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I'm cold... I decide to take a shower... this always warms me up. I turn on the water and let Ben know I'm just going to grab a quick shower in hopes that I won't be cold anymore. Stepping into the shower I position myself under the spray of water... feeling each drop hit my head and cascade down my naked body.

Slowly the chill bumps fade away and my skin starts to feel heated. My mind wanders... thinking of all the things I'd like to be doing... dreaming of Ben. I could call him... and he could join me... but the idea of letting the fantasy grown in my head... all night... is far more tempting...

And so my mind takes me off....

Ben gets into the shower.. I feel his presence and turn around. His arms wrap around me.. his hand touching my back.. pulling me into his unclothed body. Our lips meet... his enveloping mine... it's intense and passionate.

I hear the pounding of my heart... it beats louder than the falling water. My breath quickens... I want him.

He breaks our embrace... turning me around. He pushes the upper part of my body forward a bit then hooks one arm around my shoulders and the other around my stomach. In one quick motion... he enters me forcefully. A moan escapes my lips.

He starts thrusting into me firmly... filling me then pulls me upright.. against his chest. I feel his teeth sink into my tender flesh which makes my pussy tighten. He lets out a happy groin... fully aware of what he does to me.

He keeps pounding... till he finally fills my hungry cunt. With that he pulls out.. kisses my shoulder and leaves the shower.

The water starts to run cold by now.. when I realize that I've spent all my hot water day dreaming... my shower is over.


i take showers all the time just to warm up. What a hot little day dream



I didn't figure that I was the only person that did that :-)