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Do you ever wonder what women think of when they orgasm?

I was on my back... arms apart above my head.... legs spread wide... Ben sitting between my knees. I closed my eyes as I felt his fingers touch my freshly moistened pussy. I let out a sigh as one of those fingers slid up between my lips till he reached my clit. He slowly slid his other fingers into my awaiting hole... leaving his thumb on my clit to stimulate me.

As he rub me inside and out... I moaned... feeling my body react to his touch.... a body that had not really came down from the thorough fucking it had just minutes before. It was intense... and to the point... he wasn't messing around... he had a mission. To make his lover cum.

I reach down and pushed his thumb away from my clit and started rubbing briskly with my fingers. I started to imagine things... into my own little world... where things I wanted.. happened.

Ben texted me on his way home from work.

"Be naked and waiting for me on your knees with your collar in hand"

When he arrived home... I was on my knees.. hair pulled back... head down a bit... hands behind my back with the collar.

I could almost hear the smile on his face from his reaction.

"Lean down on your hands with your ass in the air", he commanded.

I went down... making sure my ass was as high in the air as I could then felt his hands rubbing my bare skin... I shivered.

"Where is that collar of yours?"

I held it up for him. He told me to sit up on my knees. He was behind me now... wrapping the collar around my neck and buckling in place.

Back on my hands and knees he grabs my hair... leading me to the bedroom... crawling.

In the bedroom he's naked... I'm bent over the bed... he spanks me... then flogs me.

Back on my knees again.. back arched backwards.. head almost on the bed as he flogs my tits... an evil grin on his face.

Back leaning over.. he's fucking me hard now...

I feel the wave of orgasm growing... the fucking was all I needed... it rolled over me.. intensely. The wave rolls... not letting up.. like the white foam left after the water breaks on the shore. When it subsides... my body is limp in his arms... ahh perfect.


Your internal monologue/fantasy sounds sooo much like mine. None of the champagne and roses in my fantasies either, usually just recreations of things that have happened between Master and I, or images of things I'd like to happen :)



Yep that's me! I totally rethink stuff we've done.. or things I want to do. I think it's because of two reasons... the images are strong ones.. and obviously they turned me on when we did it so of course it will work for me down the road as well... AND because I'm so devastatingly attracted to Ben... why would I not envision him?


Exactly!! I've tried to explain to a friend that I don't fantasize about other men, and she didn't believe me... I just couldn't get her to understand that what I HAVE is what I want. I finally gave up and told her to keep fantasizing about Brad Pitt or whoever... I'll stick to Master :)