadium. We were there a little early... but we wanted to get good seats next to the rest of the family. It was a nice day out.. despite the early morning rain. The seats... were terrible. All of our backs were hurting after the two hour ceremony was over.

It was emotional to watch her graduate... to see her as a woman and not as a child... its difficult. Nevertheless... I am so very proud of her... because I know how hard she worked to get to that day. When it was over.. and we went down to find her in the sea of people... she was all grins.

We had dinner at the parents house after... sub sandwiches and potato soup.. yum. It was nice to have all of us together.. chit chatting and having a good time. We only stayed a hour before we left for home to finish up making the salads and clean up.

We headed over to my sister's house to deliver the salads and cake balls I made for the party on Sunday. We had planned on going out with friends... but that kind of fell through when we got sucked into helping set up. We were there until nine.... and went home.

Ben and I relaxed for a bit.... where I almost fell asleep on the couch. We decided it was bedtime... so we grabbed a shower and was in bed by 10:30.

On Sunday we did manage to sleep in... but I woke up very sore. My body was not liking being overworked. I got up and showered... and we headed out. We grabbed some breakfast then headed to my sister's again.

I jumped in helping... setting up food and such. We headed out after the food was in order and set up the tables and chairs. We decorated the area... getting things all put together... and I must say... it turned out quite nicely.

People started showing up on time at four... and the two of us were in hostess mode getting everything moving. We showed the slide show I put together first thing... which everyone loved... I even got asked how much I would charge to do something like that. That surprised me.. but made me feel good knowing that I did a good job.

After that we manned the grills and got to cooking. Once that was done.. we could finally relax and enjoy the fruits of our labor. We sat around talking and just enjoying ourselves. This is where Ben told me... the cake is melting. It had been an all afternoon project keeping that cake(that I made) out of the sun... and apparently I dropped the ball. (the pic is pre-meltdown.. I didn't get a pic of it melted.. I should have!)

I went over to rescue it.. and the left side bottom boarder... completely melted.. it was a puddle of frosting. Quite funny I must say! I separated the three tiers so that it could be served.... it was quite tasty.

Ben, the kids, and I all headed home around eight... where we tossed the kids in the tub. We relaxed a bit.. then headed to bed after a shower at ten. It was a very full weekend.... I'm sore. But... I feel good about how it all turned out.... so it was all worth the work.