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oh the little things

I went to Starbucks yesterday morning to get some coffee and water. This is my morning routine at work. Kim was the only one working at six in the morning and she and I bs'ed as usual. I ordered a caramel white chocolate mocha. She had an extra shot sitting there and offered it to me. I accepted.

After getting my coffee I went on my merry little way. As I walked.. I sipped my coffee. It didn't taste right so I went back... asking her to fix it. She said it must have been the extra shot. She added more syrup.

She had me test it.. and it was sweet to say the least. So she added some new whipped cream to the top which made the coffee overflow.

"Hurry and suck it out", she said.

I did that quickly not wanting it to run out onto my hands. She told me I had white stuff on my lip. I licked it off.

"Thats what happens when you suck".


too hilarious....i think she was flirting with you a bit!