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And there we have it ladies and gents...

So its very strange to me that after Sylvanus asked his question... that I get my answers... weird how that works.

Back in December... I had someone contact me from my past. After months of not hearing anything again, he messaged me back. Apparently he is married now and getting... unmarried (his word.. not mine). So I ask... what in the world was he sorry for? I mean.. people drift apart.. he owed me anything. I mean.. it was very sad it happened.. but its not like my world ended.. or that I was heartbroken for months or even years to come.

This is what I got back:

Married and working on becoming unmarried. I am sorry because of the emotional conflicts I was dealing with that I didn't fully disclose to you during the time we related. You made a difference in my life when I needed it, and I don't feel I returned your friendship properly. Six years in one paragraph. After we parted ways, I discovered I was eligible for a training program, and returned to college to finish up a degree in accounting. I married a woman who was a former coworker at Boeing, and who was laid off right about the time that I was. We spent the last 6 years together, and she went back to work at Boeing. She took a temporary job in Arizona, and while we were separated, we kind of well, separated. How bout you?

Ok... so great.. he apologized for misleading me? The thing is... why after all this time? What does it matter? Maybe to clear his conscience? Part of me wonders that he kind of hoped that we could see each other again.. which of course will no happen.

AND part of me wonders at the time he was holding back from me... because I was completely upfront with him about my life situation. Perhaps that's why he apologized... knowing that he wasn't up front with me. Either way.. it's nice to hear from him. It is too bad that his life did not go as well as mine has... all people to should get their chance at happiness in my opinion.

So there ya have it... a conclusion to the mystery.