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100 posts and still sucking

This is my 100th post! It amazes me.. to say the least... here's to 100 more.


Yesterday afternoon... Ben and I had laid down in bed... we dozed off a bit laying in each others arms. We were laying in the bed weird so we adjusted ourselves and curled up under the covers. I love the way his naked body feels pressed against mine.. but I'm sure that's just a given.

I laid there floating in and out of consciousness. My mind wandered as I did so.. thinking of all the things I wanted done to me. I envisioned being laid out over Ben's legs and him spanking me with my brush... for whatever reason. I could feel the stir inside of me... and moved a bit to feel his cock against the crack of my ass.

I laid there still daydreaming... occasionally moving my ass against him hoping to cause a reaction. When this didn't work out for me...I moved my hand back onto his hip and started rubbing ever so gently.

This did the trick.. I felt his cock come alive against me as he reached up and started fingering my nipple. Before I knew it... he was deep inside of me... massaging my pussy with his hardness. It felt amazing... heh.

I reached behind me and put his hand on my head.. hoping he'd get the clue and pull my hair... and what do you know.. he did. He knows me well. He pulled back.. not too hard.. and I bucked my hips against him... squeezing my pussy muscles around him.

We moved with each other.. fucking at a steady pace... enjoying each other. Before long.. I could tell the tensing in his body.. the telltale sign he was going to cum. I moved my hips against him... and started to milk his cock into my cunt.

After he was done... I curled up next to him.. back against his side.. his arm wrapped around my chest. We laid there for a bit enjoying the glow of our sex. Minutes passed and I could still feel the arousal in my body... crying out for more.

I reached over and started slowly and gently brushing my hand over his semi-hard dick. After a minute or two I could feel it coming back to life.. and he told me to make myself cum. I wrapped my hand around his cock and started to stroking as I rubbed my clit.

Ben went to work in my nipples again.. torturing them. I could feel the orgasm growing in my groin already... it wouldn't take long to push me over the edge. I worked feverishly on my pussy as I kept my stroked at a even speed on his cock (at least, I think I did).

When I felt myself teetering... I asked him to tell me.. (which means for him to tell me to cum). And he did.. several times. It was all I needed.. like a breathe to the feather sending it in the air... I was off.. floating into space.

When I came back down I got onto my knees and took his dick into my mouth... being gentle at first. Slow... warm... movements up and down. Before long the pace quickened... and I was taking him deep into the back of my mouth, hitting my throat. I massaged his balls... and used my tongue against his shaft.

The pace became very quick.... my head bobbing up and down.. his feet curled in tenseness. AND then it happened.... somehow part of the skin went between my front two teeth (and there is no gap there at all.. so I'm still not sure how it happened). The realization of what just happened slapped me in the face and I sat up quickly.. telling him how sorry I was and asking if he was ok.

He was all right... said it didn't that bad. I looked back down and saw a bulge on his cock. Tears started to whell up in my eyes... I did not like the fact I had just hurt him at all. Ben told me to come to him and wrapped his arms around me... comforting ME. Like I had been the one hurt. He kept telling me it was okay.. and I was saying that I didn't like hurting him.

Later this bulge turned purple, I think I busted a blood vessel. :-( I feel terribly about it... I have never done anything like that... I try to be so careful. I guess it goes to show.... sex can be dangerous.

We were talking after it happened...

"I could never be a Dom.. I don't like hurting people. I feel so bad about it.", I said

"Well you couldn't be one acting like you did ealier", he joked (meaning me crying).

I am happy to report, though, he is fine and says it only feels like a little scratch... thank goodness!


Let's hope in the next 100 posts this will never happen again :-)