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ah its good to be home

So as you can tell, we're home! We had a wonderful time in Vegas. It was so great to be back and revisit The Flamingo where we got married. Just walking around made me all misty eyed... remembering how that day felt- all the emotions that I felt. We made sure to make it to the very spot where exactly one year before we had said I do. Ah yes, it was powerful.

The trip itself had a really rough start. Our original 7:30 am. flight was canceled and so we were re booked on a 10:30 am flight. And just how did they compensate us? Two $6 food vouchers. All I can say is... thank god for wifi.

The flight, when we finally got in the air, was just has horrible as our 3 hour wait. It was the worst one I've ever been on! I've never felt like I was going to be sick on one before... but this one.. yeah, I about lost it. There is usually always a little turbulence coming in.. but this was just horrendous.

Anyways onto the good stuff. We stayed at the Signature at MGM Grand... like when we got married. That hotel is fabulous and has us spoiled for any hotel from now on. The tubs are amazing to say the least. They are huge and jetted... a wonderful combo. They left us truffles and a congratulations card on the table... very nice :-)

On our anniversary we did tons of stuff... going from one end of the strip to the other. That night we had dinner at The Range Steakhouse at Harrah's. There is an amazing view of the strip from there not to mention way yummy steaks. They gave us a chocolate mousse dessert that was to die for!

And you know, there is something very romantic about watching the fountains at the Bellagio on your anniversary. Staring off at them and Paris... yes.... it was grand.

So for now... thats it.... I do have a whole story to tell from the trip.. but I will type that up in another post.