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thats what fantasies are for!

It was the last night of our trip, our anniversary. We had a full day of running around... it was lovely. We had retired to our room early, at least early by Vega standards. It was a little bit before midnight.

After getting comfortable and just lounging... I was honestly exhausted. Its amazing how vacation can take so much out of a person. We laid in bed with the curtains open looking out at the strip from our 30th floor room.. such beauty. Not the natural beauty that is held in mountains or in a painting.. but a different kind of beauty that I've always loved.

Ben began rubbing my arms and legs gently. I rolled into him taking in his embrace. I love feeling him next to me... it still takes my breath away. We kissed gently, intoxicated with each other. Before we knew it.. we were full on heavy making out- hands roaming everywhere.

I pulled from our lock and sought out his nipple and took it in my mouth. I flicked my tongue across it wanting to make him just ravage me. My hands kept roaming down over his stomach then grazed his cock. It was fully erect and flinched at my touch. I felt a surge of arousal at that.

I decided to go down more.. I ached to feel his hardness in my mouth. My lips trailed down his body and then took his waiting cock tip deep. I swirled my tongue around and gently caressed his balls. I felt his hands on the back of my head and his hips moving towards me urging me to go deeper and so with that I went to the hilt. He let out a groan of pleasure and if I could have smiled I would have with contentment.

I sucked him slowly at first.. but very quickly quickened my pace. (I'm a greedy bitch like that :-) ). He held my head in place and began fucking my face... not so hard that Id choke but enough that I knew I wasn't to move.

Soon he pulled away and climbed off the bed pulling me with him. I stayed on my hands and knees offering him my pussy eagerly. He grabbed my hips and pulled me into him going as he could. I purred out a little moan as he pushed in.. feeling how full he made me. I rocked back and forth fucking his cock at a steady pace.

Im not sure how long passed as I was entranced in the feeling of his cock in my pussy... but I was pulled back to reality as he slipped out of me and tugged on me to suck his now wet dick. I got off the bed and onto my knees touching each side of his hips and pulled him into my mouth. He slide in and out about a dozen times then grabbed my arm, pulling me to my feet.

He took my hand and led me to the balcony. See what he knew is that I had wanted to fuck on the balcony before we left.. and I was starting to think it was not going to happen. However, being the wonderful man he is... he remembered and was making it happen for me!

I walked out naked on the balcony ahead of me. I'm deathly afraid of heights but for some reason in the moment I was not scared at all. I am pretty sure it was all the adrenaline running through my veins. And with that I walked to the rail, grabbed on, and bent over. The view was amazing... I made sure to take it all in.

I glanced over to the other tower to see if anyone was out on their balconies.. and there wasn't. I could see people walking on Harmon that looked like ants and wondered if they could see that I had no clothes on. Even if they had.. it did not matter to me. This was what I had wanted.. what I had fantasized about.

Again he grabbed my hips and guided me onto his cock. It was amazing! I was actually being fucked out there for the whole world to see... at any minute someone in the rooms next to us could come out and hear us.... talk about a rush!

We started fucking each other slowly... just taking the moment in.. making it linger. I focused on him and focused at what I saw... committing it to memory.. so that in days to come I could remember it and it would push me over the edge.

Before I knew it the pace had picked up and we were now aggressively going at it... ooohhs and aaahhs esaping my lips with such passion.

"I want you to cum out here baby", I said almost breathlessly. Just with that little sentance he fucked me harder.... so hard it was difficult not to scream out.

I bounced off his cock several more times and let it go with a low grunt.... the grunt you give when you finally achieve something you worked so hard towards. I smiled through my panting... full of pride that I had made my husband cum so hard.

Once it subsided he pulled out slowly and I turned and kissed him every so gently... so full of love.

"Happy Anniversary", he whispered and I just smiled. We hugged for a moment and then he took me back inside to take care of his wife.

What a day. :-)