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life's little moments

We did very Christmasy stuff tonight. We got our tree today and put it up. I tell ya.. I really do love decorating the tree.. its just SO much work. It is worth it when it is all done but trying to get it all straight and then untangling the lights. Ugh... it is enough to drive a woman crazy.

So finally the tree is all up.. the girls had lots of fun putting it up... and our kitten.. well.... I can see we're going to have issues. I just know I'm going to come home to ornaments all over the floor... or a kitten at the top of the tree... either way.. not good.

I must say... I like the way it looks :-)

During putting up the tree Ben and I took turns picking out Christmas music. This is big... simply cause he does not really get into Christmas. I hate that... I wish he loved it... at least just a little bit. He really loves The Transiberian Orchestra so he had picked that. I sat down with him for a bit letting the girls take over.

We cuddled up listening to the music... and it was.. well perfect. Just like it should be. I leaned into him.... and looked up. We kissed sweetly... nothing passionate.. just the lovely dovey kind of kissing. I whispered that I loved him... I didn't want the moment to end.

Of course, just like any other thing... it has to end.... but we still had that brief little time... that was nothing less than storybook.


"Once in awhile, right in the middle of an *Ordinary Life*... life gives us a Fairy Tale"

It's those little moments that make the whole stress and hassle of the tree and holiday season worth it :)

We can't have a real tree anymore - one of our dogs is "confused" by the idea of a tree being in the house... since, well... trees are for peeing on, ya know??

Master also isn't into Christmas much, or any other holiday for that matter - I wish he was, so we could share a few more of those perfect holiday moments from the Pillsbury commercials. But I guess the infrequency is what makes them so special, huh?




I had to chuckle at the dog confusing the tree lol.. that is awesome... well for me... Im sure for you guys its not so fun huh?

And yes... it does make it special :-)