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my cracker

It was night... we were showering to get ready for bed. We were joking around... playing. He taped me on my face gently and I pretended to be shocked.

"I'm not afraid of you hoopty", I said with a grin on my face.

"Do you even know what hoopty means?", he asked amused. I pondered it just for a moment.

"All right, then... I'm not afraid of you cracka", I giggled, "yep, that's right... you're my saltine cracker... just a little salty."

We joked a bit more and finished our shower in which he got out first... like usual. While he was still at the sink... I laughed to myself.

"Actually babe, you're not a're a Ritz cracker."

"Why is that? Because I'm small and round?" he joked. (He isn't small and round in my opinion. He is short by guy standards.. but still taller than me... and has a little bit of a belly... but I see it as more of him to snuggle up to).

I laughed heartily... he truly cracks me up sometimes.

"No, I was thinking more along the lines of that you're sweet.", I smiled.

"Well, mine was funnier.", he smirked.