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dominance is present even when we make love... sigh :-)

I rolled over towards Ben.. it was dark.. and we were in bed for the night. I propped myself up on my elbow and leaned my face down close to him. I gently kissed his lips then rubbed noses with him. I love doing that... it feels so sweet... and intimate to me.

I used my other hand to carress his chest... and then started rubbing down his sides ever soft. I kissed him with passion but not the kind that makes you mad with lust. The passion you have for a lover... someone you care about deeply... someone you love.

After a few minutes.. I laid my head on his shoulder and continued touching him. I ran my hands all over him... this stomach.. his hips (which is my favorite part of a mans body-odd, I know!)... his legs.. the inside of his thighs.

Ben's hand roamed to my back gently stroking up and down... my back, being the most sensitive part of my body.... I felt a surge through me. I continued my attention on my husband... occasionally brushing his stiff cock.

He moved his hand up to the nape of my neck and grabbed it firmly. Even if we were being gentle... there was still a hint of dominance- which I love! With this I wrapped my hands around his dick and gently began rubbing up and down. His hips moved with my movements.

Shortly after he guided my head to his nipple. I took one into my mouth and licked it slowly, making circles around it. I could feel him get harder in my hands as I did this. He pushed me closer to his chest signaling me to suck harder.. and so I did taking it into my mouth and getting a good suction on it.

When he had enough of that he pushed my head down to his stiffness in which I took slowly into my mouth. I wanted to feel every inch slide into my wanton hole. I went to work on him... sucking him diligently. I love the way he tastes and the way he reacts to my attention. I was careful not to pick up too much speed as I wanted to draw it out.. wanted him to ache for my body... but decided to throw in a little hand action to the mix.

After a bit, he told me to ride him... which I eagerly did. I climb on top of him.. sliding down slowly feeling every inch fill me till he could not go any deeper. I let out a sigh... I took his hands in mine... and guided them to my breasts. He grabbed them gently... massaging them.... good lord it felt great.

I started bouncing up and down on him... he pinched my nipples... and I could feel an orgasm building in my body. I kept moving just right... with the mixture of his attention I knew that at any minute the flood gates would open and sure enough... it happened... I felt this rush come over me... and I came all over Ben. It. Was. Amazing.

From there I climbed off and took his dick into my mouth tasting my cum all over him. He gently fucked my face as I sucked. It was only a few minutes I was climbing back on top of him... this time facing away from him.

I bounced up and down... grabbing his legs to steady myself... working his body over. Every few movements... I'd switch it up.. and grind and grip his cock. I just could not stand it anymore... I needed him to fuck me.. and fuck me good.

I again got off him, grabbed his hand... and gave a little tug. He moved and we switched places... me laying back spreading my legs for him to fuck me. He took no time and quickly slipped into me. He hit the bottom of my pussy.. and I let out a loud moan.

I reached down and started rubbing my clit as he fucked me.... he pounded away at me... holding my legs as he did so. Again, I could feel another orgasm building... and he told me to cum for him. I rubbed a few more times... and came hard again.

Apparently it was all too much for him and he came right after me.... filling me with his cum. The good thing was... he wasn't done with me... and it seemed like it was just the beginning.