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a glimpse

The alarm goes off... snooze is it... several times. I was never a snoozer until I met Ben. I always know how many of them I can have before I truly HAVE to get up. I roll out of bed reluctantly... not wanting to leave the warm bed that I share with my husband. Lucky man, he gets to still sleep... for me it is time to start my day... and leave for work.


Work is crazy... the manager had a death in the family.. and so therefore, I end up having to help bake. Diane is back at the bench baking with me... so the day is going by rather quickly. She makes a phone call to her friend who just had a baby only twelve hours earlier.

"Is he cute?", she asks.... I laugh at her... and ask her what new mother doesn't think their baby is cute? I mean.. really.


Lunch has come and gone... the end of the day is approaching way too quickly work wise.. but good that I get to be going home soon. We're making cream cakes.. which in all reality all they are is oversized pudding rings. We're trying to make the process go quicker and so we're scooping the batter together.

I keep dropping some on her arm... not meaning to of course... I told her... if I really meant to... I would drop my whole handful on her.


In the car on the way home... I'm pretty tired... I worked really hard.. and honestly all I want to do is go home. I'm driving Ben's car which has a quarter tank of gas... I know the nice thing to do is to get gas for him so he doesn't have to early in the morning when its colder out.

I'm torn.. and the closer I get to gas station does not bring any decision. The internal conflict goes on until I turn into the station... I guess I'm filling up his tank.


At home its the usual family stuff. The kids being kids... trying to get dinner started.

"What are we having for dinner Momma?", the youngest asks.

"Food", I respond... just as I always do when she asks. She cocks her head to the side and give me a yeah right look.

"Just tell me", she says.

"I told you, food." She eyeballs the mean I'm preparing, "Tacoes?".


"Spaghetti!!!", she exclaims.. its going to be an easy dinner night for once.


Kids are finally in bed... and its time to truly relax. Ben and I are on the couch watching a show. His legs are on my lap... all kicked back and relaxed. I feel his toe brush over my nipple... I let out a sigh and close my eyes. Feels so good.

I look over at him as he stops and looks all innocent. I smile and turn back to the tv. Again I feel his toe teasing my now very hard nipple. I don't look over this time... only enjoy the sensation of his tease.


After our shower.. getting ready to go to sleep.. I lay across the bed... my face against the mattress. I smell him... that scent that drives me mad and turns me into a cat in heat. I just lay there and sniff (yes I'm strange like that).

"It smells like you baby", I say.

"Well who else would it smell like?", Ben asks.

"I dunno."

"You're getting my side of the bed wet", talking about the wet head that I am sporting. He grabs his pilling and puts it down on top of my head, fluffing it. And let me tell you.. this pillow is like SUPER heavy.. you could kill someone with this thing.


Facing each other... we touch... his hand rubbing up and down my spine. The wave of arousal washes over me and I am his... without a doubt. We kiss... not hot and heavy... but slow and intense. Our hands explore one another's body.... I'm engulfed in his every move.

His hand moves up and grasps the side of my neck... firmly. I feel the wetness grown between my legs... the twinge of need. He lets go... and adjusts his hold.... getting a good handful of of my scruff. I am in awe and in lust of him... of the power that he has over me.

Again, he readjusts... this time both his hands find their way around my neck.. cutting off my air. The rush of the lack of air comes over me and I signal him to let go.... I feel faint for a breif second... and in my head.... I hear myself ask more... more please... do it again.


We're on our backs... my arm draped over his stomach. The other free hand is intertwined with his... laying there in our afterglow... the bliss that great sex brings.

"What are you thinking?", curiously I ask.

"About how good you feel in my arms"

"MMmm yes, me too."

My eyes still closed.. I sigh..., "You know baby... this is the best part of my day. Laying in bed with you.. the house is quiet... and its just us... together."

"I know what you mean... it's mine too."


I'm still unstable but I manage to roll out of bed to clean up. He meets me at the end, I smile and lean into him.... bumping our heads into each other. We chuckle, that giggle that lovers share.... that only they can... when something silly has happened, but its not ackward... it's almost sweet.

We kiss and hug... our naked bodies pressed against each other.


I can hear the tell-tale sign that he is drifting off to sleep. He almost always does this before me. I turn a bit... he stirs.... I tell him I love him... and good night. He, the same.

I roll over followed by my beloved and am encased in his arms... again I sigh and smile... soon I'll be asleep.


this sounds like a page out of my book. My mornings are the same with me having to get up and to work before him. The best part of our day is also when we lay together in bed. He always drifts to sleep before I.



Usually Ben gets up before me.. on this particular morning he had the day off. So getting up and leaving our warm bed, knowing that I wish I could stay was not fun.

And isn't going to bed just the best... sex or no sex... it truly is awesome. There is just something soothing and wonderful about being in bed together after a long day.