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oh what fun it is to....

8:30 pm

We decided we wanted to go to bed early... been working hard lately and it just sounded like a good idea.

8:50 pm

Ben is in the bathroom shaving... I'm laying on our bed petting our cat. The phone rings. It's my sister. I figured she wanted to bs... which sucked as I as tired and we were planning on going to bed when he was done.

"Can you do me a favor?", she asks.

"Yeah, what is it?", I asked... not really sure I wanted to know.

"I'm broke down, can you come get me? The tow truck is going to take my car to Hyundai... can you get me there?"

"Yeah, where are you?"


I sigh under my breath.. that's a forty-five minute drive there... so much for getting some extra rest. She gives me the address of the place she will be. I tell Ben and give him the chance to just stay home. He decides to come with me because he doesn't sleep well without me anyways (his words).... later I'd be super glad he did come after all... not that I wasn't happy already.

9:50 pm

We drive down there... and just as we're pulling onto 205 Melody calls. She tells me that the tow truck hasn't come yet. I figure out where she is on the highway and we make our way to her. I see her sitting on the side of the road on the north bound side as we are going south.

We get turned around and get to her car. We all settle into our car and she lets me know what was going on and such. Roadside assistance calls a couple times as does the tow truck. The guy says he can't find us-that he's went up and down that strip of highway atleast half a dozen times.. This tells me one thing- that fucker is still at home.

We hike up to get her something to eat on the exit at Burger King... what fun! Her husband calls to check on her.

11:05 pm

After a few calls... Melody loses her cool. They call back one more time... she goes and sits in her car for some quiet cause we had the car windows open and music playing. Behind us pulls a state trooper.

Melody gets out her car and is freaking out on the tow company... screaming... I bet the trooper thought she was crazy... I sure did.

11:15 pm

Roadside assistance calls back. The tow company will not be coming now because of how she freaked out. I don't blame her for getting upset.... I mean seriously.. the guy was lying that he was looking for us.... and calling Melody a liar- that we werent really in the spot we said. She was literally parked next to an exit sign. Give me a break.

They tell us they will call another company and they will call us with a new ETA.

11:20 pm

New tow company calls- ETA TWO HOURS!

Seriously!? I totally have to work the next day.. give me a break... Melody wants us to leave... but I refuse to leave her alone on the side of the road. So we settle in for some more wait time.

12:00 am

After talking about it... I'm really upset at the first tow company... decide to call. Talked to the lady in charge and explained what was going on...

"There is no way that he has been out looking for us... we couldn't be anymore visible than if we were standing right in the middle of the road"

She takes my number and says she will call me back after she figures out what is going on because her shift had just started.

12:10 am

She calls back. They are not coming... because of how Melody talked to them.... sigh.

Melody calls back roadside assistance to see if there is anything else we can do. After a few minutes its obvious there isnt. I'm way passed ready to be home.

Melody says she is going to get her husband to come down so we can go home.... which he ends up not being too thrilled about. Heaven forbid you have to come take care of/ pick up your wife! Jackass.

12:45 am

Hubby is close to us as the tow truck finally pulls up... THANK GOODNESS. We make sure she's good with the tow guy and finally head home.

1:30 am

We get home and collapse into bed.... have to be up in less than five hours for work.... lucky me.


So that was our night last night.. crappy as it may be- but that's what you do for family, right?


You do it and you do it and you do it until finally you can't take it anymore and then you try to disentangle yourself from your disfunctional family, but that isn't always easy either....after reading that I only got about 6 hours of sleep, but I'd gladly give you a few of my are a good sister!


Well I would have very much appreciated that! Thank you :)