this girl's life

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I need you to hurt me.... to feel the sweetness that only that pain brings me.

I need you to not care... to have the cold, stern face of a man that is after pleasure.. and that alone.

I need you to break me... to rock me to the core and leave me a crying mess.

I need you to be in control.... and ignore my pleadings... my begging to stop.

I need you to mark me.... to see the evidence of your dominance over me days later.

I need you to push me.... and keep going till you've forced me to the edge and then over.

I need you to take me places I haven't been in a while.... to remind my body that it is your's... and if you choose to inflict pain on it... you will.

I need you to have your hands about my neck..... to feel that rush of air refilling my gasping lungs.

I need you to spank me... to refocus me... to send each nerve in my body on end because of the assault.

I need you to pull my hair... to force me to be the slut you know I am.

I need you to sink your teeth into my flesh.... to make me cry out.

I need you to collar me.... to remind me of my sexuality... that submitting is what I want.. what I need... what I lust for.

I need you to take me there.... and be there to hold me when I come back.