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Anatomy of Sex

For me... there are four parts to a sexual encounter. All of them have equal importance... and so ranking them or saying one is better than the other would be difficult for me. There really isn't one part that I don't like... I crave it all.

In my eyes, sexual encounters break down into four basic steps- leading up to, foreplay, intercourse, and what I like to call the afterglow. Now not all of these steps happen or are even possible every time one has sex... just keep that in mind.

So... lets break it down...

Leading up to-

This is an awesome part of sex... so much can come from it.. and it totally can be just as exciting as the actual act. Your imagination takes over and anything is possible. The wonder of what is going to happen.. what you hope will happen... is intoxicating. This is particularly enhanced when it's the first or first few times. However.. when you find someone that you have amazing sex with.. this can continue to be so exciting.

I know that for me personally... I still get a rush thinking about Ben.. about waiting for him... about wanting him. It's still very intense... and I just love that!


Just what can I say about foreplay... um... YES. I love, love foreplay... it's just awesome. It's like a dance... to tease and excite till you can't take it anymore and want to rip each other's clothes off. All in all.. its good stuff.


Well.. after all the working up... it's time for that all important penetration. When teases becomes too much... and all you want to do is fuck. I love that initial penetration.. the way it fills me... dear god its amazing. The rush of it.... where the whole world outside of the room ceases to exist... and all that is there and matters in that moment is the two of you.

I'll admit it.. I'm addicted to sex... there are far worse things to be addicted to I think (hehe).

One of the best things about sex is that it can be anything you want it to be. It can be gentle and sensual... or it can be rough and dirty. It's something that everyone has in common (well most everyone).. we've all had sex.. or will have sex. As you can probably tell by now.. I take every opportunity to have sex that I can.

The afterglow-

For Ben and I, this part is always the same. It doesn't matter if he was choking me till he came... or if he was making love to me... it never changes.. and I love that. We always fall into each other's arms... soaking up the bliss from our intimate encounter. I love laying in his arms.. all content. It's the one time I can roll into his arms.. and be completely comfortable no matter how I'm laying.

I just love the content feeling from it... that all the world is right.. and its just perfect. What can be better than that? What drug will give you that kind of high?

And when this is all said and done... we get up and hug each other every time. I love change.. but routine is good too I think... and I don't ever want that one to change.

So that's my break down of sex... hope you enjoyed. :-)