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a glimpse

.........was inside of me... deep to the hilt.. filling me full. I was on top of him.. facing away... and slowly started to grind against him.. making circles with my hips. His hand moved up my spine to my shoulder... grasping it with his hand. I love when he grabs my neck or shoulders firmly.... there is something so dominant about it.... I love how my body reacts.

Before I knew it his other hand came up... and both wrapped around my neck. He pulled me back.... till I was almost laying against his chest. I laid perfectly still... as did he. I focused on staying calm... trying to conserve what air I had in my lungs. Every few seconds I'd gasp for air a little.... only he didn't let up. It was... hot.

We laid like this for a few minutes... before I couldn't take it anymore. I moved my hips up and down... his hands still about my throat. The silent room was penetrated by the sounds of my wet pussy.... soon he joined me... fucking me with such vigor that....