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baker girl Sierra

I'm not sure why I do this to myself... why I work all day and then come home and work more..... always around the holidays. We bake so much stuff for the holidays... it can be quite consuming. I always enjoy finding new stuff and trying to make it. I love baking... and don't get to do it as often as I'd like... the problem comes after I'm done.

I work for hours and hours. The stuff I've done before... always turns out right... but the new stuff.... somehow.. I always find a way of messing it up or it not being up to my expectations. I am very critical of my own work and want it to be perfect.

Case in point... I made a apple pie from scratch for Thanksgiving... including the crust. On the recipe... the filling and topping were in two different columns. I was in a hurry.. it was the last thing I baked that night... and I looked down and saw how much flour I needed for the filling. After I was done putting it all together... I realized that I had put way too much flour.. that I had put the amount inside that I needed on top... nice.

Tonight was no different. I've decided to do a few things (candy wise) early because the week of Christmas will be crazy hectic for us. I had decided to make Nutter Butter and cake balls. I did the Nutter Butter ones first.. they were tasty. Then I made chocolate cake balls next.. and they turned out ok.. but certainly not what I expected.

I did the recipe just as instructed.. but it seemed like too much cream cheese which made them not as dense as I think they're supposed to be. Then after I spent hours making these things (and dinner) I finally got to sit down. I glanced back over the recipes.. only to find out that I did the Nutter Butter balls wrong (sigh). I was supposed to use cream cheese... not cream cheese icing. The good new is... they still taste good.

So yeah... I am exhausted.. and feeling not so great about this stuff I put so much effort into. Ben, of course, says they look great. I'm sure that its just me being overly critical of myself.

I think I need a long hot shower and cuddling with the hubby.. then things will be all fine and good. :-)