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yep, thats me... the impatient one

So I was thinking last night... and it occurred to me the lack of actual "kink" in our sex as of late. Not that we HAVEN'T been having sex... its just been a lot less subdued in the kink arena. I really really miss it. I honestly think my husband enjoys it.. but does not obsess over it like I do. I think about it almost all day... I think I'm one of the horniest women I know.

It's been at least a month since he's tied me up... and probably closer to two weeks since we've had a really intense domination session. Now I know that probably doesn't sound like a whole lot of time but in the world of me... that is. I get antsy when I go without sex for two days... I'm just like that. I love sex and I really love having sex with Ben. I have few vices in life.. and sex is one of them.

This isn't really because he doesn't want to... we have been pretty busy as of late which complicates life. I guess deep down I just wish he'd go out of his way to dominate me more- to be more aggressive in it. Once we're smack dab in the middle of it... he's plenty aggressive... I just feel like sometimes I initiate this kind of sex more than he does. It just bums me out sometimes. (Don't get me wrong in this either... I love our sex life... I'm just not diluted enough to think that anyone's sex life is perfect.)

I sent him a text the other day suggesting something I'd like. I told him I'd really like for him to just randomly text me and tell me what to do when he gets home or what to be wearing.... I just want to be told what to do sometimes. I want it to be his idea... what turns him on. He said it was a good idea. This was almost a week ago.

I'm so impatient and I hate to wait for things I really want. Its a flaw of mine. I just want him to do it. I also am sure he is planning on doing it... I just want it now. *laughs* I think I sound a wee bit whiny right now... sorry.

I guess what it comes down to I think that sometimes a couple tends to be lax and you have to make your sex life stay exciting and fresh. I just don't want to fall into that lull and I feel that it may be headed that way. Between working and being busy with family it runs a person down... relationships take effort... and I fully intend on always putting forth that effort. I don't want life to get in the way of the love that we have. :-)

Tonight we're going clubbing with some friends so no time for a long hot and heavy romp.. bummer... but hey.. there's always tomorrow! hehe