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quick update

Well guys and girls... we have an IUD again... thank goodness! It was a lot more painful being put in than the last two times... but hopefully that is a good sign. It sucked that it hurt and so I was grumpy most of yesterday. I feel much better mood and pain wise today. I think I owe a lot of that to knowing that things are going back on track and that little bit of stress will be gone as soon as I readjust to the hormones.

So there ya have it.. another chapter in my story done.. on to another. I know how happy Ben must be about it.... me and my craziness. That man has to love me to put up with some of the mood swings I've had as of late. It's really weird how I could see myself being crazy but just couldn't stop. It, of course, was short lived... but just really irritating to us both.

It will just be nice to be able to focus on something else other than the limbo we were in. So its a happy day for sure.