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Are people really that ignorant?!

Answer: YES!

It truly amazes me... and words are hard to shape in my head simply because I'm astonished and horrified at some people. We live in a world where women have the right to vote.... African Americans can sit anywhere they want to on the bus.... and we even elect our first ever black President. Now tell me why... there are so many simple minded people- people that feel that some book should dictate how we live our lives?

Last time I checked... I could have swore that church and state were supposed to be separate. And if this is so... then why... OH WHY... does the "state" have the right to say who can marry who? Just because someone falls in love with someone of the same sex.... why are they less entitled to legally marrying? How are those people any less American? How do they have less rights?

Again, last time I checked... all men are created equal.... but of course.. there are stipulations. Back in the day it was... equal unless you are a woman... or if you were not white. Now it's equal, unless you're gay. Give me a freaking break.

I'm sorry- wait not.. I'm not sorry. No book... written thousands of years ago... that has been updated time and time again... from some so called God.... will tell me how to live my life. No thanks. There is NOTHING wrong with being gay.. not in the slightest. Whom you love is not my business.. nor is it anyone else's or the government's.

That is what the problem is... so many religious fanatics telling people what to do. Live your own life... if they chose to live that way.. then fine... that is there right. Just as it is any gay person's right to marry the person of their choosing. It's just simple as that.

All this debate about same sex marriage is just sickening. I just don't know how else to put it. I have my opinion.. just like anyone else.... and my opinion is that everyone should be able to be free to live the life that suits them. That's what this country was founded on after all.

So, yes, I'm fired up. What fired me up?

I was on lunch today. There were three people in the break room.... all over the age of 45. Some how the topic of same sex marriage came up. One of the women was saying how sick it was... and the other two were going on about how it's just not right.

They pointed out that I was being quiet... I said that it's cause I had an opinion and I didn't agree with there's. That it was fine to have a different point of view, but that I did not feel the same way they do.

But that was all I needed. I was so angry at how small minded they were being. I mean, how does that really affect them? Do they stay up at night worrying about it? I think not... so why oppress others... begrudge them the same rights that you have?

I left the room a while later feeling sad and angered. For all the bounds and strides we've made as a country.... we still have a long way to go.... a long, long way till we are all truly equal.



I found this clip on The Late Bloomer's blog....


Is being over 45 an indication that one is likely to be a narrow minded bigot? I and most of my friends are over 45 and don't have such opinions. Maybe it's different over there




I am by no means saying that. I know young people that are narrow minded as well. I have found that more older people feel this way... only because of the way they were raised. I by no means meant anything offensive at all. Sorry I offended.