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I danced my ass off... has anyone seen it?

Saturday night some friends and I went out dancing. I haven't been clubbing in years.. literally. Not since 2001. It's something I've wanted to do again for a while but never really had anyone who enjoyed that to go with. Ben does not like to dance... which bums me out. But, you take a person for who they are... and so I just accept that fact.

He was supposed to go with us but in the end he texted me and told me he really didn't want to go. A friend of his was going to go as well to keep him busy while we danced, but he ended up with too much to do so he wasn't able to go. Ben didn't want me to be mad at him... and I wasn't... I was just bummed out that we weren't going to be spending the evening together.

I got all made up trying hard not to be sad. When he got home, we'd only have fifteen minutes together before I had to meet up with my friends. He walked in and the look on his face made me feel amazing. He told me how sexy I looked... and hugged me tight.

We chatted for a bit and then I headed off. We all were supposed to leave at 8:30... but ended up not making it out of town till closer to 10. My friends are always late like this.. which drives me nuts because Im always on time, if not early.

The weather was nothing less than shitty. This was kind of surprising because it was clear in town and then for ten miles up the interstate. All of the sudden the roads got slushy and I saw tons of break lights up ahead. I sighed... someone from the back seat said we should probably go back... knowing what I know now, I wish I had put this particular person (Rose) out on the side of the road and kept going (hehe).

I decided to keep going in hopes that it would clear up and not get worse. Throughout the whole one hour drive we had spats of rain, snow, and then clear skies. It was kind of strange. When it did snow.. I had to drive slow because of the angle it was coming down.... which made it difficult to see.

I trudged on and by the time we made it to the city we going to... it was clear skies... just really cold. We drank some in the car... I had like half a drink and decided I really didn't want to drink after all. The rest of them chugged down their drinks and we climbed out to walk the two blocks to get to the club. We left our coats cause it would be warm inside... but paid for it all the way there. I clung to my friend Jared to keep warm.. he's such a sweetheart.

We walked up and started paying to get in when some random guy recognized my friend Angela. She and I stood there talking to him... he was obviously drunk already. (Perhaps this is where I should say this is a gay club... which are way more fun than regular clubs because its about having fun and dancing.. not the hook up. The only gay person in our group was Jared). This guy (funny enough his name was Ben lol) was hitting on Angela and I.. which was kinda weird but whatever. He kept like touching us... it made me feel kind of uncomfortable.

He told Angela she was cute.. then looked at me and said I was too. I said thanks but that I was married... showed him my ring. He seemed to think that was a bad thing for me... but assured him I was happy. He said I had this bad girl look that was trying to be good.... whatever that is supposed to mean. They exchanged phone numbers and we made our way to the dance floor.

All five of us danced pretty hard... I could feel the burn in my legs. I was for sure that Id pay for it the next day but surprisingly didn't. Rose and Dionna broke off first and went to get drinks. They returned shortly... we were still dancing. At some point someone bumped into Rose and spilled some of her drink on her hand... she got all pissy about it. I'm not sure what she was expecting... I mean, hello honey, its a crowded DANCE floor. She was a stick in the mud most of the night.

Jared and Angela ran into this "hot" guy that they would stalk for the rest of the night between being on and off the dance floor. They had met the last time they went clubbing. Supposedly he was gay and had a boyfriend. Over the course of the night we began to question this as he was making his rounds around the room kissing random girls, not guys. Towards the very end, he was making out with this VERY unattractive chick. It was gross to be honest.. not because of the whole thing.. but because of how many girls he had kissed that night.

Angela overheard this guy and his friend talking as closing time came saying something about him not being able to close the deal. Our only thoughts is that he's not gay and that he was just trying to pick unsuspecting drunk girls up. Loser.

We made our way out.. surprised it was already closing time.... time sure does pass when you're having fun. Dionna and Rose wanted hot dogs from the stand right outside so we stood around talking. Some random guy started talking to us... he had a hand held breathalysers.. obviously you drink too much if you need one of those. We had a whole interaction about this hehe.

So after they got their hot dogs we headed to the car and made our trek back home. We had a blast but I totally missed Ben and wished he had come. He might have been right- he might have been bored.. but then again.. maybe he wouldn't have. I guess we'll never know.

I called him when I got to the car cause he had texted me. He had told me he'd wait up for me... and even though it was two am.. he was indeed still awake. I told him I was about to head home and said I was going to rape him when I got there *evil grin*.

I can't wait to do this again... hopefully next time Ben will come.... I was horny with all that dancing then... I can only imagine if I were dancing with him watching.... yep.. :-)