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sweet release

I spent all afternoon yesterday... lusting after my husband. As a result, by the time he got home... I was a ball of arousal. I greeted him when he walked in the door as always, kissing and hugging him. What I wanted to do is rape him *evil grin*

I followed him to our bedroom so he could change out of his work clothes. I pulled him down onto the bed when he changed and kissed him more. Slow and gentle kisses... I wanted to feel the whole thing. It lasted a short time and he wanted to go get something to drink.

We walked together... arms around each other kissing as we walked to the kitchen. He had said he was hungry though... and where I didn't want to give up easily... I also did not want to deny food to him after a twelve hour day at work.

He pulled a beer out of the fridge and I started to get dinner started when he said he just wanted to relax with me for a bit first. I saw this as my chance and seized the moment. Walking up to him my arms reached around his waist and hugged him tight. His scent was intoxicating.... and I found my lips on his neck in no time.

I was met with no resistance and so I worked my way around his neck then pulled his shirt to the side exposing his collar bone. I lavished my attention in his flesh... as I got the reaction I wanted so badly.

His hand dove into the back of my jammie pants as he dug his fingers into the soft flesh of my ass. The other hand headed north, grazing the side of my breast... sending shock waves through my body straight to my pussy.

Soon his hand wandered around to my stomach and down. His fingers dipped into my dripping cunt and found my clit with such ease. My knees went weak with the firm circles he made. I leaned against him... managing to keep myself standing as he worked me over. It seemed like less than a minute before I was rocked by an intense orgasm that left my pants wet.

We kissed deep and passionately.... as he lead me back to our room. Once there, clothes went flying... and before we knew it... our naked bodies were once again reunited. We sleep naked next to each other every night... but there is something so wonderful about the carnal feeling of skin on skin during a sexual encounter. In my head I remarked to myself just how much I missed feeling his skin against mine in that way... even if only a week had passed.

Our feverous embrass was ended by him pushing me to my knees. I took his member into my mouth slowly... feeling every inch enter my mouth. This slow pace lasted just seconds before he started to fuck my face.

"Touch your clit", he ordered... and I happily obliged him. With my free hand I cupped his balls.... gently massaging them. I stroked my clit with vigor... wanting to feel the release he had given me just minutes before. The thing is.... that's what he wanted too.... and I wasn't getting up till I did.

When I finally came again.... he pulled me to my feet... and was about to turn me around to take me from behind when I climbed on the bed. I took his hand in mine and laid back... legs spread... welcoming him into me.

Ben grabbed onto my legs and with one smooth motion slide his cock deep into me. I was worried it was going to hurt a bit... being the way I've been feeling... but it was that same wonderful fullness that its always been. Thus, the worry melted away... and I was completely in the here in now.

My hands roamed his upper body.... moans and sighs escaping me. All the while he was pounding away at my pussy... filling me up. After a bit he pulled away and I flipped around onto my hands and knees. The head of his cock pressed against me and I pushed back, empailing myself.

I kept rocking back and forth with him... flexing my kagel muscles.... determined to push him over the edge. The result was pushing ME over the edge instead... but I held on... I wanted.... no needed to feel him cum in me again.

His movements become erratic.... and I know that his climax is not in the far off future. With this knowlege... I vigorously fuck him back... panting between screams. And then.... his body jerks... spilling his seed into me. I push back into him.... wanting to milk him dry before we collapse in each others arms... a huge smile on my face.

After we caught our breath... my head on his chest... I sighed.... "I missed that SO much".

"Me too baby, me too."


that was so sweet and so incredibly sexy to read.



was pretty sexy to live too hehe